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Part2 Petition: Asymptomatic Presentation Positive Covid-19 Test Result Due to Flawed Tests, Methods

Updated: Aug 5, 2021


No Asymptomatic Transmission:

Asymptomatic Presentation of Positive Covid-19 Test Result Due to Faulty Tests, Testing Methods & Protocols

Current Sars CoV2 public health protection protocols (social distancing, lock-downs, masking, etc) are rationalized on the scientifically unsupported theory of asymptomatic transmission. This hypothesis arose from majority of individuals testing positives for Sars CoV2 (Covid 19 infection) with PCR testing do not present symptomatically.

However, as documented above, asymptomatic presentation would be the expected result with PCR test over amplifying sample material through high CT rates resulting in up to 90% false positives per studies reported in NYT; as individual are not ill or contagious.

UP to 86% of Individuals with Positive PCR test have No Core Symptoms of Covid 19 Infection

Additionally, advocates of the asymptomatic spread theory utilize research that is not designed to study for method of transmission of Sars CoV2 but rather evaluates viral load detected on RT PCR tests to hypothesize asymptomatic transmission as a main driver of virus spread. As in this CNN example using a study published in JAMA Medicine:

The study authors admit that their research is not designed to determine method of transmission of virus and states:

"Although the high viral load we observed in asymptomatic patients raises a distinct possibility of a risk for transmission, our study was not designed to determine this," the researchers wrote.

"It is important to note that detection of viral RNA does not equate infectious virus being present and transmissible," the researchers wrote. "

This is a STUNNING statement, as it admits that a positive test result is not reliable proof that the infection originated from Sars CoV2.

This was further documented in the Corman Drosten report above which no longer links to full text article, please refer to archived link above for sourcing:

The design errors described here are so severe that it is highly unlikely that specific amplification of SARS-CoV-2 genetic material will occur using the protocol of the Corman-Drosten paper

According to this statement from 22 top scientific experts in relevant research fields, the WHO/FDA/CDC and all government health organizations have been recommending & implementing the use of a test that is highly unlikely to detect Sars Cov2 virus due to severe problems with testing design. Almost the entire basis of the Sars CoV2 Covid-19 pandemic has been rationalized on the results of these tests. This renders all data results from PCR testing severely corrupted.

CDC Admitted in 2011 PCR Inappropriate for Screening Asymptomatic Individuals for Infection:

CDC warned in 2011 that PCR testing should not be used in diagnosis of petussis infections due to significant potential for false positive results. Nothing inherently has changed about PCR testing to explain for the CDC's change from it former recommendations:

Testing Patients with Signs and Symptoms of Pertussis Early signs and symptoms of pertussis are often non-specific, making it difficult to determine clinically who has pertussis in the earliest stages ( However, only patients with signs and symptoms consistent with pertussis should be tested by PCR to confirm the diagnosis. Testing asymptomatic persons should be avoided as it increases the likelihood of obtaining falsely-positive results. Asymptomatic close contacts of confirmed cases should not be tested and testing of contacts should not be used for post-exposure prophylaxis decisions.

There needs to immediate review by labs to correct for Cycle Threshold rate error on past lab reports and immediate cessation with PCR testing entirely, as it is a completely unreliable method of detection for Sars CoV2.

All Covid-19 testing methods are severely flawed and being employed in a manner that is generating highly corrupted data unsuitable for individual diagnosis of Covid-19 infections.

Testing is generating false positive results by the design of test and the recommended protocols for implementation. There is extensive documentation that indicates policy makers are fully aware that this testing will produce faulty data, and they have not acted in any matter to seriously correct for SEVERE cycle setting flaw or address the other issues documented in Section 1.

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