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Nurse: Treatment Killing Patients, Resigns - Parent Exposes School Board Bribery, Headlines Archive

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

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Update October 29:

Covid-19 vaccine now flagged for Capillary Leak Syndrome

Nurse fired for refusing jab, inspirational video:

Jasmine Miller:

Headline Update:

October 15, 2021:

Israeli Government Considering Recommendation for One Week Movement Restrictions Post Covid Vaccine Due to Risk of Myocarditis

October 14, 2021:

NBA Star Kyrie Irving Gives up over $100 Million to Refuse COVID Shot – Stands with Black Community in New York

California Physician Whistleblower Contacts FDA & CDC with Severe Concerns About Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries in Her Patients

High Ranking Vatican Arch Bishop Who Previously Outed Church Scandals Speaks Out on Deep State/Deep Church & Real Agenda of Covid-19, Archbishop Viganò, FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW

October 12, 2012: VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE TOP OF THIS BLOG POST, NYC Biological Weapons Simulation

A simulation of 'Dark Winter also occurred last June with military gaming a global smallpox outbreak, be aware of potential for another 'pandemic' to replace the Covid narrative:

October 9

Iceland Will Not Administer Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine in ANY Population Due to Heart Problems (the country will still administer Pfizer despite the most comprehensive study on myocarditis done by Israel showing up to 1 in 3,000 rate of heart inflammation induced by the Pfizer Covid-vaccine as documented HERE)

October 8, 2021

Medical whistleblowers in Poland, Orphan Babies Being Utilized for Medical Experimentation in Four Countries, Senate Hearing (Children's Health Defense did not provide this on their American site, and no translations have yet been uploaded)

Congressional Paper: Baby Food Companies Knowingly Put Baby Food with INORGANIC Arsenic, Mercury, & Cadmium on Grocery Store Shelves

(please go HERE for an incredibly important must share and updated blog post on the record FDA class 1 recalls with lethal fungus and bacterial contaminants & mass contamination of Covid-19 tests, this is NOT being comprehensively anywhere)

UK Private Hospitals only treated 8 Covid-19 attributed infections per day despite billions from government while Shutting Down Other Vital Health Services, Ordered to Not Treat Seriously Ill People

Moderna Suspended in Under 30s for Inducing Heart Inflammation in Multiple Countries

Three Added to America's Richest Due to Sale of Moderna Vaccines

Brandon Goodwin (basketball player) Reveals Covid Vaccine Ended His Season Due to Blood Clots, Management told him to keep quiet (video link for his testimony)

Freedom of Information Act Reveals Claims of 20 & 30 years Old in ICU, Medical Ventilators in Belfast was Completely Fabricated, Despite Medical Professionals Defending False Claims

Canadian Mainstream News Publishes Article Documenting Canada Implemented Military Propaganda Campaign Based on Afghanistan Misinformation Tactics for Covid-19

Alternative media FINALLY starting to push the problems with virus isolation on social media (while at the same time advocating cures for a disease which doesn't have a viable test for diagnosis and contradicting itself) (Dr Kaufman):

Original Story

Companion blogs:

CDC: PCR Covid-19 'Gold Standard' Test to Be Discontinued, Replaced With Equally Flawed Testing

Covid-19 Treatment, DNRS Attributed to Early Death Clusters in Care Homes, Hospitalized & Others

Important Videos:

New York mass walkout planned tomorrow (9/27/2021)

Amazing video from woman calling it OUT. Stay AWAY from politics. Calls for unity and stand up for everyone, no more division. SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE:

Here is the link to bitchute video for your own sharing: HERE

Nurse exposes problems with PCR testing driving cases. Protocol is dangerous and inflicting injury and death not Covid:

Parent exposes school board bribery - EPIC -

And, THIS. TELL them, don't ask for permission: Do Not Comply

Great summary speech - this is about fear and control, not health

Nurses Burning Uniforms:

Australia stands up:

And, latest full blog, in case you missed it, linked below.

Bigger Picture: Divide & Conquer Around Covid Cures to Align Public with Pharmaceutical Intervention


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