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CDC SUPPRESSED 149,000 INJURY Reports in First Six Weeks Covid-19 Vaccine Program, DEATHS SOAR

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Reports of VAERS Covid-19 deaths and injuries submitted to the VAERS system now register over 361,225 injuries and 6,914 deaths than reported in real time for the first 3 1/2 months of program (majority of these deaths occurred within days to only a few weeks post vaccination - vast majority of these injuries are NOT recent per date of incident reports)

Evidence indicates is massively backloading injury reports and suppressing public ability to scrutinize the controversial Covid-19 vaccination campaign....Review of data for first three months of program shows increase of HUNDREDS of thousands of injuries and thousands of deaths over real time reports. The CDC actions of suppressing and misrepresenting data warrant no public trust and data indicates the Covid-19 program inducing record injury reports both in the US & Europe needs to be immediately HALTED.

The CDC must IMMEDIATELY disclose ALL submitted reports to VAERS system and explain why they have been censoring submission date of injures. And, it is time for the media to start reviewing the publicly available government and Covid-19 trial data, as public health officials consistently make false claims around vaccine safety and efficacy CONTRADICTED by government public health organization and vaccine trial evidence.

No transparency - the Covid-19 vaccination program has been hallmarked by secret deals between pharmaceutical companies and governments with citizens not allowed to see the contracts nor receive full disclosure of vaccine ingredients by pharmaceutical companies:

Video: European Parliamentarian HOLDS Up European/Pharmaceutical Government Contract for Covid-19 vaccines which have been hidden from public/policy maker scrutiny. 95% redacted:

Excellent companion on article by Rosemary Frei



Please scroll to the bottom of the update section for original documentation, if this is your first time reading this article:

-CDC VAERS withholding nearly 100% submission date of Covid-19 Vaers Injury & Death Report. This allows the CDC to upload injury reports whenever they want & assign earlier deaths to a MUCH lower vaccine pool (drastically decreases injury/death

-CDC VAERS reported deaths - very large percentage reports missing age of injured/deceased

-Substantively higher numbers of injuries now reported for early months of vaccine program

-Public does NOT have any true scope of the number of injuries/death reports as CDC backloads data which allows the CDC to present vastly lower number of injured and apply the early vaccine injuries to a vastly wider pool of now vaccinated

IMPORTANT COMPANION ARTICLE: (Media has misrepresented VAERS as a voluntary reporting system, however it is documented by government health organization data, 83% of data is generated from MANDATED reporters & most individuals whom report injury do so in good faith):

Recommended Companion Article:

Searches may be confirmed HERE.

Note: To be clear, when the date of onset of symptoms post vaccination is searched by year/month/date of onset, the vast majority of injuries occurred within days to a few weeks post vaccination, these are not recent injuries now occurring and being entered in real time - confirm by searching time/date/year of injury in Show Presentation Table Bar while entering the vaccination period in the lower most section of the form. Some reports PREDATE date of vaccination. To see full menu of specific severe events, search event outcome in this parameter:

Current VAERS Covid-19 Vaccine Injury/Death Reports:

UPDATE October 31: CDC Continues to Backload Data, Withhold Submission Dates and Age of Death:

CDC VAERS WITHHOLDING SUBMISSION DATE IN REPORTS: (the CDC has this data, ALL reports will be generated on a specific date, there is NO reason to exclude this data):


ALL child & teen hospitalizations have UNKNOWN date of submission for the report - & cursory scroll through the reports show the uploaded date of the report is sometimes occurring MONTHS after injury/death occurred:

Mass Increase in Early Death & Injury Reports for early weeks of Covid-19 vaccine program:

The number of reported VAERS Covid-19 VAERS death reports has now increased to 3,311 & over 128,000 injury reports from December 1, 2020 to January 2021 with the first Covid-19 vaccine EUA issued on 12/14/2020 - 2811 deaths now included for the first six weeks with


Compare this report to the current weekly release including ONLY VAERS injury and data for the first six weeks (and trial period of two weeks before first approval):

Over 52,000 injuries of people with statistically near zero risk of Covid-19 attributed hospitalization and deaths within the FIRST six weeks - remember, the vaccine was only available to a small percentage of essential workers in this age group early in the program):

Age Chart

Total injury chart for period starting December 1 2020 ending January 29, 2021 -omits two days of reporting):

Deaths reports for first six now up 2,800 from real time reports

Permanent disability reports now up over 3,800 0 reports from real time reports

Hospitalizations now up over 7,000 from real time reports

Same for February:

Children's Health Defense Record of ALL VAERS Covid-19 Vaccine Death & Injury Reports from start of Covid-19 inoculation program to February 26: (REAL TIME RECORD):

Report for ONLY February 2021 VAERS Covid-19 Injuries and Deaths As of October 21, 2021:

So, subtracting the first six weeks numbers for reported injuries and deaths - the real time injury injury numbers for February 2021 Covid-19 vaccine injury & death reports

Real time injury reports for February by VAERS CDC:

13,963 total injuries and death -

Current Covid-19 injury and death reports for Covid 19 Vaccine for February 2021


Injury reports increased by 96,028 over real time reports

1265 real time death reports (this figure includes ALL deaths to that date for entire program) 501 reported in January for first six weeks

764 real time VAERS death reports for February alone

2,221 more deaths now reported for February 2021 (as of latest October 21, 2021 VAERS UPDATE)

Same for March:

Release of VAERS data (for entire vaccine campaign) as of April 1, 2021 per CHD

Current VAERS report for Covid-19 vaccine injury for March 2021 for week ending October 21 2021:

Real time VAERS reported injuries & death for March 2021

31,657 total injuries & deaths added in March in real time reports

Current report for March: 142,346

110,689 increase in current VAERS Covid-19 injury and death reports for March ONLY as of October 21, 2021 from real time report (most occurring within days to a very few weeks)

Full comparison for three month period:

Again, this is the chart CHD chart which documents all reported real time VAERS injuries & death reports until April 1, 2021:

This is the CURRENT chart of reported Covid-19 VAERS Injury Report from December 1 2020 to March 31, 2021 (1 day discrepancy due to search limitations))

In sum, 418,204 total injuries are now recorded for the first 3 1/2 month period of Covid-19 vaccination program

This is up from real time reports by 361,335 total injuries

6914 deaths increase over real time reports of 2,342 reports

10,296 increase of permanent disability over real time reports of 941 reports

This is likely not the total number of full injury reports for this period as the CDC has been adding new reports for this period every week (as documented in original report below)

CDC VAERS NOT INCLUDING AGE OF DEATH & Injury for Significant Percentage of Reports:

182,363 - nearly a fourth of reports have no age included in the report:

Age of death is missing in 6,583 - about one in three reports:

Additionally, VAERS has created a protocol where individuals are only counted as vaccinated if they have received the full course of Covid-19 and two weeks post vaccination. This is a VERY serious problem as over HALF of deaths occur within two weeks of administration of vaccines. This allows the CDC to discount a very large percentage of reported injures and deaths and label them as 'unvaccinated'. ALL of these injuries need to be included and fully investigated:

Full report on VAERS criteria for classification of a vaccine death HERE (scroll down to bottom of post for section of this issue)

Full report on VAERS attribution standards which falsely classify individual deaths as Covid-19 on unscientific, broad protocols which in no way actually confirm individual cause of death HERE

Many health professionals are deeply concerned Covid-19 vaccine injuries are being covered up through CDC reporting standards - misrepresented as 'breakthrough Covid' deaths.


VAERS data documents the CDC under reported injuries by 89% for the first six weeks of Covid-19 vaccination program & deaths by 73%. The public must immediately DEMAND release of all available VAERS injury reports and immediate inclusion of all report submission dates.

The CDC appears to be withholding release of VAERS Covid-19 injury and death reports. A basic search of data indicates the agency is back loading the data, a strategy that allows the agency to give the appearance of fewer injury and death reports and attribute the cases to a much larger number of vaccinations, thereby lowering the incidence rate. The public needs to immediately demand FULL release of all currently available data. Of the 700 new death reports in the VAERS data base, as of June 4 2021, 411 occurred in January or earlier.

A reader recently sent in a video report indicating the CDC is back loading VAERS injury and death reports.

This prompted our researchers to do a basic investigative search of the available VAERS data to see if this was report was accurate. The data revealed highly troubling findings:


**Note: 83% of VAERS Reports are generated from medical providers, state reporting agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. European reporting systems are documenting exponentially higher rates than VAERS data, as the 30 year old monitoring system captures only 1% of post vaccination injuries per Harvard research report. Low capture rate is central issue with CDC VAERS system not credibility. FDA has admitted the mass vaccination program began without adequate safety monitoring system. A recent study from Mass General, Bingham documented anaphylactic reactions post Covid-19 vaccine occurring up to 120x the rate reported to the CDC. This highly suggests the system is continuing to vastly under capture post vaccination adverse events.

Let's start with a search of reports generated by the date of submission of death reports to the VAERS system. This information is important because, if the CDC did not receive the report until a later date, the agency could not report this to the system. This is what came up:

17 cases? This is clearly not correct. Here is search showing the total reports of all deaths received from December 1, 2020 to June 4, 2021:

The CDC reports 5,888 Covid-19 related death reports. Each one of these deaths would have a date of submission to the system. Yet, the CDC is reporting only 17 cases when deaths are searched on date of submission. This shows the CDC is withholding the date of report. Why?

It appears the CDC is back loading data. Without a report date, the agency can add the death and injury reports at later date and the agency can not be implicated in deliberate withholding of public health information.

This is not just happening with Covid-19 vaccination death reports, it is happening with ALL injury reports. Here is the search for 'date report submitted' from December 1, 2020 to June 4, 2021:

Here is the search report for total Covid-19 injury reports submitted to June 4, 2021:

The number of reports from total reports to date of submission should MATCH. All reports require a date of submission.

Search of data revealed that over third of total reported injuries occurred in the first six weeks:

Over 2,400 deaths were reported for the first six weeks of program:

Over Four hundred deaths occurred in first TWO weeks of program (first Pfizer vaccine approved for emergency, investigative use on December 14, 2020):

Yet, the VAERS record for Covid-19 injuries and deaths at the time of reporting only documented the following data:

THE CDC UNDER REPORTED COVID 19 VACCINE INJURIES BY 89% FOR THE FIRST SIX WEEK TIME PERIOD AND DEATHS BY 73%! ( this number may be higher as we do not know if all available reports for this time period have been entered into the system)

As of January 31, 2021, 30 million vaccinations had been administered. This drastically changes the incidence rating to a much higher percentage of injuries due to a much smaller pool of administered vaccines. The CDC is now attributing all vaccine injuries as if they occurred under the current number of administered vaccines. This is demonstrably FALSE.

The CDC has demonstrated that the agency is not providing full disclosure to the true numbers of injuries occurring with the current Covid-19 vaccination program with extensive evidence indicating the agency is also engaging in manipulation of testing protocols to influence infection rate numbers.

The public must immediately demand a full release of all available VAERS data and full release of date of submission for all reports. The media must stop acting as stenographers for public health official talking points and provide objective review of government health organizations own data documenting severe testing flaws and vaccine safety problems.

How many injuries have been actually reported to VAERS? How many deaths? The behavior of withholding evidence public shows the top agency for protecting public health doesn't want the public to know.

Recommended Reading:

Please help Unite4Truth get out this important public health information. The site remains under severe censorship, PLEASE email and share everywhere. We thank you for all you do!

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