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Post Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Go Unreported, Uninvestigated, Lack of Evidence is Not Proof Safety

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

The FDA allowed Emergency Use approved use of Covid-19 vaccinations to move forward without an adequate safety monitoring system in place. Now, as post vaccine deaths go largely unreported and public health officials rush to declare any Covid-19 death injury/death 'coincidental', it is clear that lack of evidence is not proof of vaccine safety: Below a review of only a very few of the unreported cases, and the facts:

As of 3/11/2021, deaths reported post Covid-19 vaccination now stand at 1,739 on the CDC VAERS data website with 38,444 post vaccination injuries, thousands so serious follow up ER and hospital visits were required.

The standard public health official protocol is to immediately dismiss any death or injury post- vaccination as coincidental. People die, we are told. Death in a large scale vaccination program is to be expected, they tell us.. The vaccine are safe.

This may serve as a convenient media talking point, however the statement does not actually address the issue of whether a post vaccination death occurred due to administration of the Covid-19 vaccine and dismissal is not an appropriate response for injuries and deaths occurring post administration of emergency approved drugs.

The problem is compounded because individuals experiencing a listed side effect of Covid-19 vaccines will present in the same way as someone who experiences the injury or disease organically, and so it is very simple to dismiss any given event as 'coincidence'. A stroke will look like a stroke. A heart attack will look like a heart attack.

Highly troubling is the public health official insistence that nearly EVERY death or injury reported post covid-19 vaccination is simply coincidental, no matter how closely the death occurred after the administration of the drug, or if the side effect experienced is clearly noted as a possible reaction to Covid-19 vaccination by the FDA. These statements are released almost immediately after the death before any proper post-mortem analysis can be made. The declarations are made without substantiating evidence, the authorities know FOR CERTAIN, it is nothing but a coincidence. Organizations that are attempting to follow up on CDC investigation into the reported deaths have been unable to obtain any verification that these reports are correctly being followed up and investigated. The CDC ignored an inquiry submitted by The Defender to obtain information on CDC follow-up on Covid-19 vaccine associated deaths which cited the following statistics:

Of the 1,739 deaths reported as of March 11, 30% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, 21% occurred within 24 hours, and 46% occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated. By comparison, during the same period, there were only 85 deaths reported following flu vaccines.

  • Nineteen percent of deaths were related to cardiac disorders.

  • Fifty-three percent of those who died were male, 44% were female and the remaining death reports did not include gender of the deceased.

  • The average age of those who died was 77.9 and the youngest death was an 18-year-old.

  • As of March 11, 289 pregnant women had reported adverse events related to COVID vaccines, including 90 reports of miscarriage or premature birth. None of the COVID vaccines approved for Emergency Use Authorization has been confirmed safe or effective for pregnant women, although J&J said earlier this month it would begin testing on pregnant women, infants and the immunocompromised.

  • There were 1,689 reports of anaphylaxis, with 59% of cases attributed to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and 41% to Moderna.

And, these figures only measure post vaccination death that are reported, as studies estimate only 1% of vaccine related injuries and deaths are ever reported to VAERS, and, as the New York Times reported last month; the FDA allowed emergency approval of new technology Covdi-19 vaccines with no proper monitoring in place to assess vaccine related injuries and deaths.

This should be a red flag to the public when health officials are not interested in any serious investigation or consideration that these emergency approved products, may indeed, be the reason the person has died. The goal very much seems to be establishing plausible deniability to maintain public support for the vaccination campaign rather then a real review of data to establish accurate safety recommendations for the use of these products.

Below is the to the side effect list, created by the FDA working group, for potential adverse health events post Covid-19 vaccination:

A review of VAERS data shows public officials and the media are not publicly reporting deaths happening even the same day as administration of the Covid-19 vaccination, with deaths caused by the same serious side effects that the FDA note the vaccines may cause. Including:

On March 3, according to VAERS documentation, a 28 year old man and nurse's aide immediately began having headache and dizziness post-Covid19 vaccination with the Pfizer Biotech vaccine, and was found at dead in a patient's bathroom at his job at a healthcare facility according to the ER note reporting the incident to VAERS. Seven separate reports are currently filed on this case on the VAERS site.

The cause of death was attributed as heart attack, a known side effect of the Pfizer Biotech vaccine. There is no media report found covering this death upon a basic internet search nor public statement by health officials noted on this death.

A 58 year old New York man died within 24 hour post vaccination with ER notes indicating severe vomiting onset within 1/2 hour post vaccination with Moderna Covid-19 vaccine with over 20 events of vomiting, dry heaves reported on chart notes. (protracted vomiting listed side effect of Moderna vaccine).

No media report is found on this case, nor any public health official statement on this case.

A 54 year old Texas woman was taken to the hospital post Moderna Covid-19 vaccination, and died of cardiac arrest the same day. A autopsy was ordered. No media or news report found on this case:

In another case in Texas, a 28 year old male vaccinated with Pfizer BionTech Covid-19 vaccine, developed a fever on 2/21, developed fever and admitted into hospital on 2/25, and sent to ICU and died on 3/1/2021. No media report of public health official statement could be found in this case:

On March 3, 18 year old Illinois man was vaccinated with Moderna Covid-19 vaccination. He developed headache, body ache, and fatigue one day post vaccination and chest pain two days later. He died on 3/6/2021, no cause of death assigned in note. No media report or public health official statement on this case:

The media has gone out of its way to dismiss VAERS data as 'voluntary' and made great effort to state that the injuries documented are not reliable reports. However, over 80% of reports on VAERS are generated by medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and state reporting agencies. A cursory review of the Vaers Covid-19 data shown the vast majority of reports originating from a health care facility with a contactable provider. The reports are credible, and further only about 1% of vaccine related injuries and deaths are ever reported to the agency.

As of March 6, 2021, there were over 243,000 post Covid-19 vaccine injuries and deaths reported to the UK Assets reporting system, a mandated vaccine injury monitoring system. CDC VAERS has recorded a little over 38,000 injuries and deaths despite the United States much larger vaccine program indicating the system is not appropriately monitoring for injuries, due to FDA failure to implement appropriate monitoring system.

BELOW, screen shot of adverse number of Covid 19 adverse reactions, March 19, 2021

38,303 event

This, while the majority of the media is not even doing a basic review of weekly release of injury and death reports of available VAERS data, and failing to report on deaths associated with known side effects of the vaccines, some on the same day of the administration of the vaccine

Additionally, public health officials are repeating a mantra that vaccination with Sars CoV2 Covid-19 vaccinations will stop severe outcomes of Covid-19 infections while not informing the public that the trials were not designed to measure for severe outcomes.

Claims of 95% effectiveness rating in symptom reduction are also inaccurate as the majority of individuals with a positive PCR test (86%) attributing a Covid-19 infection do not express symptoms of illness. This is due to cycle threshold rate error in administering the PCR tests, as the settings for PCR tests are run at rates that over amplify and will result in detection of dead, non infectious material as reported by Dr Anthony Fauci last July. The New York Times last August which reported 90% false positive PCR Covid-19 test rate when tests from US states was corrected for cycle threshold error.

In addition to the vast majority of individuals, not experiencing symptoms, there is a very low morbidity rate associated with a Sars CoV2 attributed infection, with a 99.98 survival rate outside of nursing home settings. The risk/benefit ratio skews against vaccination as the level of severe symptoms and lethality of Sars CoV2 is incredibly low.

Public health officials continue to assure the public of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. They do this without the appropriate safety and research trials to support these findings and they have no appropriate monitoring system to measure these events. Additionally, the dismissal of nearly EVERY case of post vaccination death as a coincidence exposes the fact that officials have no desire to investigate post vaccine death and injury in a way that could expose the program to unpopular public scrutiny. Indeed, social media and media sites have been actively banning any message that goes against the official line of 'vaccine safety & effectiveness', no matter how evidence based or credibly documented. These actions may temporarily provide cover for safety risks, but as more and more people experience injury and cases leak out to the public eye, it will further erode the already tenuous credibility of public health and political organizations and officials. This may serve to undermine credibility and trust in public health institutions for a generation to come.

It should be noted that in 1976, the Swine Flu vaccination program was halted after THREE deaths in nine states, and the entire vaccination program was discontinued shortly thereafter. Now, we have over 1,600 reported post vaccination deaths, a number most certainly exponentially higher and there is no move to stop the program or even admit to a problem. Authorities are attempting to normalize numbers that are not acceptable for continuation of the mass vaccination program. This is a fraction of actually occurring injuries as the reporting mechanism and appropriate monitor to capture majority of deaths are admittedly not in place.

The public must demand real answers and accountability around legitimate concerns with Covid-19 vaccinations, experts around the globe have warned about dire consequences of mass vaccination programs implemented without the proper research and safety measures.

For full documentation of the above issues plus more evidence on Covid-19 vaccinations and testing concerns, please go here for information compiled by a non partisan group of health professionals:

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Lady Sane, thanks for eloquently putting into words my thoughts. I appreciate you so much!!!

I think the most relevant new number is the 85 flu vax deaths. According to the cdc there have been 193M flu shots distributed this year (I couldn't find a number for administered shots) so that means a reported death rate of 0.00004%.

For the mRNA shots there have been 1739 reported deaths. I looked up the number of shots administered is 100M amongst 65M people (35m with 2 shots and 30m with 1). So the death #'s will inevitably go up as those 30M get their second shots. But even at this point with 0ut projected additional deaths the death rate is .00287%.



What if the proteins the mRNA gene therapies make in your body will selected before event 21? I wonder what kind of communications exist between the event 21 group and Tony Fauci, the CDC, the FDA, Bill Gates, and the WHO?

Isn't it interesting how the first wuhan virus isolation was done incorrectly, used gene bank databases, and had strange DNA insertions? That sequence added up to 96%. That sequence was used to make the RT PCR 2019 n-cov tests, and allegedly was used to make the mRNA COVID biologics. That sample was nothing but a string of DNA letters, China never gave us a sample. To this day there is no live virus sample. And to this day,…

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