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Health Professionals Are Failing the Public in Refusal to Review Covid-19 Evidence, Course Correct

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

-Statement to Health Professionals & Leadership

For documentation for all statements made in this blog, please go HERE and visit the blog for much more in depth discussion and source review on all matters related to Covid-19:

Statement to the Community and Health Care Professionals:

Unite4Truth formed as a resource to provide objective review of fact for Covid-19 policy, research, and health directives.

Objective and non partisan review of information is central to understanding any story or issue, not just the Covid-19 narrative.

In writing this blog, it has become very clear that the largest impediment to course correction on the policy directives for Covid-19 (and every other major challenge facing the US and the world right now) is not simply one of lack of accurate information provided in the context of the real world implications.

There is a severe cognitive dissonance occurring right now and, unfortunately this is occurring the strongest in those who have been most validated & rewarded through compliance to a broken system.

In the past year, I have watched incredibly educated and well intentioned people in my family and community succumb to irrationality and fear in response to the Covid-19 propaganda campaign that has been weaponized against the American public.

This reaction is not surprising. We live in a society, where in order to 'succeed', one must often put aside ethics and reason and jump through hoops like show dogs to gain advancement and promotion. Profit motive over human welfare has been a core factor driving the degradation of professional ethics for decades, enhanced by technological developments that have dehumanized our interactions.

I can apply this premise to my experience in nursing school. I originally obtained my license over thirty years ago in associate degree program (going onto to complete a BSN years later). The majority of our time in nursing classes was spent learning to write care plans for patients. The reason we did this was to 'differentiate' our profession from doctors. Nurses were fed up with being viewed as 'doctor's helpers' and so the leadership was determined to develop definitions and parameters to legitimize our profession in the academic and public eye.

Most of the rest of the time was spent teaching us how to correctly answer multiple choice questions to pass our NCLEX test. This involved learning how to differentiate between two 'right' answers and picking the one that is the most correct.

Unfortunately, this need for validation and teaching to the test severely interfered with educating new nurses on how to actually provide patient care. Nursing theory replaced the apprenticeship type programs that taught nurses the necessary skills to implement procedures. As a result, many who graduated the program felt entirely unprepared to actually to implement real world skills upon graduation.

This teaching of theory also did not go far to teach critical thinking to problem solve around problems in the real world. This was over thirty years ago, and the automatization has likely compounded the problem. My class was the last to take our NCLEX examines with pencil and paper, and IV automated drips were just arriving on the market.

I find it unsurprising many nurses (and other health care professionals) taught in this system are championing nonsensical policies that are unethical, unscientific, and violate all four basic ethical principles listed in the nursing code of ethics. Objective analysis & questioning of the policies are not occurring from leadership, and there is an active resistance to questioning public health organization policies (even when the public health organization's own data contradicts and disproves public health official narratives as evidenced throughout the posts on this site).

Nurses (and every other health professional) are rewarded for conformity. Compliance is expected, validated, and rewarded.

This is one of the reasons why health professionals are now promoting policies that have been extensively documented to inflicting individual and public health harm. For health care professionals to question and refuse compliance around unscientific and nonsensical Covid-19 directives is to against academic conditioning, training, and reward systems that validate compliance.

However, if health care workers want to retain professional integrity and adherence to ethical and licensing standards which are based on the foundation on nonmaleficence ('do no harm'), this is precisely what is required in this moment in history.

While we all should hold deep compassion for the horrible position in which health care professionals have been placed, I am also beyond fed up with the arrogance and utter abdication of ethics and integrity by health professional leadership at every level (local, state, and national) organizations which have acted as a champions of policies that have degraded the profession and seriously jeopardized the health of patients and health care workers alike.

For example, the evidence clearly demonstrates that faulty testing not 'asymptomatic' transmission is responsible for majority of individuals testing positive for Sars CoV-2. However, this has not stopped health care leadership from pushing this unnecessary and degrading policies onto workers and patients including forced masking and testing.

Forced testing with methods found by credible peer review and international courts to be useless for detection of the virus has been status quo. The FDA has recalled tens of millions of these tests due to severe flaws and contamination issues. Where is the concern for employee health and safety through the use of these tests (often entailing nasopharnygeal swabbing, a MEDICAL procedure)?

This testing has literally been determined to be 'useless' by international peer review and courts. This is not a 'debate of opinion'. The FDA, WHO, & public health statements all verify the International Consortium of Science expert peer review findings. The FDA determination to end Emergency Use Authorization of PCR testing in December of this year is likely a result of the ICS panel submitting request for retraction of the paper on which the PCR testing is based.

Despite this finding, public health officials and mainstream & independent media alike, STILL talk in terms of creating policy based on fatally corrupted research. Nonsensical narratives of 'break through cases' and asymptomatic transmission are made on the basis of testing USELESS for diagnosis for Covid-19.

Masking policies make no sense in the context of the evidence.

And, now, health care institutional leadership is violating the Nuremberg code in instituting vaccine mandates for emergency, investigative use Covid-19 inoculations. And, to be very clear, even if the FDA goes against scientific and ethical standard and allows approval of drugs that should have never been released for public use, this approval will not

represent credible scientific study and research review by the FDA. It will simply be a measure to bypass EUA restrictions that are now preventing the government from forcing these harmful and unnecessary drugs on American citizens. The approval will have no scientific legitimacy. It's a parody of science.

Contacts to academic and health care leadership as well as state licensing organizations to flag serious and credible evidence with severe problems with Covid-19 testing and vaccine safety have been near universally ignored and dismissed with most leadership unwilling to even LOOK at the data. The same has been true of media and policy makers contacts. The American Nursing association was contacted on multiple occasions and leadership never returned our phone calls.

If people wonder how so many experts could be wrong around Covid-19 issues - THIS is the reason:

There is little to no oversight by health care leadership, media or policy makers on Covid-19 health directives dictated by public health officials who are going against their agencies own DATA in implementing policies around the virus. And, efforts by underlings to flag these problems are met with dismissal or professional retribution and media scorn. (A thank you to every health professional and scientist who has stood up and attempted to inject reason into this discussion whether in your own workplace or on a national level. THANK YOU).

Additionally, professional leadership organizations are awash in pharmaceutical grants and 'partnerships' with corporate donors buying influence in leading health professional organizations Pfizer is a silver level donor and corporate round table member of the American Medical Association.

This is a moment of reckoning. It does not matter one wit, if any individual reading this believes this writing. Not being known does not stop the truth from being true, and policies based on manipulation and bad science will translate to the sort of unfolding disaster we are now seeing in the real world.

To the health professional leadership, I ask you, how do you ethically justify promoting new Covid-19 inoculations which are generating record reports of injury in the first six months of release and based on trials severely flawed through the use of testing credible peer review research has deemed 'useless' for detection of Sars CoV-2?

How do you justify implementing policies that mandate these drugs? (And, let's be clear, mandate is another word for FORCE, as it is using economic blackmail to coerce compliance, yet another violation of the Nuremberg code)?

The policies of Covid-19 have been policies of cruelty and degradation rationalized on severely flawed science and research that does NOT meet the minimum standards for

informing individual and public health policy. A basic review of research studies quickly reveal severe problems with trial design and methodology. One does NOT need to be a expert or hold a PhD to review research to ensure it adheres to basic standards for credibility. If you have not done so, I invite you to do it. The research trials being used to rationalize current Covid-19 policy are so flawed in basic trial design parameters, one could not submit them for inclusion in a Nursing 101 Research class for class presentation.(no control group, too small sample size, huge monetary and political conflicts of interest, too short duration of study, sweeping conclusions that actively disregard other parameters, use of testing unsuitable for diagnosis and measurement of end point outcomes, etc).

And, we have now descended to such a low where our top 'experts' are actively claiming safety and efficacy on new technology Covid-19 inoculations on the premise of LACK of evidence. There are perpetual false claims that Covid-19 new technology therapy drugs (NOT vaccines) are the most studied "vaccines' in history despite circumnavigating the usual review process by a period of eight to twelve YEARS! Drugs approved on the basis of FALSE public health emergency. Oxford health studies document the overwhelming majority of individuals will not experience symptoms with a positive PCR test (due to FDA cycle amplification rate flaws NOT asymptomatic infection. The WHO documents the severity of Covid-19 attributed infection as the same or less than other seasonal respiratory viruses.

Irrevocable and substantial individual and public health harm is occurring due to these measures. Health care workers have a moral, legal, and ethical duty to challenge polices creating unnecessary and extensive public health harms.

It is clear that objective information provided in context to the real world implications of Covid-19 policies is only going to get us so far.

What is needed is EACH individual deciding to act from a place of integrity, truth, and COURAGE...what is required is overcoming cognitive dissonance and facing the fear of what all of this implies.

It is frightening what is going on. It is meant to be. Fear-induction is a powerful tool to overcome reason and suppress dissent. It is very hard to act from a strong and moral place when one is being ruled by the limbic system.

I implore every health care professional to act from their place of highest integrity and courage right now. There is NO shame in being wrong, only in dogged refusal to admit error and course correct.

Ending this post with a incredibly well written and thoughtful letter from a NHS nurse who has decided to give up her licensure rather than continuing to enact unscientific Covid-19 policies against her ethical standards read by a commentator - click on photo for site to view video).

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