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Unite4Truth Reference Library: Over 100 Articles Organized by Subject, Bookmark & Share

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Below is LIBRARY of all Unite4Truth Blog Posts arranged by SUBJECT

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Unite4Truth Reference Library - organized by topic - bookmark and share:

(video sources & reference articles linked in GREEN) (Feature ''lead' articles/in red)

Government public health organization data, vaccine trial/test manufacture evidence DESTROY public health narrative around Covid-19:

Testing/Virus Isolation

Attribution Standards


Pfizer/Moderna (mRNA based drugs)

Johnson & Johnson/Astra-Zeneca (adenovirus vector based drugs)

(weekly summary reports)

By Subject:


Covid-19 Drug 'Therapies'/'Cures'

Historical References & Human Rights Abuses During Covid-19

Whistleblowers/Vaccine Injured/Health Professionals/Scientists

Largest Global Protests in History/Footage MSM Won't Show

Compilation Video Posts

Controlled opposition: new group of physicians/scientists selling WHO/Gates test and treat strategies/long term Covid-19 mitigation plan. Fine print of actual policies. Beware.

The Library:

Section 1

Covid-19 Testing Articles - Unite4Truth: (click on article text for source link)

Testing - Important Video (outside sources)

(must watch - addresses testing problems and isolation study issues)

Dr Sam Bailey: PCR Testing Review: Basic lessons in flaws with PCR testing/unsuitable as diagnostic test: (full channel on Odysee here)

(original inventor PCR, warnings about potential for misuse of test he invented)

PCR Test Pandemic: Dr Claus Köhnlein (interview Dr Sam Bailey)

Testing articles (outside resources)

Corman Drosten Review Report (22 international expert review on science paper which Sars Cov2 testing is based, virus attributed to cause symptoms of Covid-19)

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless (off-guardian article with extensive sourcing from original research and science documents)

Virus Isolation

On Virus Isolation Logical Questions, Credible Evidence: (lead article, objective review of evidence on Sars CoV2 virus isolation methods

Virus Isolation/Outside Sources:

The Truth About Virus Isolation (Dr Sam Bailey VIDEO)

Section 2:

Attribution Standards: (Unite4Truth articles)

(lead article)

CDC Dismisses Credible Evidence Covid-19 Vaccine Harm, Anaphylactic Rates Reported 120x Higher (Polyethylene Glycol Pfizer ingredient contraindication for over 70% US population)

Attribution Standards for correlation of Covid-19 vaccine to morbidity:

Autopsy: Drene Keyes death direct result Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine, Officials Deny, Engage in Cover Up (case history of how CDC mislabels Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths to Covid-19)

Over 41% of ALL VAERS Vaccine Related Deaths EVER Reported are Attributed to Covid-19 Vaccines (CDC adopts plausible deniability standard for correlation of deaths to Covid-19 vaccinations - early article, Covid-19 Vaccines now compromise majority of death reports, includes case studies)

Attribution Standards (outside resources)

(CDC document for above article HERE)

Attribution Standards Video:

Feature - British Medical Journal - Vaccine Trials Did NOT Measure for Decrease in Serious Outcomes - Trialed for Mild Cases:

Section 3

Covid-19 Vaccines/By Manufacturer

Manufacturer: Pfizer & Moderna

(mRNA based drugs) (occasional J&J overlap)

Autopsy: Drene Keyes death direct result Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine, Officials Deny, Engage in Cover Up (anaphylactic shock, unconscious w/in 20 minutes/dead same day, CDC labeled 'Covid' death - crickets from 99.9% of media)


Johnson & Johnson Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine/AstraZeneca (adeonovirus technology vaccines):

Johnson & Johnson Clinics Shut Down After High Side Effect Rate, Covid19 Vaccine Recipients Fall Ill

VAERS Data Review: Extensive case reviews

(newest to oldest)

How VAERS Data is Generated (media has misrepresented system as fully voluntary, majority of reports submitted by mandated reporters)

Vaers Data Weekly Reports:

Covid 19 Vaccines: By Subject:

Subject: TIME LINE

Covid-19 Vaccine Development Time Lines Articles:

FDA Stealth Approval of mRNA Technology through Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccines, No Core Safety Evaluation (FDA bypassed safety trials not just for a new drug, but entire controversial technology)

Reiner Fuellmich/David Martin: Patent Data Destroys Entire Covid-19 Government Narrative: video testimony on patent timeline for Sars CoV2 attributed genetic sequencing - second half of blog documents corruption issues in modern scientific research (lead article)

Covid-19 Drug Therapies/'Cures

Bill Gates: Covid-19 Vaccines Don't Stop Transmission, 'New Way of Doing Vaccines, Pivot to 'Cures' (lead article - WHO plan to pivot to test and treat, Gates Funding 'Cures')

Nurse: Treatment Killing Patients, Resigns - Parent Exposes School Board Bribery, Headlines Archive (state senate testimony whistleblower, treatment contributing to patient deaths)

UK Media Diverts from Elderly Nursing Home Euthanasia Scandal w Matt Hancock Video, London Protests

Section 5

Human Rights Abuses During Covid-19 and Historical Reference Articles

Australia Indigenous SOS to World, Asks for Help, Military Rounding Up & Forcing VACCINE - SHARE (mainstream news announces indigenous rounded up in quarantine camps/overseen by foreign workers exempt from vaccination, fully documented)

Speak No Evil: How Media, Corporate & Political Abusers Inflict Severe Harm & Feign Benevolence (tactics, propaganda to stop critical thinking, demonize truth tellers)

United States Instituted Thousands Covert Military Biological, Radiation Experiments On Own Citizens (IMPORTANT update/biological attack simulations utilizing toxic gas and chemicals utilized in drug delivery systems- fully sourced)

FL Governor Signs Legislation Allowing Forced Medical Treatment, Coerce Vaccination Compliance (medical freedom act bills =draconian unconstitutional totalitarian emergency powers)

Thierry Baudet Exposes the Rockefeller Foundation in Parliament, Pandemic Report Prediction in 2010 (paper outlining use of pandemic for totalitarian government power grabs issued in 2010)

Section 6:

Whistleblowers/Vaccine Injured/Health Professionals/Scientists

Global Physician Pushback Against Covid-19 Vaccines VIDEOS, VAERS Data, Myocarditis News, Headlines (video, first female South African heart transplant physician/whistleblower)

Health Professionals Are Failing the Public in Refusal to Review Covid-19 Evidence, Course Correct (two letters from registered nurses - answers how so many health professionals could be getting this so wrong)

Section 7:

Largest Global Protests in History/Footage MSM Won't Show - Compilation Video Posts:

Section 8

Controlled Opposition:



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