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Cease & Desist: Covid-19 Leadership Testing/Vaccines Policies Violate Licensing, Ethical Standards

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Mass Unified Non Compliance: WE HAVE THE NUMBERS:

FCC regulations also forbid media companies to report false information which harms public health.....

Blog is response to questions on how to stop employer mandates for testing and vaccine policy - documents to public health organization evidence of severe and significant Covid-19 testing flaws provided below

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The majority of focus for fighting mandates has been placed on civil liberties violations . This effort, however, requires a two pronged approach.

Forced Sars CoV2 testing & vaccine mandates are not just a civil liberties issue. Licensed health organizations and professionals have legal and ethical standards entities and individuals are required to meet, and violation of standards has legal consequences.

Unions standing together to present cease and desist letters and file lawsuits against ALL health authorities in issuing Covid-19 directives in violation of licensing and medical and scientific ethical standards will have huge leverage to stop mandates on the premise of liability for entities implementing policy against legal licensing standards.

The protection against liability for severely flawed and faulty testing and vaccination safety risks extend only to the pharmaceutical and testing manufacturers under EUA and government policy rules. This protection does not protect any individual or health organization issuing policy directives against public health organization evidence.

Licensed professionals have a high standard of responsibility and 'following orders' is not a defense for failure to review public health data from FDA, CDC, and WHO statement documenting significant and severe testing problems and vaccine safety issues. Emergency Use Authorization requires vigilant review of all new data for use of products which have not undergone normal safety review processes.

The emergency use Covid-19 testing (PCR, Antigen & Antibody) methods are extensively and publicly documented to be unsuitable for diagnosis of Sars CoV2 infection.

Forced mandates based on severely flawed testing and research trials invalidated through use of testing unsuitable to detect the virus violate ethical code and licensing laws. This includes orders to administer and receive vaccinations based on trials with corrupted and invalidated data.

Health organizations are in significant breach of legal and licensing standards in creating policies around forced testing unsuitable for detection of the virus testing is employed to detect. In effect, government public health organizations and health systems implementing testing and vaccine mandates based on testing unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2 have created orders forcing health professionals to violate licensing laws and ethical standards.

Health organizations charged with implementing medical procedures (including testing) have a legal and ethical responsibility to review policies to ensure organizations are in compliance with licensing board standards. Health organizations have failed to review WHO, CDC, & FDA updates documenting severe flaws with Emergency Use Authorized testing program including:

WHO Information Notice for IVD Users (PCR Testing Statement, December 14, 2020)

Nucleic acid testing (NAT) technologies that use real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for detection of SARS-CoV-2

This document outlines significant probability of false positive error with test and advises SYMPTOM presentation should be included in assessment of Sars CoV2 attributed diagnosis.

This document proves unsuitability for test for diagnosis of Sars CoV-2, testing was developed without virus isolate and guidelines admit a positive result does NOT mean individual is either contagious or symptomatic due to Sars CoV2 attributed infection, in essence making the test unsuitable to inform individual diagnosis and creation of individual care plans and public health policy:

• Test performance can be affected because the epidemiology and clinical spectrum of infection caused by 2019-nCoV is not fully known. For example, clinicians and laboratories may not know the optimum types of specimens to collect, and, during the course of infection, when these specimens are most likely to contain levels of viral RNA that can be readily detected.

• Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.

• The performance of this test has not been established for monitoring treatment of 2019-nCoV infection. • The performance of this test has not been established for screening of blood or blood products for the presence of 2019-nCoV.

• This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.


"Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2) of known titer (RNA copies/µL) spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen".

Credible peer review has deemed the RT PCR test useless for detection of Sars CoV2 due to 10 severe errors. International courts have ruled against government Covid-19 mandates based on the RT PCR test due to unsuitability of test to detect Sars CoV2.

Health agencies and organizations are utilizing severely flawed test for which the science paper on which it is based is on review for retraction, and FDA has announced EUA will not be renewed as of 12/31/2021:

Health agencies continue to use severely flawed testing with pending withdrawal of approval:

Reiner Fuellmich Cease and Desist Letter to Corman Drosten has significance for all health organizations implementing testing against scientific standards of practice as each agency has a responsibility to review EUA updates and ensure protocols are in compliance with all licensing standards:

“a PCR test is not suitable for diagnosis and therefore does not in itself say anything about the disease or infection of a person”.

“However, the Minister of Health uses a completely different, much broader case definition for Covid-19 diagnosis, which cannot be used to justify the prohibition of a meeting.

The FDA & state public health agencies have gone against scientific evidence in setting Cycle Amplification rates at levels which pick up dead non infectious material:

"There was no growth in samples with a Ct > 24"

CDC issued scientifically unsubstantiated orders for Sars CoV2 attribution which label non-infected persons a morbidity or infection case. CDC issued testing orders which will severely reduce false positives in vaccinated persons while resulting in false positives in unvaccinated persons, manipulation appear to be a strategy to tout success of vaccines based on manipulated case data.

Full evidence and direct CDC links in this blog post:

All Covid-19 testing has been documented as unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2 due to non specificity of test, test development without virus isolate of Sars CoV2, and testing recommendations for use which go against FDA standards for implementation.

SEVERE contamination & design flaw issues resulting in over 267 FDA recalls of Covid-19 testing kits and devices - with another significant FDA recall issued yesterday (8/9/2021) for another eleven Covid-19 testing kits (links to full FDA recall list in article below):

Latest recall of eleven Covid-19 test kits, millions recalled each month

Antigen Tests:

FDA issued statement on November 3, 2021 with guidance warning of up to 100% false positives when utilized in low incident populations (the state of the entire country before 'second wave' when antigen tests were shown to drive huge increases in cases but not corresponding illness and death:

  • Remember that positive predictive value (PPV) varies with disease prevalence when interpreting results from diagnostic tests. PPV is the percent of positive test results that are true positives. As disease prevalence decreases, the percent of test results that are false positives increase.

    • For example, a test with 98% specificity would have a PPV of just over 80% in a population with 10% prevalence, meaning 20 out of 100 positive results would be false positives.

    • The same test would only have a PPV of approximately 30% in a population with 1% prevalence, meaning 70 out of 100 positive results would be false positives. This means that, in a population with 1% prevalence, only 30% of individuals with positive test results actually have the disease.

    • At 0.1% prevalence, the PPV would only be 4%, meaning that 96 out of 100 positive results would be false positives.

    • Health care providers should take the local prevalence into consideration when interpreting diagnostic test results.

Antigen testing developed without necessary virus isolation for detection of Sars CoV2:

Full documentation of antigen issues included in this blog with public health organization and test manufacturer documentation:

Sars CoV2 Antibody testing equally flawed, antibody testing picks up antibodies from dozens of diseases and antibody development may occur up to weeks after illness has resolved:

"A positive result for the SARS-CoV-2 antibody is indicative of an acute or recent infection. A positive result may also be due to past or present infection with non-SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus strains, such as coronavirus hKU1, NL63, OC43 or 229E that cause a mild illness like the common cold"

Health officials are imperiling individual and public health through implementation of Covid-19 directives which extensive, credible, and widely public available public health organization evidence based on testing unsuitable for determination of individual infection and informing public health policy decisions (including ALL testing and vaccination directives).

Per CDC:

"In the event of a false positive result, risks to patients could include the following: a recommendation for isolation of the patient, monitoring of household or other close

contacts for symptoms, patient isolation that might limit contact with family or friends and may increase contact with other potentially COVID-19 patients, limits in the ability to work, delayed diagnosis and treatment for the true infection causing the symptoms, unnecessary prescription of a treatment or therapy, or other unintended adverse effects.".

Additionally, media companies should CEASE AND DESIST violation of FCC licensing regulation rules:

Broadcasting false content during news programming The FCC is prohibited by law from engaging in censorship or infringing on First Amendment rights of the press. It is, however, illegal for broadcasters to intentionally distort the news, and the FCC may act on complaints if there is documented evidence of such behavior from persons with direct personal knowledge. For more information, please see our consumer guide, Complaints About Broadcast Journalism

There has been mass public documented outreach by many individuals and organizations to provide documentation of significant issues with testing which undermine credibility of all Sars CoV2 data determined through severely flawed testing methods unsuitable for detection of virus.

Many of media outlets have REPORTED on testing issues documenting news organizations are fully aware of significant test problems, yet continue to report government generated Covid-19 infection and morbidity rates without caveat.

Continued reporting of Covid-19 case data and numbers and policy recommendations based on testing extensively documented as unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2 appear to place media outlets engaging in this reporting in violation of licensing standards.


“Physicians who generate and spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation are risking disciplinary action by state medical boards, including the suspension or revocation of their medical license. Due to their specialized knowledge and training, licensed physicians possess a high degree of public trust and therefore have a powerful platform in society, whether they recognize it or not. They also have an ethical and professional responsibility to practice medicine in the best interests of their patients and must share information that is factual, scientifically grounded and consensus-driven for the betterment of public health. Spreading inaccurate COVID-19 vaccine information contradicts that responsibility, threatens to further erode public trust in the medical profession and puts all patients at risk.”

The violations are being enacted by all who are pushing unnecessary and harmful masking, distancing, testing, and vaccination mandates onto health workers. Although, this clearly is meant to intimidate physicians into compliance with harmful Covid-19 health directives, the individuals in violation are the leadership making the threats. This statement can be turned around, and spotlighted right back at them. The science and data are against the policies of leadership, and any authority that acts to retaliate against doctors standing up to represent the interest of patient health is going against the guidance outlined above.

Video to share:

Health Professional Reveals Plan to Push Covid-19 Emergency in Broward County Florida BEFORE Outbreak:

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Hi I’m in uk

My sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer - The surgeon/doctor at hospital said she will have to vaccine. She doesn’t want it and without her consent can they cancel her surgery.

19 de dez. de 2021
Respondendo a

Sorry to here that about you sister....

FIRST...... "Get the book, used if need be, called "Back to Eden," by Jethro Kloss, and start at the "Herbs and Cooking" section, and skip the front part, until some other time!

1000s were "cured of every know disease," via following that regiment in that book, INCLUDING cancer, tumors, blood diseases, ETC, ETC, ETC ETC ETC.....

And go to ...

  1. The promotion of human rights and the monitoring of respect for those rights in its member countries are indeed the core work of the Council of Europe;

  2. Resolution 2361 (2021),; point

  3. 7.3.1 ‘to ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is not mandatory and that no one is under political,…

16 de ago. de 2021

Thank you all here!

  1. H.R.5546 - National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986

is the "Pretended" Law that "Supposedly" gave "someone, or group of someones some kind of FAKE "immunity" for GENOCIDE!

But, beside it NOT being Constitutional, neither state or FEDERAL, nor Internationally, IT has NO authority to grant any GENOCIDALIST any "get out of jail immunity" pass!

QUOTING PART B as in copied and pasted which 99 Plus Percent of all duh 1.2 Million Lawyers and Atornknees can't seem to READ, nor UNDERSTAND, and MOST all the "news gurus" can seem to actually "pronounce" these simple English words...

"Part B: Additional Remedies - Sets forth procedures under which the person who filed a petition for compensation under the…


If any of the readers of this website have any further information about the nationwide vaccine mandates protest planned for tomorrow (Wed. August 11), please post it here, and also share as widely as possible, including in "the real world" - i.e. put up posters and notices about it in public places, so as many people as possible know about it. Thanks!


There are huge holes in the "free from liability clause..." And so maybe, (at the moment) these murderers can't be sued for damages relating to covid vaccines... but they must be able to be sued for purposely misrepresenting scientific facts which result in suffering and death... These people have stepped outside the perimeters of legal protection, and should be able to be sued, and tried as criminals in court... Meaning, (for example) A Hospital executive can not mandate vaccines without openly presenting the risks and known knowledge of risks to employees... Anything less is purposely deceptive and criminal... and this would hold true with Main Stream Media, Google, Politicians, etc... The liability protection is for damages resulting from the vaccines...…

Respondendo a

I just called the NVIC on the phone, but I was unable to speak with anyone on the staff or in the office to find out the time of the nationwide vaccine mandates protest tomorrow. I'm waiting for a reply from them via email, and I'll post it ASAP.

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