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Part 4 Petition: Liability Concerns for Health Professionals & Courts Ruling Against PCR Test Use,

Updated: Mar 14, 2021


Liability Concerns for Health Professionals:

Mass Public Evidence of Severe Issues with Covid-19 Health Directives Used in Litigation, Imperils Health Care Professionals Ordered to Implement Unsound Health Protocols:

Multiple legal cases have been submitted (or pending submission) in the United States, and internationally due to the very serious flaws and methods with use of Covid-19 testing that is not suitable for the diagnosis of the virus it is designed to detect:

Top International Attorney Reiner Fuellmich is currently in the process of filing lawsuits in Germany against Covid-19 policy fraud centered around the PCR testing, coordinating his efforts with lawyers all over the world who will be filing the same injunctions.

Atty Fuellmich is noted for his accomplishments in the Deutsche bank and Volkswagon lawsuits.

His current lawsuit efforts to expose criminal corruption to could lead to what many are referring to as the Second Nuremberg trials.

Additionally, many smaller lawsuits are being filed individual states with the inclusion of this scientific evidence. Lawsuits are in planning stages or already filed in every state in the country. Vermont case against vaccine mandates filed at federal level utilizing petition sources.

These cases are becoming highly publicized, and our leadership is imperiling health care professionals with directives that could result in liability against licensed care providers and acting a manner that is going to destroy the credibility and reputations of medicine, science, and nursing for a generation to come.

This information is already widely known by large percentage of the citizenry, and the rest of the public will soon become informed once these lawsuits advance to high profile public cases, and leadership is only a delaying an inevitable accounting by refusing to acknowledge what much of the public now understands.

Leadership must immediately address the content of the evidence of litigation and act to ensure health providers are not mandated to implement Covid-19 health directives that imperial health professionals legal, ethical, and licensing standards of practice.

DOWNLOAD FULL PETITION HERE, For Hand Out & Signature Collection:

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