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UK Media Diverts from Elderly Nursing Home Euthanasia Scandal w Matt Hancock Video, London Protests

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

From the blanket ordering of DNRS to the mass use of contaminated test kits later recalled due to safety problems to the mass administration of lethal drug cocktails in care homes around the is clear government Covid-19 nursing/care home policies resulted in mass public health harm to our elderly. When will the public demand a full independent investigation into what happened to our most frail and vulnerable citizens in 2020? This is not 'conspiracy, the issues are extensively documented by government public health organizations own data and credible medical experts & journals. The media is using a 'look over there' strategy to protect the crumbling Covid-19 policy narrative. Don't let it work.


Covid-19 lethal drug cocktail directly contributed to care home deaths in 2020:

“It’s active euthanasia, to say the least"..........Yngve Gustafsson, a geriatrics specialist at Umea University, on the use of midazolam and morphine administered in Sweden's nursing homes in Spring of 2020.

This drug administration policy was not limited to Sweden, and it is now documented that administration of Midazolam (a powerful sedative and respiratory depressant) increased by 100% last April in UK care homes. Matt Hancock was facing increasing calls for accountability for UK Covid-19 care home policies by family members right before the release of a video showing him kissing a secretary diverted from the growing scandal:

Whistleblower letter released last fall:

Important and must read companion articles:

The latest:

Is it sheer coincidence that when the public eye turns to the mass global nursing & care home deaths that occurred at the height of the Covid-19 crisis, the politicians in charge are suddenly immersed in sex scandals?

After the public began to demand accountability for the role New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's care home policies played in nursing home deaths during the height of the Covid-19 attributed crisis, headlines around the scandal were quickly replaced with story after story of women accusing the Governor of inappropriate sexual advances.

Now, the media in the UK has created a firestorm with the release of a video showing UK Chief Health Secretary kissing his secretary. The media leaped on the scandal and feigned outrage at Hancock breaking social distancing rules against his own Covid-19 policy directives. The shamed Secretary has now resigned with the following statement:

"In a resignation letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Hancock said the government owed it "to people who have sacrificed so much in this pandemic to be honest when we have let them down."

"And those of us who make these rules have got to stick by them and that's why I've got to resign," he wrote.

The media's demand for blood around Hancock makes little sense because it is widely documented that key political and public health officials have openly flaunted their own rules since the very beginning of the orders, yet there has been no universal cries for resignation coming from the press. The recent G-7 summit showed world leaders openly flouting their own rules and engaging in ridiculous photo ops showing distancing. As soon as the cameras were off, the pretense was immediately abandoned:

Here is the staged photo-op at the top of summit's twitter page:

Here is how the 'leaders' actually behaved when the cameras were off:

The media's 'outrage' over Hancock's breaking social distancing appears to be nothing more than a contrived manipulation to throw the public a bone and placate citizens outrage over the giant middle finger world leaders gave the public at the G-7 summit, by totally acting outside of their own Covid-19 distancing orders.

Much more importantly, however, this story diverts away from the growing pressure Hancock faced for UK Covid-19 care home policies that experts are stating contributed to elderly deaths.

A story published 29 days ago in The Guardian documented families were demanding accountability for care home policies instituted under the Chief UK Health Secretary:

On June 9, the Guardian released another story:

And, while these stories actively divert away from the real policies of concern (arguing lack of testing and placement of elderly in care homes as core problem instead of addressing policies of withholding care, administering dangerous sedative cocktails of morphine & midazolam, and instituting mass military testing of vulnerable with tests now known to have significant contamination issues); the media's efforts to prop up Hancock as the scapegoat for harmful government Covid-19 policies in care homes shows leadership is worried about the public demand for real accountability for what happened in the Spring of 2020. The timing of the Hancock secretary video is extremely suspect.

"Retired neurologist Professor Patrick Pullicino, who was instrumental in raising concerns a decade ago that the Liverpool Care Pathway was bringing forward patients’ deaths, believes the jump indicated something similar had happened. He said: ‘Midazolam depresses respiration and it hastens death. It changes end-of-life care into euthanasia.’

Prof Pullicino also claims that an official flow-chart intended to help health workers decide

if people sick with Covid-19 were suitable for intensive care wrongly consigned those deemed too frail to end-of-life care.That meant, he suggested, that some were not taken to hospital even though they could have been helped by doing so.

‘Certainly there have been more [unavoidable] deaths because of Covid-19,’ he claimed. ‘But to me this flow-chart encouraged use of end-of-life sedation with midazolam – effectively resulting in euthanasia pathways.’

What Role Did Covid-19 Contaminated Tests Contribute to Public Health Injury in 2020?

The extensive global contamination of Covid-19 testing kits and devices has been extensively documented by government public health organizations & mainstream media sources. Over 265 Covid-19 testing kits & devices compromising tens of millions of tests have been recalled by the FDA at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars since the inception of the testing program in the Spring 2020. Over 8 million Covid-19 test kits were recalled in May alone, and it is now status quo for tests to be recalled only weeks after initial public release.

Full story on the severe flaws & contamination issues HERE:

Products made by diagnostics firm Randox removed from care homes and individuals

"Hundreds of thousands of unused coronavirus testing kits are being recalled by the government due to safety concerns.

The packs have been sent out by healthcare giant Randox to care homes and individuals throughout the pandemic.

But on Saturday morning the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency asked the company to recall up to 750,000 of the kits after safety issues emerged.

Exactly what those issues are has not been revealed but it is understood the Department for Health and Social Care has asked for the sterility of some swabs to be independently verified".

3/4 of a million swabs were removed due to safety concerns around contamination of Covid-19 testing nasal swabs, & most media failed to ask:

WHAT contaminants were present on the swab?

What were the specific safety concerns with the use of the tests?

What documented injuries were associated with use of this unsafe testing?

What adjustment to Covid-19 public health case numbers should be made due to the use of compromised testing unsuitable for accurate diagnosis of Covid-19 infections?

How many tests were administered before the recall?

The citizens of the UK care far more about getting real answers to these urgent questions rather than stories about Matt Hancock groping his secretary.

(Despite citizen outrage, Randox was given another 347 million pound UK government Covid-19 testing contract with Matt Hancock directly funneling over 500 million pounds worth of government contracts to the corporation)

Matt Hancock Tours Randox Lab:

It is clear that the British citizens have had enough with a London protest on 6/26/2021 with hundreds of thousands of citizens coming out to express outrage against government betrayal and medical totalitarian policy:

London , yesterday:

Interview with London Protestors:

Please help us get out this information, Unite4Truth is under severe censosrship, email and share on all available social media sites.

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Susan Bates
Susan Bates
Jun 29, 2021

This is just heart breaking . This is also proof of the evil being committed by the Governments of the free world against the people . These so called officials have blood on their hands doing the bidding of the Globalists and their population control on the human race . Greed has no bounds for these evil doers . God help us all .

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Please share, the level of censorship is severely impeding our ability to reach more people. Thanks for caring


Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker
Jun 29, 2021

THank you for sharing the truth! May we prevail!

Replying to

Truth WILL Prevail.


Susan Robens
Susan Robens
Jun 28, 2021

How can this have zero comments? Wow. We have lost our minds and I bet none of the leaders will be held accountable. Imagine being a witness to this trauma, feeling helpless and have zero hope in making any difference. My mom passsed in a nursing home just before the pandemic, now I thank God for his mercy to her. (and us). My heart breaks as the women in the video.

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The site is under severe censorship on multiple levels. Please share on as many available forums as possible and encourage others to do the same. Direct email is encouraged. We need community members to help get out the word.

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