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CDC Dismisses Credible Evidence Covid-19 Vaccine Harm, Anaphylactic Rates Reported 120x Higher

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

-Anaphylactic shock estimated to be occurring up to rates ONE HUNDRED TWENTY TIMES higher VAERS CDC according to Mass General Bingham Study

-CDC Directs Against Receiving mRNA Pfizer & Moderna Vaccine if allergic to Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), 72% of Population estimated to have PEG Antibodies, 8% at levels which May Induce Anaphylactic Shock upon exposure, Most Completely Unaware of PEG Sensitivity Due to Use in Many Common Self Care Products

-CDC has paused administration of Johnson & Johnson vaccination in the US due to blood clotting issues

Below, highlights of some of the severe Covid-19 vaccine safety concerns and a review of four VAERS reports that actively contradict CDC claims that the VAERS data shows 'no evidence' of correlation to post Covid-19 vaccine deaths

The facts:

-All Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccinations halted by CDC after several individuals developed severe, lethal blood clots post vaccination. This follows reports of over 15 million J&J Covid-19 vaccinations contaminated with AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine active ingredient (AstraZeneca was pulled in many European countries due to same blood clotting concerns, and is not approved for US use) This is in addition to individuals experiencing strokes and other serious and lethal post vaccination responses. Over 54 deaths post Johnsnon & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine now reported, 19 within minutes to 24 hours post vaccine.

-Moderna & Pfizer Covid-19 Vaers data report document similar post vaccination blood disorders with dozens of individuals developing thrombocytopenia after vaccination with the mRNA products along with stroke and cerebral vascular accidents. CDC is denying any correlation between Covid-19 vaccination deaths & blood disorders despite significant evidence correlating development of rare disorders to vaccine due toe 'lack of medical certainty'

-Mass General Bingham study determined post Moderna & Pfizer Covid-19 anaphylactic reactions occurring at up to 120 times rate reported to CDC VAERS data. The study estimates anaphylactic reactions occurring at rates of 2.47 per 10,000 . This data demonstrates mandated reporters are not submitting reactions as required flagging concerns other vaccine adverse events are falling under the radar.

-FDA launched Emergency Use Only Mass Covid-19 Vaccination Program without

-CDC continues to deny any correlations between anaphylactic death occurring to Covid-19 vaccinations despite the public health organization implementing extensive protocols for anaphylaxis monitoring and response due to serious concern for the reaction. Average time for anaphylactic reaction to occur post vaccine is 17 minutes.

-Moderna & Pfizer have a CDC contraindication for vaccination for Polyethylene Glycol(PEG) sensitivity. Up to 72% of the population has antibodies for PEG,

Most individuals are unaware of PEG antibodies and attribute sensitivities to product reaction (in soaps, cosmetics, shampoos, toothpaste, etc). Screening process for potential reactions only includes for evaluation of known PEG sensitivity or reaction after first Moderna & Pfizer vaccination. There is no screening procedure for the majority of individuals who are unaware of preexisting antibodies and allergic sensitivity to Polyethylene Glycol. This poses a significant safety risk for the public, and potential liability issues for vaccine administrators who have no effective means for screening for PEG sensitivity

Below, review of four VAERS CDC reported deaths with serious reaction within minutes to hours post Covid-19 vaccination. A total of 794 deaths have now been documented within minutes to hours post Covid-19 vaccines. Over 3,000 deaths have now been recorded post Covid-19 vaccination


Anaphylactic Reaction: One hours Reaction Time Post Covid-19 Moderna Vaccination: Death within hours

A 64 year old woman who developed severe shortness of breath within one hour post vaccination, ems activated and administered three medications utilized for anaphylactic shock (epinephrine, methylprednisolone, and diphenhydramine) & intubated at hospital and subsequently died - doctors notes and labs attached to report

CDC determination: No evidence of correlation to vaccine


Anaphylactic Reaction, On-set post Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Reaction Time, 22 Minutes:

In another case, a 69 year old woman received the Moderna vaccination in Florida and went into 'massive anaphylactic reaction' (per medical notes) 22 minutes later (studies indicate average duration to post anaphylactic onset, 17 minutes )

"She experienced shortness of breath, blood pressure skyrocketed, and loss of consciousness. She was taken to the emergency room. The patient had a brain aneurysm and never recovered. No treatment information was provided. The patient died on 04 Jan 2021. The cause of death was reported as brain aneurysm" Full VAERS NOTE

CDC Determination: No Evidence Correlation of Death to Vaccine

VAERS Report 3:

Anaphylactic Reaction, Rapid Pulmonary Edema (per ER doctor notes), Onset 20 minutes post Pfizer vaccination:

A 58 year old African American woman went into severe respiratory distress post Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination, doctors note state Rapid Pulmonary Edema. Died later same day. Official VAERS report with provider notes:

CDC DETERMINATION: Refused to assign cause of death, deemed no autopsy necessary, public health officials and Virginia press secretary met to write media narrative out of concern for 'vaccine hesitancy' in black community according to emails.

Drene Keyes (VAERS REPORT ABOVE) Love& Light to Keyes Family


Onset Hours post Jannsen Johnson & Johnson Covijd-19 vaccination, Rapid Pulmonary Edema, Treating Physician Notes 'Vaccine Compliaction, Intubation, Life Support Removed Two Days Later

83 year old woman with chart symptoms congruent with Anaphylactic reaction: provider noted ""excessive pulmonary edema in airway, unfavorable anatomy, and airway swelling."" Suspected insult stemming from J&J COVID vaccination reaction."

CDC determination, no evidence Covid-19 vaccination correlated to death

Below is the official statement from the CDC on Vaers Data Reports, citing NO EVIDENCE CONTRIBUTED to ANY DEATH of the now over 3,00o post vaccination Covid-19 deaths. Over 700 hundred occurred within minutes to hours post vaccination, 1/3 occurred within 48 hourse, over half within 7 days:

"VAERS received 3,005 reports of death (0.00158%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports. A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths. CDC and FDA will continue to investigate reports of adverse events, including deaths, reported to VAERS.

Despite the CDC proclamation that none of the CDC VAERS data reveals ANY EVIDENCE of correlation of deaths to vaccines, a brief review of available VAERSdata indicates the opposite.

Over 41% of ALL deaths ever reported to the VAERS CDC system are now attributed to Covid-19 vaccinations, and have occurred in a less than four month time span.

The CDC is utilizing plausible deniability to state all post Covid-19 vaccination deaths are unrelated to the vaccine while continuing to utilize faulty Covid-19 testing with recommendation protocols that generate mass false positive results by default.

Third party intervention looks to be required to gain true oversight into vaccination safety and to gain accountability by government officials for the continued use of severely flawed testing methods that are not suitable for the virus the tests are employed to diagnosis according to medical peer review.

The public needs to engage in a direct objective review of data and stop ceding blind trust to government officials who are failing to account for massive evidence of testing problems and vaccine safety being documented by the public health organizations and vaccine trial data. As much as the public health officials and media emphasize science, the complete inconsistency of the Covid-19 narrative indicates science is the not the guiding principle in instituting Covid-19 health directives.

The government's own public health institution data and evidence now contradicts the government Covid-19 narrative .

It is long past time for accountability. It will be up to the citizens to demand it.

For extensive source and data - please review petition from Health Professionals for Covid-19 Policy Correction:

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Susan Robens
Susan Robens
Apr 26, 2021

Crazy and their recent study (in the US) excluded folks who were prone to allergies, and why? 1) they knew that it could harm them and 2) it would not provide the desired results. The research is tainted and not based on science.

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