Health Professional Emergency Petition IMMEDIATE Action Required: Significant Covid-19 Testing Flaws & Vaccine Safety Issues:

This is a NON-partisan review of facts compiled by health professionals & sourced from government health agencies, independent science experts, scientific journals, public health websites, mainstream media news sources, and credible research studies into severe Covid-19 testing flaws, methods and implementation & serious Covid-19 safety concerns.

The goal is to provide context, public education, and procure immediate action to halt unnecessary Covid-19 directives and health protocols that are substantially documented to be causing harm to individual and public health.

We encourage sharing this petition with health professional organizations, professional licensing boards, state health departments, hospital administrator, elder services, college health program administrators, health journals as well as friends & family. Good faith efforts to inform fellow health professionals is central to the goal, many are not aware of these egregious issues due to censorship and trusting professional leadership to act in the best interest of the doctors, nurses, and other health professionals they are charged to represent. 

Petition is open source People's petition which individuals are using as reference and educational document. This petition is meant to be shared, built upon, and improved to aid invidual and group efforts all over the counrty and the world, this effort is a collective building not a top down leadership effort, success depends on active engagement from the signatories. Litigation around issues highlighted in this petition is pending or in process, in many states, as well as countries around the globe. Go to the blog immediately below the petition link below to read the petition in sections (recommended, link to full petition and download for handout and signatures below. Thank you for your support, together we will speak in one voice to advocate for health care professionals and the public health.  Share far and wide.



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