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Join date: Jul 17, 2021


44.8 YEARS doing law, without a bar card, (under Murdock v Pennslavia,)

besides there must not have been ANY court cases between 1776 and 1812 when the AMA Poffied into being! OR Hundred or more YEARS without any "bar carders? WOE, how'd they exist without UM?

I'd publish my site but to many rather take down a site than LEARN Common LAW aka, Common Logic.

I've won 2 of 2 Federal RICO Criminal Actions and going to WIN the next few also!

I do forensic legal RESEARCH and have 5000 Peer Reviewed, Medical Studies that RF RADIATION causes 122 Different, even deadly side effects, including all the sypmptoms of the patented (first of 20, in 2003,) Covid-19 virus!

SO... that's part of what I DO!

I teach DIY LAW, via having others work on my free cases, so they can teach other by doing their own RICO CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS!

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