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Massive Rallies World Wide Against Covid 19 Lockdowns, Video Compilation, People Uniting Globally

Contaminated Covid-19 Tests, Millions Removed from Market, Implicated in India Black Fungal Outbreak

Over Quarter Million Post Covid19 Vaccine Injuries, Near 5,000 Deaths Reported, Myocarditis in Teens

35,000 New Adverse Events, Over 4,400 Total Deaths Post Covid-19 Vaccine, 10,000+ Hospitalized

On Virus Isolation Method, Non-Specific Covid-19 Tests, New Drug Treatments for Covid-19 Infections

FDA Approves Pfizer Covid19 Vaccine 12-15 yr Despite Death, Hospitalizations in Teens Post Vaccine

Evidence Indicates CDC Manipulating Covid-19 PCR Testing, Provide False Evidence of Vaccine Efficacy

News: US Ships J&J Vaccination from Contaminated Plant Globally, Biden Proposes Health DARPA Agency:

News: California Investigating Multiple Deaths Post Moderna Covid 19 Vaccine, J&J New Deaths, MORE..

Covid-19 Vaccination Injury Reports Soar By Over 38,000 in One Week, CDC Risking Public Health

Autopsy: Drene Keyes Death Direct result Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine, Officials Deny, Engage in Cover Up

What Parents Should Know: Covid-19 Vaccinations Experimental New Technology, 1000 Reports Injury

Myocarditis Occurring Post Pfizer Moderna Covid19 Vaccination, 10,000s Cardiac Events US, UK, Europe

Doctor Breaks Gag Order: Speaks Publicly On Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Harm in First Nations Community:

Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine: Europeans & US Monitoring Flag SEVERE Safety Issues, Deaths

CDC Director Pushes Covid-19 Vaccine for Pregnant Women As Media Trumpets Flawed Study as Evidence

Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine : European & United States Reporting Systems Flag SEVERE Safety Issues

Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine : European & United States Reporting Systems Flag SEVERE Safety Issues

Media Not Exercising Due Diligence Reporting Covid 19 Case Numbers, Egregious Test Problems Ignored

CDC Dismisses Credible Evidence Covid-19 Vaccine Harm, Anaphylactic Rates Reported 120x Higher

Over 41% of ALL VAERS Vaccine Related Deaths EVER Reported are Attributed to Covid-19 Vaccines

Johnson & Johnson Clinics Shut Down After High Side Effect Rate, Covid19 Vaccine Recipients Fall Ill

Moderna, J&j, & Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccination: Same Blood Disorders, Cardiac Issues as AstraZeneca

Johnson & Johnson Put Active Ingredient of AstraZeneca vaccine in 15 Million of Its Covid-19 Vaccine

Media Features Mask Theatrics; Ignores Bombshell Israel Crimes Against Humanity Case Accepted At ICC (unite4truth.com)

Covid-19 Vaccines for Symptom Suppression; 86% Positive PCR for Covid-19 Have No Symptoms Anyway

Post Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Go Unreported, Un-investigated, Lack of Evidence is Not Proof of Safety


Italy Seize 400,000 Astrazeneca Vaccines/Manslaughter case, Moderna/Pfizer Produce Same Side Effect:


Norwegian Chief Physician/Professor: AstraZenca Vaccine Directly Correlated to Blood Clots, Death

Officials Met to Damage Control PR Spin Drene Keyes Post Covid-19 Vaccine Death, & Refused Autopsy


Stop Forced Covid-19 Antigen Testing in Schools, States Going AGAINST FDA Recommendations STRATEGY:




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