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Covid-19 Vaccines for Symptom Suppression; 86% Positive PCR for Covid-19 Have No Symptoms Anyway

The media, government, and public health officials push the necessity of mass vaccination with emergency use approved Covid-19 drugs for the suppression of symptoms of Covid-19 without telling the public most with a positive RT PCR test for Covid-19 infection do not present with symptoms of infection. Covid-19 vaccine trials did not measure for decreased serious outcomes with the vaccines.

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently touted in a Spanish language interview with Eugenio-Derbez that the Covid-19 emergency use drugs have a '95% effectiveness rating' in suppressing symptoms of Covid-19 infection:

Eugenio Derbez: (07:50)

And now I have a question about that. The news has reported that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are 95% effective. Does this mean that if I get the vaccine, I won’t get infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus?

Dr. Fauci: (08:05)

"That means that there’s a 95% chance that you will not get symptomatic infection, namely, that you won’t get infected to the point that you get symptoms. But we are unsure right now what the protection is against infection, because it’s conceivable that you could get vaccinated, get exposed, get infected, not know it because the vaccine is protecting you against symptoms, but that you could have virus in your nasal pharynx, which is the reason why we say until we prove that the vaccine prevents transmission, that people who were vaccinated should wear a mask when they’re near people who might be vulnerable to infection".

It sounds impressive. A 95% chance of experiencing no symptoms upon infection with the Sars Cov2 virus (attributed to causing the symptoms of Covid-19. However, what public health officials and the media don't remind people is that the vast majority of individuals with a positive PCR test will not have symptoms of Covid-19 infection anyway:

"The study, which was peer reviewed, looked at 36,061 individuals who took a coronavirus test as part of the infection survey between 26 April and 27 June 2020. It found that 86.1% of those who tested positive for the virus did not report “core” symptoms associated with the virus (a cough, fever or a loss of taste and/or smell) on the day they took a test. Out of the 115 people that received a positive coronavirus result, only 16 reported the main symptoms that we associate with the virus".

Additionally, of the small percentage who do present with symptoms of Sars CoV2 attributed Covid-19 infection, 81 percent of cases are reported mild:

Of the total number of individuals with confirmed cases, 80.9% were said to be “mild.” Most of the adults affected were between 30 and 79 years old.

The vast majority of people presenting with a positive test for Covid-19 have no symptoms and those that do, the overwhelming majority are mild. The vaccine, taken in the context of these numbers, offers no substantive benefit for the population subjecting itself to injection with never before approved mRNA technology (Pfizer, Moderna) or Adenovirus technology never approved outside military applications (Johnson & Johnson) vaccines.

Later in the above interview, Fauci is asked about the goal of vaccine:

Eugenio Derbez: (09:59)

Yeah. But because I’ve been reading and I saw that you stopped getting the symptoms, but you still can get infected and you can still spread it … what is the main aim of the vaccines? If they neither stop you from getting the virus or transmitting it, right?

Dr. Fauci: (10:23)

The main purpose of the vaccine is to prevent you from getting sick, going to the hospital and maybe dying.

The claim that Covid-19 vaccines will prevent severe outcomes of infection with Covid-19 has become a repeated talking point by public health officials and the media organizations. When European countries hit the pause button on the administration of mRNA technology Astrazeneca last weeks after numerous reports of cardiac and blood clotting issues after vaccination, New York Times led with this dramatic and heart wrenching headline:

In the European version, German regulators have identified seven cases of rare cerebral blood clots, including three fatalities, out of 1.6 million people who received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Regulators had no evidence of their connection, only a statistical anomaly. Still, continued vaccinations could make them responsible for putting a handful of people at risk – like pulling the lever on the cart rails"

A very compelling argument , the Times makes.....

Or, at least it would be if there was any evidence that Covid-19 vaccines reduce serious outcomes such as deaths and hospitalization. Only there isn't. None. The Covid-19 vaccine trials measures for mostly mild cases, and DID NOT measure for reduction in serious health outcomes according the British Medical Journal, and in the trials, final efficacy analyses are planned after just 150 to 160 “events,”—that is, a positive indication of symptomatic covid-19, regardless of severity of the illness.

" In all the ongoing phase III trials for which details have been released, laboratory confirmed infections even with only mild symptoms qualify as meeting the primary endpoint definition.9101112 In Pfizer and Moderna’s trials, for example, people with only a cough and positive laboratory test would bring those trials one event closer to their completion. (If AstraZeneca’s ongoing UK trial is designed similarly to its “paused” US trial for which the company has released details, a cough and fever with positive PCR test would suffice.)

Part of the reason may be numbers. Severe illness requiring hospital admission, which happens in only a small fraction of symptomatic covid-19 cases, would be unlikely to occur in significant numbers in trials. Data published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in late April reported a symptomatic case hospitalisation ratio of 3.4% overall, varying from 1.7% in 0-49 year olds and 4.5% in 50-64 year olds to 7.4% in those 65 and over.13 Because most people with symptomatic covid-19 experience only mild symptoms,14 event trials involving 30 000 or more patients would turn up relatively few cases of severe disease.

In the trials, final efficacy analyses are planned after just 150 to 160 “events,”—that is, a positive indication of symptomatic covid-19, regardless of severity of the illness.

Yet until vaccine manufacturers began to release their study protocols in mid-September, trial registries and other publicly released information did little to dispel the notion that it was severe covid-19 that the trials were assessing. Moderna, for example, called hospital admissions a “key secondary endpoint” in statements to the media.15 And a press release from the US National Institutes of Health reinforced this impression, stating that Moderna’s trial “aims to study whether the vaccine can prevent severe covid-19” and “seeks to answer if the vaccine can prevent death caused by covid-19.”16

Hospital admissions and deaths from covid-19 are simply too uncommon in the population being studied for an effective vaccine to demonstrate statistically significant differences in a trial of 30 000 people. The same is true of its ability to save lives or prevent transmission: the trials are not designed to find out.

Both, Dr Fauci and the New York Times, are being disingenuous with pushing claims that these vaccinations save lives when there is no evidence to back these claims. The trials did not measure for serious outcomes and only a handful of cases demonstrating ANY SYMPTOMS at all were the basis of study 'efficacy conclusions', 150 to 160 cases per the BMJ And, serious events were so RARE they couldn't find enough trial scenarios to even MEASURE for serious event outcomes". Why are these vaccines necessary?

According to the actual trial data and medical journals (and the pharmaceutical data itself), the vaccines offer no benefit whatsoever over what an individual experiences with a positive diagnosis with a PCR test attributing a diagnosis of Covid-19 infection. 86% with positive PCR are estimated to have no symptoms of the virus according to peer review research, and 81% of those with symptom presentation are mild. If one actually looks at the numbers and reads the trial data, these vaccines offer NO individual benefit at all.

The public health officials and pharmaceutical companies openly admit they do not provide immunity or stop transmission of disease, so there is no public health benefit to vaccinations which don't provide for containment of disease.

It is stunning that Dr Fauci and media organizations tout herd immunity as the need for mass public vaccinations with vaccines that provide no immunity whatsoever, and it is long past time the public calls out these fallacious claims.

Additionally, even the 9% decrease in symptoms with Covid-19 vaccines over diagnosis of Covid19 attributed infection with a positive PCR test doesn't hold much weight in reality. Up to 80% of individuals in trials with mRNA technology vaccinations experienced one systematic side effect event that resulted in interference with the trial recipients ability for daily function. The vaccines side effects mirror the very symptoms of Covid-19 attributed infections they are promoted to stop in VASTLY greater numbers than an individual will experience with a positive PCR test for infection with the virus.

Side effects have been so severe that schools have had to shut down their classes while educators received the Covid-19 vaccinations, and some employees are allowing for time off work due to individuals becoming ill after receiving the vaccines.

Additionally, Covid-19 trials utilized PCR testing that has been under extreme scrutiny by peer review for its reliability and accuracy to diagnosis Sars CoV2 at all.

The New York Times promoting sensational headlines warning of mass death, if vaccines not tried for reduction of mortality risk are not administered, should know better. It was the Times that outed the studies last August that exposed high cycle rate settings with PCR tests were causing over amplification of test sample material and resulting up to 90% false positives in the three states that corrected for the error.

Anthony Fauci also admitted that the cycle rates that were being recommended by the FDA would result in detection of 'dead nucleotides' period when run at rates over 35, yet labs to this day STILL run tests up 45 cycles with the FDA & CDC continuing to recommend rates that result in mass false positives by default.

Interestingly, the false positive rate due to high cycle threshold settings matches the number of individuals who receive a positive PCR test while experiencing no symptoms of Covid-19 infection. This indicates faulty tests are responsible for majority presenting asymptomatically with a positive C0vid-19 PCR test, as the individuals are not contagious or ill. (85 to 90% false positives PCR high cycle settings, 86% no symptoms with positive PCR test).

There remains NO credible evidence to indicate that Sars CoV2 is transmitted asymptomatically, with significant evidence testing error is causing majority false positive test rates.

The solution to faulty testing will not occur through mass vaccination with emergency use drugs. The solution is to stop mass administering tests credible peer review has exposed as not suitable for diagnosis of the virus set at rates that will produce false positives by default.

All of this information is documented by the government's own sources. The WHO issued a warning of false positives on December 14, 2020 and the FDA has issued statements warning of majority false positives in employing Antigen testing in low incident setting. Fauci admitted the CT rates would cause false positives, and credible medical journals have outlined how the pharmaceutical companies actually instituted the trials, clearly showing serious issues with the trial designs and explaining what the studies actually measured. This is widely available published data. Why are PCR tests still run at rates that the WHO & Dr Anthony Fauci admit cause false positive test by the recommendation of the setting. Why are antigen tests that will result in near 100% false positive tests employed in low incidence settings? Why are we testing healthy individuals at all when there is no credible proof of asymptomatic transmission?

It is not acceptable for media organizations to misrepresent trial studies and vaccine effectiveness against the publicly available data. The public is being convinced of the need for Covid-19 vaccination completely out of the context of the evidence.

There is literally no proven individual or public health benefit documented with Covid-19 vaccinations. None. So, ANY side effect or risk, any injury or death has already exceeded the risk to benefit analysis:

Do the vaccines provide immunity to a virus? (see Fauci interview above)


Do the the vaccines stop public transmission of disease? (Again, Fauci interview above)


Do the vaccines provide symptom suppression of Covid-19 that decreases serious outcomes? (British Medical Journal)

No evidence

Do the vaccines induce side effects at higher rates that mirror the very same Covid-19 symptoms they are purported to stop? (CDC Vaccine Information Page)


Are there significant death and injury reported with Covid-19 listed side effects post vaccination? (VAERS CDC Data page)

Yes, over 38,000 injuries and 1,700 deaths post vaccination, 270 on the same day of administration of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The pharmaceutical companies and public health officials are selling the public on the need for mass vaccinations through cherry picking data, out of the context of the reality of what this data actually shows, and misrepresenting what the vaccinations actually offer. It needs to end.

The American public must be aware that the Covid-19 vaccinations promise to be the most lucrative in history for the pharmaceutical companies, companies that have a known and long history of putting profit above safety in pushing their medications on the public.

Citizens would be wise to practice do diligence and remember that the American media companies are owned by 15 billionaires who have deep investments into these companies, and a personal stake in the success of the vaccines.

For further information on vaccine safety issues, see here:

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