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All Covid-19 Vaccine Trial And Research Data Fatally Compromised Through Severely Flawed Testing

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

(Please go to the home page and blog archives for further information on Covid-19 testing issues, click on highlights in below article for source documentation for all statements in this post)

Update: 7/25/2021

The CDC has announced it will discontinue use of PCR test by the end of 2021 and replace it with unsuitable antigen test methods:

After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only. CDC is providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives.

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the significant and extensively documented problems with Covid-19 testing.

The use of severely flawed testing methods has profound implications into all aspects of the Covid-19 policy and science which are often not being fully considered when individuals analyze related Covid-19 topics and narratives.

Below, a brief review of Covid-19 testing flaws/errors and the implications to Covid-19 policy directives and debate:

- All Covid-19 testing is non-specific to Sars CoV2, the virus attributed to cause Covid-19 infection symptoms. Non-specific simply means the tests pick up other materials than Sars CoV-2 attributed sample material.

The CDC own guidelines state a positive does NOT mean the individual is symptomatic or contagious with Sars CoV-2.

What this means:

The government initiated lock-downs, social distancing, masking and other Covid-19 directives based on testing that the CDC admits does not equate to contagion or symptom presentation with Sars CoV'2. The government issued mandates outside existing constitutional authority and enacted orders on standards which assumed, but did not prove actual threat. Citizens should consider the implications of allowing government unfettered authority on perceived rather documented threat.

A positive test does not equate to infection with Sars CoV-2.

Antigen Testing & antibody testing are also non-specific to Sars CoV-2 - full review of the issues with antigen and antibody testing with direct source links may be viewed HERE & HERE.

(PCR is the central test utilized for diagnosis of Covid-19 infection)

The paper on which the Sars CoV-2 PCR testing was based did not undergo peer review until November 2020, and all Covid-19 testing has been released on a emergency use basis only. Expert peer review curated from the International Consortium of Science, Life Science Division analyzed this science last November and concluded:

World Health Organization statement released on 12/14/2020 confirms finding of International Consortium of Science researchers:

14 December 2020Medical product alert Geneva

Additionally, (in this statement) the WHO made the recommendation to include Cycle Threshold rate data in lab reports, ON THE SAME DAY as emergency use approval of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. This data allowed care providers to finally correct for testing recommendation errors creating up to 90% false positives by ascertaining if a positive was a result of high cycle threshold rate setting. Public health officials have attributed recent case drops in Covid-19 infection reports to vaccines for case reductions anticipated to occur due to WHO testing protocol changes

What This Means:

No PCR test results can be considered as a reliable method for ascertaining infection with Sars CoV2. As such as all data and research utilizing this testing to determine infection has corrupted and invalidated including:

- Covid-19 infection numbers

-Covid-19 morbidity rates

-Covid-19 'break-through' case numbers

-Covid-19 'Variant' Numbers

-any individual diagnosis of Covid-19 infection

-all Covid-19 research and vaccine research utilizing PCR has been rendered fatally compromised and does not meet minimum scientific standards to inform public health policy decisions due to unsuitability of testing methods used to determine initial infection (diagnosis) and measurement end point outcomes including

-any study for determination of ANY medical treatment effectiveness in treating Sars CoV2 attributed infection

-any study analyzing 'existing immunity' for Sars CoV2

-any study measuring 'asymptomatic transmission of Sars CoV2

-any study to determine vaccine 'efficacy'

Post Mortem Investigations for Fully Vaccinated Individuals Circumnavigated Through Use of Inaccurate, Flawed Covid-19Testing:

Attribution of morbidity to Covid-19 through severely flawed testing in fully vaccinated individuals allows the CDC and public health officials to circumnavigate true post-mortem investigation to determine vaccine's potential role in death.

All Covid-19 vaccinations are emergency and investigative use only approved by the FDA.

Moderna approval may be view here

Pfizer approval may be viewed here

Johnson & Johnson approval may be viewed here

Any death in a investigative trial needs full post-mortem assessment in line with investigative use study. All Covid-19 data collected during emergency use will be utilized to inform final FDA approval.

The FDA, CDC, and pharmaceutical companies are engaging in a severe breach of ethics (and likely law) in falsely attributing deaths to Covid-19 infections through methods unsuitable to make such determination.

FDA authorized vaccine emergency use on severely compromised trial data. All Covid-19 vaccinations should be immediately HALTED on the basis of invalidated initial trial data that does not meet minimum scientific research standards for analyzing vaccine efficacy and safety risks.

Current evidence documents Covid-19 cases and morbidity have been attributed through use of faulty testing set a cycle threshold rate which create majority false positives by default of the setting.

Medical researchers correcting for cycle threshold recommendation error in three states in July 2020 determined 85 to 90% of tests were false positives. Full explanation documentation and explanation of this issue may be reviewed HERE.

Despite, both Dr Anthony Fauci and CDC documenting high cycle threshold levels creating automatic false positive readings at current FDA settings, the FDA continues to recommend PCR tests be administered up to 40 cycles

Additionally, there is now substantial and credible evidence showing Covid-19 testing is being manipulated to increase or decrease case rates through protocol recommendation changes. The CDC recently came out with different recommendations for testing in vaccinated and non vaccinated populations with protocol recommendation implemented in such as a manner that will plummet Covid-19 cases in vaccinated and elevate cases in the non vaccinated, by design. Resulting cases will be driven by testing error, NOT actual infection rates:

Full explanation and source documentation of this issue may be reviewed here:

What This Means:

Covid-19 testing has been documented to create majority false cases do to testing protocol recommendation errors. This means the vast majority of cases are not actual Covid-19 attributed infections. Faulty testing has been the reason for majority of individuals testing positive for Sars CoV2 with PCR tests, not 'silent infections'. There is ZERO credible substantiating evidence for asymptomatic transmission of Covid-19 attributed infection, and full discussion and documentation on asymptomatic transmission may be viewed HERE.

All social distancing, lock-down, masking and segregation directives are entirely unnecessary since testing and not 'silent spreaders' are responsible for phenomenon of individuals testing positive without symptoms. These individuals are simply not ill.

There is not a public health emergency which justifies 'emergency use' authorization for new technology untested Covid-19 inoculations. All Emergency use authorization should be withdrawn by the FDA due to lack of substantiating evidence of actual health emergency.

Tens of millions of Covid-19 testing devices & kits comprising billions of dollars in spending have been recalled due to severe design flaws and contamination issues. Not one result from any of these recalled tests can be considered as a viable result.

Full discussion and documentation of this issue may be viewed HERE and HERE.

What This Means:

Use of contaminated testing undermines all testing data and case numbers determined with testing unsuitable for diagnosis of Sars CoV2. Additionally, in cases where testing has been recalled due to safety and contamination issues, a full investigation is required to determine if use of such testing contributed to illness/deaths which may have been erroneously attributed to Covid-19 infections.


Governments around the world have employed Covid-19 testing methods unsuitable for diagnosis of Covid-19 infections and research purposes. Instead of ending mass testing with severely flawed and unsuitable methods, governments continue to expand unnecessary and inaccurate testing. This has created an endless cycle of lock-downs and social restrictions which the governments now are attempting to rationalize on 'threat' from non vaccinated populations.

Vaccination will not correct for cases created on faulty testing and manipulated test protocols, however. And, the objective data very clearly documents significant test flaws and protocol recommendation error as the primary driver of Covid-19 case numbers.

Demonizing non vaccinated individuals provides a scapegoat to blame for unnecessary and illegal government Covid-10 policy directives and split the population on disinformation and fear.

The fact that the 'experts' are using severely flawed data to determine Covid-19 policy and health recommendations does not change the fact the foundational method of determination of infection is fatally compromised. Non-credible data is not validated through group consensus or academic credentials.

The scientific method is not deference to authority or majority opinion . It is based on logic, reason, & objective review of evidence. It corrects and adjusts for previously held faulty conclusions. It is not rigid or dogmatic. It is flexible and constantly correcting.

Admonishments to 'trust science ' are utterly absurd. Science never trusts. Science questions. Everything.

Apply this reasoning to Covid-19 science and the established Covid-19 rationales for distancing, lock-down, masking, and vaccination completely shatter. Covid-19 health directives are unsupported by the science, not bolstered by it.

The scientific and medical community needs to immediate course correct and stop advancing and following Covid-19 policy recommendations based on severely compromised research studies which do not meet minimum standards to inform public health policy decisions.. Already, leadership's current actions have undermined trust in medical, academic, and scientific institutions for a generation to come.

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