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Unite4Truth Archiving Site for Reference.

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Unite4Truth has been an enormous undertaking.

Our goal was documenting the serious and extensively documented discrepancies between public health organization data and evidence, and public health official & government claims around the Covid-19 policy narrative. The site goal was providing objective, factual information around the real risks of Covid-19 inoculations.

Since the blog started in March, tens of millions of people (perhaps many more) have come to understand the serious issues with current policies which are being implemented against public health and human rights in the name of Covid-19. Many others have picked up the cause and doing yeoman's work in sharing and spreading information to create awareness and empowerment to stand together and push back against harmful government directives. We have witnessed a marked transition in awareness in a very short time and this awareness will only continue to expand. We believe our purpose to provide a basic foundational documentation of key points hav now been accomplished,

The blog has been archived for reference, as of September 30, 2021.

It is our belief that peaceful Universal non-compliance, unity, and refusal to be manipulated by 'opposition' promoting pharmaceutical drug interventions as 'alternatives' to vaccines for a disease which has been created through attribution to other cause will turn the tide.

Much of our medical system is premised on the prescription of poisons which are causing the symptoms which the drugs are administered to suppress. Watch any pharmaceutical ad and this is a consistent theme. Suicidal thoughts induced by anti-depressants. Bone fractures introduced by drugs for osteoporosis, cancer caused by chemotherapy. The decades long pharmaceutical commercial brainwashing program to sell sickness as a cost of health has created a severe cognitive dissonance among the population who now accept extreme risk and side effects from dangerous drugs as the price for 'health'. The best advice we can give is do not organize or be led by entities headed by servants of this industry or those promoting more of the same as solutions to this contrived crisis. The American public has been subject to a mass propaganda campaign for decades, Covid 19 is an extension of a long campaign, it is not a new phenomenon.

Covid-19 is a disease of attribution to other cause. All the debate around treatments, vaccines, mask debates, everything is a distraction away from the core manipulation of this manufactured crisis and a rationalization for unnecessary and harmful medical interventions and policies. The debate, itself, is sowing division and splintering us on all levels. Do NOT let them split us from family, friends, neighbors, community with all 'sides' propping up the same central lie. Anything that seeds division and blame of the other instead of uniting in love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding will lead us further down this road. The finger pointing from political sides does nothing to heal anything and only serves to keep us in resentment and blame of the other.

Thank you for all for sharing and participating. Each one of you is central to continuing to spread light and truth. We do not need a hero or leader right now. We need all of us showing up to each play our part, sharing information where possible and holding space until more open their own eyes. No more martyrs, no more scapegoats (both of these projections to serve to provide external blame or responsibility for which we ALL are responsible).

Ending with this article on the industry of cancer and how the treatments are killing more people than the disease. This is a consistent theme now in all aspects of 'treatments' by a medical system kidnapped by profit interests, and a professional class driven by money and career 'advancement' instead of serving human interests, healing, and health.

What the Cancer Industry Does Not Want You to Know About Chemotherapy & Radiation:

This has been going on a very, very long while:

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