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'The Many Sides of Anzhelika' ''"The Many Sides of Anzhelika" (Russian: Многоцветный отражение Анжелики) is a musical work composed by Sergei Prokofiev for soprano and piano. The work was composed in 1929 in the Soviet Union, at a time when Prokofiev was living under Stalin's rule. History Composition According to Prokofiev's own notation, the name of the piece was conceived by the composer and his wife Raissa Konstantinovna. The original title "Otkrytka" (literally: hidden picture, pronounced ostryk'ka in Russian) was meant to convey the meaning of the piece as a "hidden picture", and was used until 1932, when the family moved to Paris and the composer decided to change the title to "the Many Sides of Anzhelika". The first performance of the work took place in the studio of the Moscow Conservatory in June 1932, with the pianist Olga Freidenberg at the keyboard and the soprano Olga Pravdivskaya at the piano. It was published in 1937 by Artia Publishers. Recordings "The Many Sides of Anzhelika" was first recorded by the Soviet trio of Olga Freidenberg, Olga Pravdivskaya and Lydia Ponskaya in June 1932. Prokofiev's second wife Raissa Konstantinovna played the piano part and his daughter Maria Prokofiev played the soprano solo part. The piece was performed again in December 1952 by the pianist Leonid Kogan and the soprano Nadezhda Figner in Moscow under the direction of Dmitri Kosterin. Reception "The Many Sides of Anzhelika" is a composition by Prokofiev's that has been relatively little known in the West, and is not easily accessible to a general audience. Reviewing the debut recording of the piece, the Russian musicologist Leonid Sabaneyev has remarked that its "atmosphere of restrained expressiveness will not appeal to people who prefer an aggressive attack on the melodic line or a cacophonic outburst." See also List of compositions by Sergei Prokofiev




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