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Israel: 1 in 3,ooo Myocarditis in Young Men Post Covid-19 Vaccine, Near 300,000 New Injuries VAERS

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

New VAERS update with over 3,000 increase in reported post Covid-19 vaccination hospitalizations since last week with over 1/2 million total injury reports issued for the each Pfizer & Moderna Covid-19 vaccination. Deaths have surpassed 5,000. Plus, a summary of Covid-19 related stories.....

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**Note: 83% of VAERS Reports are generated from medical providers, state reporting agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. European reporting systems are documenting exponentially higher rates than VAERS data, as the 30 year old monitoring system captures only 1% of post vaccination injuries per Harvard research report. Low capture rate is central issue wi CDC VAERS system not credibility. FDA has admitted the mass vaccination program began without adequate safety monitoring system. A recent study from Mass General, Bingham documented anaphylactic reactions post Covid-19 vaccine occurring up to 120x the rate reported to the CDC. This highly suggests the system is continuing to vastly under capture post vaccination adverse events.

-There is no mid or long term safety or efficacy data whatsoever on any Covid-19 vaccination, any health professional or public health officials making safety claims on lack of data is in breach of basic medical and scientific ethic, purporting non-evidence based claims as statements of fact.

-all Covid-19 research studies and vaccination trials employing PCR tests to measure end point outcomes and diagnosis of initial Covid-19 infection have been seriously compromised through use of testing determined by peer review to be 'useless' for diagnosis of Sars CoV-2, virus attributed to cause Covid-19 infection symptoms. Vaccine trials data has been invalidated through use of this testing method and standard.

-State governments utilizing lotteries and other 'incentive's to bribe people to undergo inoculation with investigative, emergency use only permission drugs are engaging in medical coercion. Bribing reluctant citizens to undergo participation in a drug program which is collecting data to approve final consent violates the Nuremberg code:

Permissible Medical Experiments

"The great weight of the evidence before us to effect that certain types of medical experiments on human beings, when kept within reasonably well-defined bounds, conform to the ethics of the medical profession generally.The protagonists of the practice of human experimentation justify their views on the basis that such experiments yield results for the good of society that are unprocurable by other methods or means of study. All agree, however, that certain basic principles must be observed in order to satisfy moral, ethical and legal concepts:1.The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration,and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment".

-public health officials and media publications are going against the legal code of the above Nuremberg text in advancing investigative, emergency use only drugs with mass campaigns of coercion while failing to provide adequate and honest information on potential safety risks and specific mechanisms of mRNA (Pfizer & Moderna)& adenovirus (Johnson & Johnson drug inoculations. Private entities incentivizing Covid-19 gene line editing inoculations and adenovirus injections are acting unethically and outside the bounds of international legal codes. Offering of hamburgers, donuts, gift cards are simple bribery. It is also highly offensive and disrespectful to citizens who are refusing vaccinations due to extensively documented safety issue with Covid-19 vaccines.

-Israel researcher have found a direct link between mRNA Pfizer vaccinations and cases of myocarditis in young men between the ages of 18 and 30, although heart inflammation has been reported in all ages and in both genders. Rates were found to be occurring in young male population groups of the potentially lethal heart condition at a rate as high as 1 in 3,000. Individuals in age groups of 50 and under are at virtually zero mortality risk from Covid-19 diagnosed infection. Evidence clearly demonstrates no substantive benefit and clear risk for Covid-19 vaccination in this population. (No substantive improvement on serious outcome statistics has been documented in ANY group through trial research, correlation of recent decrease in Covid-19 case numbers can be related directly to testing protocol recommendation changes and new testing protocol guidelines)

"In a report submitted today to the Israeli Ministry of Health, they conclude that between one in 3000 and one in 6000 men ages 16 to 24 who received the vaccine developed the rare condition.....

"the rate of myocarditis following vaccination among young men was higher. Ninety percent of the cases picked up in Israel appeared in men, and although myocarditis is normally more common among young men, the rate among those vaccinated was somewhere between five and 25 times the background rate, the report says.

-In Israel, the family of woman who died post Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination is suing Ziz Medical Center for neglect after Shirel Hilel died from heart inflammation shortly after administration of the vaccine.

“On the last day of hospitalization, a deterioration in her situation began. Persistent heart rhythm disturbances developed that didn’t respond to care and after continued resuscitation, she was pronounced dead. We share in the sorrow of the family over the heavy loss,” it said in a response to the network"

-Reports of myocarditis have been reported through the United States with 18 teenagers hospitalized in Conneticut, 14 cases were reported in one county in Washington alone.

-Academy of Pediatricians has issued statement for physicians to observe for myocarditis post Covid-19 vaccination after reviewing a very small sample of seven teen cases who developed heart inflammation post mRN Pfizer/Moderna Covid-19 vaccination. Numbers are indicating this event is not 'rare' per CDC and public health officials claims. One in 3,000 of cardiac issues should be enough to pull drugs off market with research finding direct correlation to mRNA vaccination. Reports of heart inflammation events requiring hospitalizations are serious events per definition of vaccine adverse event in drug trials. Myocarditis can permanently damage heart muscle and there has been zero long term follow up to determine, if effected individuals are at future risk or long term effects of initial episode of myocarditis or pericarditis.

-A Texas judge has breached FDA regulations and legal standards in ordering Covid-19 vaccination as a condition of child visitation in a family court. FDA Emergency Rules clearly state no person may be coerced into receiving Emergency, Investigative use only medications.

-40 UK Doctors Issued Open Letter stating Covid-19 vaccination of children and teenager is unethical, irresponsible and unnecessary.

The current VAERS total for the week of 5/28/2021:

Adverse events reports increased by cases in one week: 31,302

*Multiple reports may be submitted for one event, researchers have flagged issue with data system implicating potential under counting of total events

Total Adverse event reports: 1,288,162

Total individual events counted: 293,529

Screenshot totals for selected severe events including stroke and blood clotting:

Total Death event reports: 21,626

Total individual death events counted: 5,165 (CDC did not update death total this week on selected page and still shows death total at 4,863

National Information VAERS Data Search Documents 5,165 deaths for week ending 5/28

Time period between Covid-19 vaccine administration and death: (Breakdown of 4,436 deaths reported on VAERS data, CDC has not yet released all death VAERS report on system

-total death number from National Vaccine Information VAERS data search):

0 Days: 576

1 Day : 720

2 Days: 337

3 Days: 209

4 Days: 184

5 Days: 150

6 Days: 98

7 Days: 145

54.5% (2,514) deaths occurred within one week post Covid-19 vaccination

(Severe Discrepancy Found: total life threatening reports up, individual reports down by near half since last week): Total Life Threatening Event Reports: last week 38,040 - this week: 41,064

Total Individual Life Threatening Events Reported last week: 9,018 - this week 5,250

Screenshot of VAERS totals taken 6/4/2021

Total Hospitalization event reports last week 109,459, this week, 128,550

Total Individual Hospitalization events counted: 14,949 this week, 17,436

Total Permanent Disability total event reports: 28,102

Total Permanent Disability individual case counted: 3,938

Total Emergency Room event reports: 239,846

Total Emergency Room individual events counted: 39.079

18,990 individuals went to the Emergency Room the same day as Covid-19 vaccine administration

(Separate Case Review for Individual vaccine total and case review for all vaccines will be issued next week with focus on suicides post Covid-19 vaccination and studies demonstrating mRNA vaccination produce cytokines which are found in very high concentrations in brains of individuals who have completed suicides)

Please be aware emails campaigns have been delayed for release by host site, please check daily to keep up with latest blog posts.

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Kelly Mitchell
Kelly Mitchell
06. Juni 2021

I would like to be notified on the suicide / cytokine study, but there is no subscribe function.

Gefällt mir

05. Juni 2021

99.9% survived Covid-19. No need for any vaccination. This young, beautiful Israeli woman of 22 years is now dead (Shirel Hilel). How can a healthy 22-year old die suddenly?

Gefällt mir
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