Videos & Photos You Won't See on MSM: Global Day of Protests, Truth Rising, Unity Among People

Our bloggers were on a much needed break, so this is a bit late but wanted to share!

The People are RISING! Freedom Rallies Around the World in May- Governments and media are losing the narrative because all they have to offer is fear, misinformation, and bullying. It is imperative to remember you will NEVER see what is actually happening on the ground with the People on networks owned by billionaires (Covid-19 vaccination sales have newly minted nine new billionaires, American media companies (all 'sides') are owned by 15 billionaires). People are breaking through media induced cognitive dissonance to unite in courage and truth.

Remember ALWAYS, you are NOT alone. Truth WILL Prevail. Know it.

Toronto Again:

Montpelier Vermont, May 15, 2021 Community Freedom Picnic - End of Day Joining Hands

London, Protest of Media, BBC May 15, 2021

London Protest (Great One 8x Speed - Day of Freedom, Estimated Million Attended!

Sign from London Day of Freedom March: True Words - More Photos HERE

Westminster Underground Station Full of Protestors, Watch as They Greet Each Other. YAY!

You Have No Power Over US:

Scene from Labyrinth that goes with this picture: Abuser claiming benevolence, abused not having it. This ends when WE say it does:

Always remember WHY we fight. All it takes for evil to prevail in the world is for good men and women to do nothing:

And, remember the lessons of Oz;

For many more protest videos from all over the globe, see our last compilation post HERE

Massive Rallies World Wide Against Covid 19 Lockdowns, Video Compilation, People Uniting Globally

Thanks to all our readers and volunteers. Never stop living truth!

Truth WILL Prevail

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