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Australia Indigenous SOS to World, Asks for Help, Military Rounding Up & Forcing VACCINE - SHARE

Updated: Dec 9, 2021


Christine Anderson, European Parliament Member Answers Australia SOS:

A crime against humanity is unfolding:

-Military trucks rounding up indigenous Australians and bringing them to remote 'quarantine camp' per announcement of chief minister Michael Gunner

-160,000 foreign workers and students a year are planned to be introduced into Australia via a private hotel quarantine scheme with support from the Home Affairs Department without quarantine restriction requirement. First workers arrived on November 16 (links in article)

Indigenous people banned from leaving their homes, forced into quarantine:

Michael Gunner, chief minister of Australian Northern Territory announce military round up of indigenous citizens for placement in quarantine camps:

"We’re grateful for the support of about twenty ADF personnel as well as army trucks to assist with the transfer of positive cases and close contacts"..

Australia has built quarantine camps with electrified fences to detain citizens.

Announced in August:

South Queensland Australia (completed)

"Health authorities in South Australia are racing to organise quarantine "camps" for Aboriginal people unable to quarantine at home.

Key points:

  • The facilities would house Aboriginal people unable to quarantine at home

  • They would be set up in regional centres like Port Augusta and Mount Gambier

A tender issued by SA Health this week sought companies able to manage facilities in regional centres like Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Renmark and Mount Gambier in the event of an outbreak"

Covid-19 attributed cases (positive PCR diagnosis) have an asymptomatic presentation rate of up to 86% and 99.98 survival rate. (and, this without factoring in severe testing issues, & unscientific attribution standards)

In the Northern territory of Australia - Total Covid-19 attributed 'cases'? 265. Deaths. ZERO.

(Central top district in right top yellow map):

Native Australian pleads for help

Up to 160,000 FOREIGN workers may be brought into the country to work in Australia quarantine camps:

  • Quarantine Services Australia confirmed this week that Home Affairs was looking to facilitate an industry-led quarantine service

  • Labor has labelled the scheme a "money-for-mates" venture

  • Scott Morrison's office insists the Prime Minister is not involved with the QSA proposal"

Quarantine Services Australia (QSA) was officially registered as a company on August 30 by former deputy NSW Liberal Party director Scott Briggs, who is also the president of Scott Morrison's federal electoral conference in his Sydney electorate of Cook.

Two weeks earlier, another company linked to Mr Briggs, DPG Advisory Solutions, was awarded a $79,500 "limited tender" contract by the Home Affairs department to provide "consultancy services" to help develop the proposal.

An "industry update" distributed by QSA this week confirmed "Home Affairs engaged DPG to help facilitate an Industry led and funded quarantine capability in line with Commonwealth Government policy".

The first workers are arriving:

This is a crime against humanity. And, if Americans think this type of thing could not happen here, the CDC has a plan in place to force quarantine on agency website:

Additionally, many of the so called 'Medical Freedom' Bills signed by governors affirm draconian, unconstitutional power to force quarantine, seize property, destroy animals, and force treatment in a medical emergency:

In Canada - microphone is cut when asked about Canadian government building quarantine camps: Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier questions on the floor:

Childhood survivors of the Holocaust have acted to give warnings about current government Covid-19 policies mirroring 30s Nazi medical directives:

Holocaust Survivors Deliver letter to European Medical Leadership:

And, remember, history doesn't always repeat but it often rhymes

Physician/nurse history of implementing atrocities under the guise of medical treatment and greater good HERE (VIDEO)

Recommended companion blog:

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10 comentários

Where is the video of the old woman saying that wasn't happening after the one you have posted? Since you claim to be telling truth? Because I have said video.


We ARE winning this battle - the global protests and voices speaking out in courage are nothing short of awe inspiring to behold.

29 de nov. de 2021

What was them there... spiritual Quotes, used by many religions of the world....

LIKE... just plan ole common sense!

OH.... Yea.....



"What goes OUT comes BACK!"

OR... "changing the polarity thereof...."

OR... "like attracts like,"

OR... "magnetism in the polarity range, at the "cellular" level?"

OR. . . "What doesn't go out, does not come back?"

The "quarantine camps" really, truly, have already been PLANNED to happen in a city YOU live in...

IF ya'll don't help OTHERS, even in other countries!


MOST will say,..... naw that ain't going happen in my city, (county, state.... etc...) "so why do I gots to do sumthin for them?"

BLAH.... BLAH...…


Molly Stanton
Molly Stanton
25 de nov. de 2021

This Jesse Ventura special (which is now banned on most media outlets by the way) is from 2009 but he has some interesting guests -that knew about everything unfolding now!At about the 30-minute mark forward it's quite chilling, as the internment camps are mentioned by the doctor he interviews that knew some one in the elite circles. So we're talking 12 years ago and now things are starting to unfold!

Wasn't such a conspiracy after all...

Darrell Gee
Darrell Gee
28 de nov. de 2021
Respondendo a

its all slowly falling apart


24 de nov. de 2021

We never lifted a finger when the fires were ravaging their country. No money in saving baby Koala bears. Why would we help them now.

Respondendo a

The people of the world need to outcry against the injustice in real time and the fellow citizens of the country will act. This isn't about waiting for our corrupted leadership to 'do something'. Collective awakening is occurring

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