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Best & Worst of the Week in Covid: From Freedom Protests to Andrew Cuomo's A Vaccine in Every Arm

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The best and worst of humanity was on full display this week.

*Note: feature of individuals/groups for brave acts does not necessarily correlate to lock-step agreement on every position expressed from Unite4Truth - there is a diversity of opinions within the truth movement and our goal is to highlight the best acts of honesty and courage and hold those perpetuating the worst acts accountable. Unite4truth is non partisan and does not identify with any party affiliation.

Best Truth Compilation Video Award (TIE): Dr Sam Bailey, Once Upon A Time In Wuhan:

Unite 4 Truth Blog on Virus Isolation Issue may be viewed HERE - there is NOTHING 'conspiratorial' about verification efforts to confirm proper isolation & sequencing of Sars CoV-2, its called 'follow the science'. Individuals who are reviewing the isolation and sequencing are NOT stating that research studies were not done, individuals are reviewing scientific validity of research methodology. In the old days, it was called 'peer review'.

Best Truth Compilation Video (Tie): Philphinex, Bitchute (Brutal)

(If you are unfamiliar with DNR & medical 'treatment' orders which several doctors have equated to 'effective euthanasia' in elderly & disabled in 2020, please read posts HERE & HERE before watching this video for full discussion of the issues with source documentation)

Original Video link HERE:

Best: Individual with Integrity Award:

World Freedom Day 2021 - Dublin, Ireland - Niall McEvoy Speech (stepped down to discriminatory Covid-19 mandates)

Best: Most Charming & Wonderful Summation of Reality by a Youth Truth Teller Award, Elisabeth, Birmingham:

Best: Best Use of Satire to Point Out the Obvious - The Babylon Bee

Best Display of Unity:

All Honest Participants of World Freedom Day Protests: (boo to the incitement plants)

ITALY The banners says "get big pharma out of the state: no to multinationals"

Italian Police Officers Take Off Helmets, Walk in Solidarity with Protestors

Paris, France World Freedom Day MASSIVE:

Macron France:

Freedom Protests Occurred in Over 175 locations. The majority of media black outed the largest protest by the people of France in HISTORY:

France Hospital on Indefinite Strike Over Vaccine Mandates:

(French Interview)

Sydney Australia:

This Week's WORST:

Worse Use of Bully Tactics from the Wheel of Domestic Abuse by a Politician/s:


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Vaccine in Every Arm: Coercion, Intimidation, Dominance:

New York Mayor Bill Deblasio Advocates Breaking Nuremberg International Law to Mandate Covid-19 Therapy Drugs: (Coercion, Intimidation, Dominance, Economic Abuse, Blaming, Using Children)

Wheel of Abuse:

Knock on Doors, Put Them in a Car, Coerce Against Nuremberg Code International Law to Inject Every Person with Emergency Investigative Use Therapy Drug (not a vaccine)

Bill Deblasio Advocates Breaking Nuremberg Code to Force Covid-19 Therapy Drugs on Public:

Worst Use of Bully Thug Tactics from the Domestic Wheel of Abuse by Health Professionals (Using Children, Coercion, Threats, Intimidation, Emotional Abuse, Dominance:

UK Nurses Threatening New Parents with (Safe Gard Team) Social Services for Refusing to Allow Discredited PCR Nasopharyngeal Medical Procedure to New Born Infant, Bullying High Risk Pregnant Woman:

(violation of nursing ethics and licensing standards, violation of Nuremberg Code, all tests Emergency Use Approved Only)

Worst Use of Bully Abuser Tactics from Domestic Wheel of Abuse, Overall

Pandemic of Unvaccinated, Coordinated political and media lie to justify medical segregation to allow violation of human rights against unvaccinated (i.e. 30s Germany redux):

(Note, Former FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, pictured in screen below is now on the Board of Directors of Pfizer)

The most vaccinated on country on earth, Israel:

Infection numbers are meaningless as the tests have been found by numerous experts and international courts of law to be unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2 - this bring us to the next worst award with links to full documentation on the testing issues:

Worst Media Black Out of the Week Award (Tie):

Media Black Out Largest Global Freedom Protests in History (see above)

Worst: Most Blatant Coordinated Social Media Propaganda Post of the Week Award:

Twitter, I Just Got Back from the ER.....Delta Variant Post

Worst: Most Blatant lie by a Public Health Official (this was a crowded field so congrats to this week's winner)

Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director, Vaccinated Spreading Covid-19 'Asymptomatically'

Theory of asymptomatic transmission debunked, evidence by WHO, CDC, and peer review research indicate individuals presenting without symptoms with a positive Covid-19 test (PCR, Antigen, or Antibody) are false positive tests due to testing recommendation errors & tests non-specific and unsuitable for diagnosis of Sars CoV2 infection. 90% of PCR tests were found to be false positives in three states that corrected for FDA CT error rate recommendations in studies featured in the New York Times last summer.

Mask argument is a red herring. Asymptomatic transmission is a documented fallacy. Testing has created majority false positive cases. Individuals are NOT ill or contagious. FDA set CT rates at levels experts are fully aware create false positives by default of the setting and STILL have not corrected the issue for unvaccinated individuals receiving PCR tests:

Full documentation and sources for those new to the issue may be viewed HERE & HERE.

That wraps up this week's round up of the best and worst, it is a given many 'bests' and 'worsts' didn't make the list due to time and space constraints. If you see a best or worst to be included in a future blog, just give us a shout at and be sure to join our mailing list for future update.

And, please SHARE. For some odd reason, the site has been targeted for censorship :)

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THANK you all here for your factual reporting!

Please allow me to expand on the "Mad Scientific" inventions of the Bio-techno field....."

So want to know the definition of "MAD SCIENTISTS" (plural.)? Mad as in-deranging, sp


"A scientist or inventor who is insane, especially one whose madness (intentionally or unintentionally) endangers himself, others, or the world. . . "


"Accordingly, a first aspect of the present invention is a method of assembling a recombinant viral genome by obtaining a set of subclones of the viral genome, wherein the termini of each subclones is a restriction site, and then ligating the subclones to form a recombinant viral genome. The genome is preferably a full-length viral genome th…

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