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Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Guest Post by Rose

Many of us know it. The elephant is in the room.....The elephant in the room is now standing on our chests. It's time to unite and call out this lunacy:

A stunning disconnect has occurred between government public officials and the People whom they are charged to represent. Citizenry has been nearly locked out of all Covid-19 policy decision-making and are expected to cede to policies created under emergency order mandates without any voice in the process. Those who attempt to engage in credible and honest debate on the merit are met with worn labels of 'conspiracy theorist' and 'antivaxer' and face mass media and social media censorship which continually misrepresent the true nature of the citizens' concerns and credible scientific evidence.

A legion of 'fact checkers' is employed to dismiss credible evidence, often repeating a media assertion as a stated 'fact' with no actual evaluation of substance of data of evidence presented. Up is down, left is right, and inside is definitely outside in this new 'post' truth reality (yeah, ain't happening...).

Political officials and media organizations demean citizens with dictates of 'government knows best' and tactics of censorship, dismissal, and smear. It is incredibly disrespectful especially to minority and health care professionals who attempt to address credible safety concerns of Covid 19 vaccination, only to be met with empty rhetoric talking points that do nothing to address the actual content of concerns these groups express. Narratives around support for health professionals and minorities mean utterly nothing when politically correct words substitute for true advocacy and respect for contrary opinion.

Serious breaches of public trust have occurred due to government and public health organization and agencies initiating lock-down and policy on data known to be flawed and not credible for creation of sweeping reforms and public health mandates. These directives have curtailed citizen rights and created mass individual and public health harms and consequences.

The very serious issues with Sars CoV2 testing is now widely documented even in the most mainstream media publications. Credible peer review curated by the International Consortium of Science by relevant 22 expert researchers in related fields have deemed the main PCR test for diagnosis of Covid-19 infection 'useless' This is widely known. Health officials (including Anthony Fauci) have publicly acknowledged serious issues with test settings, thoroughly documented by the very health organizations that implement the Covid-19 testing protocol must cease reporting case numbers based on data they KNOW to be highly flawed. The New York Times documented last August that 90% of samples reviewed from three states were false positive (on this one error along) due to the deliberate action of health officials setting the cycle amplification rate to levels where it picks up dead and non-infectious materials by default.

This 90% of people are not 'super spreaders' driving silent transmission. They simply weren't sick, and the practice of labeling healthy people as ill is a mass case of government induced Munchausen syndrome. There is NO asymptomatic transmission, just flawed tests.

No asymptomatic transmission means an end to the rationalization for ALL these destructive policies.

The politicians and media have been engaging in a 24/7 campaign to drive a fear narrative around Covid 19 and divide citizens on political framing of the issue. It must immediately cease. All debate around Covid-19 policy should strictly focus on the substance of the issues.

This deliberate political framing has been a huge disservice creating great harm to the citizens of this country. This tactic has served to splinter the public on partisan divide. In no way has the government or public health officials provided a true and objective review of available Sars CoV2 (virus attributed to cause Covid-19 symptoms) to the public, funneling talking points through politicians' mouths. The personal opinion of ANY given politician is irrelevant to the science and facts. We encourage all citizens to independently review available information and read all studies, data, and evidence from the originating source material, as it is impossible to ascertain any objective truth through this type of media filter. 'Follow the science' is a objective non biased method of scientific review not a political slogan. Science has been severely undermined through these tactics.

All issues related to Covid19 science must be allowed in the conversation and reviewed on the substance of evidence and credibility of scientific data. The public should be wary of any official, media outlet, or organization that engages in any tactic to censor public debate or focus discussion on the messenger rather than the message. Tactics of the use of inflammatory, divisive rhetoric and fear mongering to gain public compliance must immediately cease.

Today, there is a release of a public non-partisan petition composed by health care professionals to provide a reference source for objective review of facts surrounding the Covid 19 public health directives and vaccine programs.

We, respectfully, ask for every person to read the petition in full and the supporting referenced data, and sign, if you agree with its conclusions. There are serious concerns about individual and public health harm resulting from the current Covid-19 directives. There is also deep concern of potential liability issues for health professionals who are implementing testing with methods documented to be severely flawed, and vaccines developed on faulty trial designs and rationalized on inaccurate data. This statement is fully supported scientific evidence from the CDC, FDA, and World Health Organization as well as independent and credible peer review.

So.....Welcome to ALL of you, whoever you are. This our first post, on unite4truth. It is time to end the divide, unite in truth....and love. Together, there is absolutely nothing we can not achieve...

Fear no evil.

In light, love, and most of all truth.....


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