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Petition Part 5: Addressing Media, Political,Health Leadership Response to Covid-19 Policy Critics

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Advancing Individual & Public Health Harms, Denigrating Health Professionals and Citizens


Censorship & Political, Professional, Media Misinformation & Attack

Advancing Individual & Public Health Harms, Denigrating Health Professionals and Citizens

The failure of our public health & political leadership to independently review and inform the public of the extensive objective evidence documenting severe flaws and safety issues with emergency approved testing, vaccines, and isolation protocols is nothing short of egregious.

This is amplified by the behavior of health care professional leadership who lockstep capitulate and cede to unscientific government policy with a clear expectation for compliance, and little to no room for honest expression of concerns by 'underlings'.

There has been a very active effort by the media and public health officials to publicly label anyone who opposes Covid-19 vaccinations, testing, and other mandated protocols on evidence based merit with smear labels of 'conspiracy theory' & 'antivaxer' and to politicize what should be a scientific discussion by framing opposition to Covid policies in partisan terms and unscientific terms. Unfortunately, many in health care leadership, trained in educational programs that emphasize objective and independent review to ensure safe practice, parrot these narratives without any effort to investigate the actual concerns brought to their attention by subordinates.

Some health care professionals have left the profession rather than employ protocols they believe go against their ethics and professional standards and endanger individual and public health. Many health care professionals are demoralized by the coercion to comply with directives or else be professionally ostracized.

Politicians, public health officials and media have deliberately impeded an open and honest public health dialogue around the necessity and safety of a mass testing a vaccination program with emergency use mRNA vaccines through the use of censorship and intimidation tactics.

This has seriously impeded the public's understanding of Covid-19, as health professionals may be reluctant to speak about credible concerns with Covid-19 policies out of fear of ridicule or professional consequence.

The rhetoric now being used against those who advocate for science based public health policy is becoming incendiary with MSNBC Nicole Wallace Anchor woman stating in a interview on January 22, 2021 that those who have a belief that Covid restrictions are unnecessary have a ideology of domestic extremism and equated this evidence based perspective as to being a domestic terrorism threat. This type of dangerous rhetoric crosses the line and must immediately cease.

"There is until the end of April a persistent threat of domestic threat of domestic extremism....of domestic terrorism...carried out in the ideology that and around this belief that the election was fraudulent, that the Covid restrictions are unnecessary'

Additionally, the Washington Post featured a debunked Op-Ed from California State Senator, Richard Pan, reciting debunked content of the in LA Times to equate vaccine protest with extremism:

Opinion: Anti-vaccine extremism is akin to domestic terrorism

Story was debunked HERE. However, the core point is that equating American protest to a terrorist act is the type of rhetoric one expects to hear in a history review of 30s Germany, not featured content on the Washington Post.

The public must reject such dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric and refuse to allow any individual or media company to divide the American public through hyperbolic speech.

All citizens have deeply harmed by these policies, we resoundingly reject all effort to split our unity in healing through this crisis

We will not abide co-opting any group by political and health leaders for the purpose of generating support for legislative policies which harm the very groups politicians and political parties claim to support the most.

The politicians and media refuse to have a discussion on the merits, and when individuals will not cede to inaccurate narratives, public education programs are created to recite the same talking points broadcast 24/ for near a year without any acknowledgement of true and evidence based concerns. This belittles citizens.

Freedom to challenge inaccurate government data and policy is necessary to protect the health and well being of every American citizen (and all citizens around the globe).

Free speech is a public health issue

It is time for a immediate and full public accounting of facts & the valid concerns on current Covid-19 health protocols expressed by health care professionals and citizens alike.

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