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Videos & Photos You Won't See on MSM: Global Day of Protests, Truth Rising, Unity Among People

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Truth IS Prevailing and the People ARE Triumphing:

On Bended Knee Is No Way To Be Free........

The People are RISING! Freedom Rallies Around the World - Governments and media are losing the narrative because all they have to offer is fear, misinformation, and bullying. The public health officials and media are projecting their violations against individual and public health onto anyone who speaks truth against mass misinformation which is destroyed by the government public health organization's own data.

It is imperative to remember you will NEVER see what is actually happening on the ground with the People on networks owned by billionaires (Covid-19 vaccination sales have newly minted nine new billionaires, American media companies (all 'sides') are owned by 15 billionaires).

People are breaking through media induced cognitive dissonance to unite in courage and truth. Reject calls for global 'civil war' and unite in truth, love, and forgiveness.

Update October 15:

Beautiful Speech by Italian Police Officer: Dissidence is a Duty

Update: September 23, 2021

Physician Whistleblower: Lockdowns Timed - Public Manipulation Pandemic interventions fueling hospital collapse not Covid:

France: Doctors/Nurses Burning Diplomas & Lab Coats in Protest of Vaccination

Nurse calls out unethical behavior of health professionals against non-vaccinated:

Nurses March:

Abusers never grant permission to leave their control, this woman gets it: Beautiful!

New Footage: Update September 8, 2021:

Canada Calgary Firefighters Silent Protest: Powerful

New York City: Wake Up New York Chant Vaccine Mandate Protest:

NYC: No Mandate:

Australia Silent Protest: Vaccine Mandates, Covid Passports

France Rising (money on France for being first country to drive this out)

France LIBERTY - Protest Mandated Vaccine Shopping

Italy September 4, 2021:

New Footage: Update August 23, 2021: Make NO Mistake, The People ARE and WILL Win:

Youth Protestors Protest Covid-19 Propaganda Campaign, Demand End to Lies

UK Google Protest: Citizens Demand End to Media Silencing, Lies

Courageous Australian Politician Stands with People, Demands END to Tyranny:

National Truck Protest in Australia As They Plan to BLOCK Access to Every Highway in Nation (they warned people to stock up)

Here is the announcement of this protest, multiple videos from different truckers have appeared on social media for the past few days

Despite threats of multi-thousand dollar fines and prison sentences, Australians marched from all over the country:



New South Wales/Queensland Borders Blocked by Military: Citizens from Border Areas Show Up On Each Side and UNITE:

New Music Calling Out Truth: Favorite Video of Reaction By Real People to Tom McDonald's Brainwashed -

New Footage: Updated August 13, 2021:

SOLUTION: Mass Peaceful Non-Compliance: Chris Skye Speaker

Just Say No, Montreal: August 14.

Italian Vaccinated Citizens Burn Vaccine Passports in Solidarity with Non Vaccinated, More Unity! GO Italy!

France, August 7:

Police Join Protestors Against Covid-19 Policies in Italy, March with Them:

August 7, Police MARCH with Citizens in Paris France in Opposition to Covid-19 Policies

Spain: We Don't Need No Education

Excellent speech on courage and living free: (media operatives have called this common sense logical approach to not destroy our lives over a attributed Covid-19 virus with same morbidity rates as other seasonal illness a 'unhinged rant' - the only thing unhinged is those promoting total subjugation and control on authoritarian medical policy)

Nashville Father Schools the School Board on Mask Mandates:

San Diego Woman Stands Up:

Full San Diego Speaker (start video at 2:31:00) Calls for Resignation, Hours of Citizen Pushback: HUGE PUSHBACK

Parents Call Out the Cruelty and Non Science of Mask Mandates: (no rationalizing with sociopaths who sold out for pay-off - peaceful mass unified non-compliance). Bless them.

Citizen Confronts the Vax Bus Staff: Staff Didn't Know About UK Government Data Base, Told Man 'Uninterested' in data, accused him of propaganda without looking at evidence: Brave man STANDS UP!

Australian Senator Eviscerates State Medical Martial Law, Calls Out PCR Test Manipulation:

New York City Protest Deblasio's Draconian Unconstitutional Medical Segregation Mandate:


New Music: Speaking Truth: Wonderful Lukas, TY!


Remember ALWAYS, you are NOT alone. Truth IS Prevailing. Thoughts create reality, KNOW IT:

Toronto Again:

Montpelier Vermont, May 15, 2021 Community Freedom Picnic - End of Day Joining Hands

London, Protest of Media, BBC May 15, 2021

London Protest (Great One 8x Speed - Day of Freedom, Estimated Million Attended!

Sign from London Day of Freedom March: True Words - More Photos HERE

Westminster Underground Station Full of Protestors, Watch as They Greet Each Other. YAY!

You Have No Power Over US:

Update: All Blogs featuring latest protest footage:

Scene from Labyrinth that goes with this picture: Abuser claiming benevolence, abused not having it. This ends when WE say it does:

Always remember WHY we fight. All it takes for evil to prevail in the world is for good men and women to do nothing:

And, remember the lessons of Oz;

For many more protest videos from all over the globe, see our last compilation post HERE

Thanks to all our readers and volunteers. Never stop living truth!


Truth IS Prevailing. Truth is WINNING.

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