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'Another Holocaust Is Taking Place Before Our Very Eyes' Survivors Deliver Letter to EMA, IMPORTANT

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

We will NEVER Forget: Never Again is Now:


Unite4Truth exists to provide facts and context of Covid-19 policies, so people can better understand the larger implications to enactment of current Covid-19 policy directives. This post is a review of the current Covid-19 medical directives and vaccine mandates which parallel those enacted through the medical euthanasia policies of the Holocaust. Please review full post for important related stories and video content, VERY important new articles included in this post.


Holocaust Survivors deliver a letter to EMA demanding end to 'ungodly medical experiment on human kind' immediately:

Holocaust survivors around the globe have been speaking out and giving warning. Last week, a letter was delivered to European Medical Association to immediately retract approval for Covid-19 new technology mRNA and adenovector virus inoculations. Major news media organizations did not report on this important action:

Click on play button to view delivery and reading of the letter to EUA signed by Holocaust survivors, physicians, and other health experts:

Photo Still: Letter Reading to EUA from Holocaust Survivor:

Click on Play to watch the entire letter reading and delivery to EMA:

The Story:

The Chicago Sun Times (and other papers) recently featured groups slamming police union chief for making a comparison between the Holocaust and vaccine mandates.

The Times did NOT report that Holocaust survivors have been actively speaking out, drawing parallels, and giving warning against Covid-19 'health' directives mirroring Nazi Germany policies of the 1930s and 40s. Nor did any of these papers address the actual content of the evidence based concerns which have resulted in many victims of the Nazi regime to draw these parallels:

Vera Sharav, a childhood survivor of Nazi Germany has been appearing in interviews and speaking at mandate protests to give warning. This video interview between Reiner Fuellmich, Lead Attorney for the Corona Investigation committee is chilling and poignant:

In responding to the comparison by the Police Union boss, Chicago Mayor Lori Lighfoot made the following comment:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, local Jewish groups and a Chicago police officer slammed the head of the city’s largest police union after he made comments comparing the mayor’s vaccine mandate for city employees to the Holocaust.

She added: “There’s no kind words for him. In all seriousness, I think the guy really needs some serious psychotherapy. And this is just another example of the kind of hatred and stupidity that he spews on a regular basis. But thankfully, I do not believe that he is representative of the vast majority of police officers.”

No, the officer is representative of many Holocaust survivors and hundreds of millions of others who see the dangerous parallels between Nazi medical martial law policies applied to disabled, mentally ill, learning disabled children, Jewish citizens, Gypsies, and other 'undesirables' and current Covid-19 government 'health' directives:

We see the plans for CDC 'quarantine' camps to medically segregate families, and remember the Jewish people and others were removed from society under the guise of 'protection'' for larger society:

Over 630,000 injuries and over 13,600 deaths have been associated with mRNA gene line editing Covid-19 and adenovirus vector drugs.

Review of actual vaccine trial evidence. and public health organization data clearly demonstrate NO substantive benefit for these drugs with all inducing the very side effects mirroring the very symptoms the 'vaccinations' are purported to suppress. ALL Covid-19 research is invalidated and clinically useless to inform public policy health making decisions due to use of PCR testing methods deemed 'useless' by 22 expert peer review panel for detection of Sars CoV2, the virus attributed to cause symptoms of Covid-19.

In 1976, 53 deaths halted the Swine Vaccination program in when the deaths were associated (NOT proven to be caused by), the vaccines. In 2021, policy makers, medical 'experts (in violation of licensing and ethical standards), and the media violate the tenets of the Nuremberg code to coerce, bribe, and threaten citizens to receive unnecessary and harmful drugs.

Those who are seeing the true parallels between Nazi medical euthanasia policies with current Covid-19 directives understand the near entirety of the academic, medical, and scientific communities stood with and implemented the policies of mass killings during the Holocaust. Indeed, the Holocaust never could have occurred without the public validation and implementation enacted by physicians and nurses who betrayed human decency and ethics in administering the Nazi killing programs.

In 2020, tens of thousands of elderly and residents of care homes were denied treatment, placed on DNR lists, and given cocktails of midazolam and morphine which physicians informed medical journals equated to 'effective euthanasia'. Ventilator and treatment modalities issued by CDC directives which went against established medical protocols resulted in large numbers of early deaths. The medical establishment continues to enact these failed and dangerous protocols to this day:

Right now, Mayor Bill Deblasio has enacted a medical segregation policy in New York City disallowing entrance of the unvaccinated into public spaces despite the fact that Covid-19 vaccinations do NOT stop transmission of any disease, approved only for symptom suppression, and offer NO public health benefit to prevent spread of disease. Thus all social distancing based on vaccination status has no validity and clearly being enacted for the purpose of forcing vaccination passports, as a condition for access to society.

*Note, faulty testing and protocol recommendations have been responsible for individuals testing positive for Sars CoV2, not 'silent infection. There is NO asymptomatic transmission, full documentation HERE.

Instead of railing against this total farce and constructed fraud, the media stands with policy that disproportionately effects minority populations and applaud medical segregation of the 65% of NYC black citizens who are now banned from numerous public spaces:

Man stands with his son, both were denied restaurant service due to

Mayor Deblasio's unconstitutional segregation policy based on medical fraud:

Must read:

We Have Forgotten: First Bill de Blasio Came for Orthodox Jews in NYC, Now the US Government is Coming for Us All

"When the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn was targeted for forced vaccinations two years ago by Mayor Bill de Blasio, the silence of their fellow New Yorkers was deafening. Far from rallying to their side, many cheered on de Blasio’s intrusion into the private lives of countless Jews who had religious and personal beliefs for not wanting to have needles plunged into their arms for the sake of the “greater good”.What they did not realize back then is that de Blasio was setting a precedent for greater impositions to come.

As children were compelled to get jabbed and mothers and fathers had their parental rights nullified, the city that never sleeps might as well have been in a coma when it comes to feeling the pains of Orthodox Jews. This must have been a particularly painful experience—especially for the descendants of Holocaust survivors and Jews who fled Germany nearly a hundred years earlier. Having to experience the type of fascism that singled out their grandparents for persecution and compulsory vaccinations is a stark reminder of the horrors that were unleashed by Nazis.

Those who object and do not want to take part in what the NIH admits are medical experiments are being vilified the same way Jews were being demonized during the rise of Hilter in Nazi Germany. Many blanch at this comparison and immediately respond that “unvaccinated” people are not being rounded up and shipped off to gas chambers. So quick to retort, they end up missing the forest for the branch. Though it might seem like it because history only focuses on the end result, Jews were not immediately massacred by the millions. Their eventual annihilation started with almost imperceptible forms of otherization before it grew into deafening exterminations"


The government and media have long utilized identity politic language to feign support for minority groups and women while actively promoting politicians and policy which actively legislates harm against these (and all) citizens:

"On Aug. 6, Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) introduced legislation that would require all U.S. air travellers to show their papers for proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The move was mostly unreported by the media.

HR 4980, if passed, would “Direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID–19,” according to the Resolution’s preamble.

If the bill is enacted, the HHS will be directed to utilize the TSA to, “Take such actions as are necessary to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID–19.”


Many in the media are championing these policies while deliberately censoring the voices of minority citizens who are courageously risking professional censure to speak out against modern medical apartheid:

Dr Erika Smith brilliant speech before the Ohio Legislature to ban Covid-19 vaccine and 'health' mandates was ignored by the media:


The Chicago Sun Times and other papers who feign indignation and implement smear campaigns against individuals who are rightly calling out current Covid-19 policies parallels to the Holocaust are walking in the footsteps of the propagandists who advanced the killing campaigns in the Nazi era. The media has been acting as stenographers for false Covid-19 claims made by government public officials and medical 'experts which are not supported by actual evidence. The media response to those who provide object review of fact is smear and demonization of the messenger in the most ugly and dangerous way possible. The media has literally descended to framing the hundred of millions (if not billions) of citizens with evidence based and logical concerns with Covid-19 directives as 'domestic terrorists'. This deliberately frames individual who do not subjugate themselves and capitulate to harmful and unnecessary directives as dangerous others. The very rationale required for the public to accept obscene human and civil rights abuses against individuals for the 'greater good'. It is absolutely chilling and indecent at the most base level. And, just like their predecessors, they too stand on the wrong side of history.

The media should take a bow. Joseph Goebbels would be envious.

We will NEVER forget. And, never again is NOW.

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