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Dark Winter: Gates Announces Small Pox Vaccine Development, FBI Finds Vials in Merck Freezer

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

(important, please review ENTIRE blog)

-A synthetic small pox associated microbe was seized at Merck lab last week......inoculation with vaccinia based vaccines may induce fatal outcomes in cell immune compromised individuals....

IMPORTANT Update Readers have written in response to this article stating the official story on small pox 'viruses' is inaccurate, the virus was never isolated or purified or isolated anymore than Sars CoV2, and governments have long used narratives of disease/illness to rationalize vaccination and control policies which are manufactured to rationalize the intervention. A important summary essay on this issue may be viewed here:

Important companion article - must read - credibly sourced:

Unite4Truth has undergone extensive review of issues with virus isolation and virus as a mechanism of inducing illness since this article was first published. It is clear the entire field of virology stands on a foundation of sand.

The importance of this article is not the 'small pox' discovery, but the mechanism of manufacturing a psychological threat with smallpox to justify the same type of unnecessary and fraudulent 'medical' interventions as utilized with Covid-19. Note, the vaccinia 'virus' found in the CDC lab was actually a microbe, not a virus. Please read this important companion article before proceeding with the below article:

Companion Blog:

In 2001, a simulation called Dark Winter was conducted by key Central Intelligence, government, and media figures.

"The Dark Winter exercise, held at Andrews AFB, Washington, DC, June 22-23, 2001, portrayed a fictional scenario depicting a covert smallpox attack on US citizens. The scenario is set in 3 successive National Security Council (NSC) meetings (Segments 1, 2 and 3) that take place over a period of 14 days. Former senior government officials played the roles of NSC members responding to the evolving epidemic; representatives from the media were among the observers of these mock NSC meetings and played journalists during the scenario's press conferences"

Media figures participated to create news content in conjunction with the simulation:

Fast Forward, November 9, 2021:

Bill Gates Announces Need for War Games for Pending Bioterrorism Small Pox Attacks, FBI investigating vials containing Small Pox related virus (found in Merck lab)

The following story documents the official story, the importance here is around the issue of vaccinia small pox 'vaccines' and potential to induce severe and fatal side effects in immunocompromised individuals (issue for 100s of millions of people who have been injected with Covid-19 inoculations) and those with other health issues. Small Pox is the Trojan Horse to justify mass inoculations:

The Microsoft founder suggested that the ‘germ games’ could prepare nations for bio-terrorism such as smallpox attacks on airports. Mr Gates warned that bioterrorism caused epidemics could be worse than naturally occurring ones"

Then, on November 9, the FBI locked down & seized 15 vials labeled small pox& vaccina from a Merck pharmaceutical freezer:

"While cleaning out a freezer in a Pennsylvania vaccine research facility, a lab worker discovered several frozen vials labeled "smallpox," launching an FBI and CDC investigation, according to recent news reports.

Only two labs in the world — a CDC lab in Atlanta, Georgia, and a Cold War-era bioweapons lab in Russia — can legally hold samples of the deadly virus, Live Science previously reported. In the recent incident, a total of 15 vials — five labeled "smallpox" and 10 labeled "vaccinia" (synthetic microbe) — were discovered in the Merck facility, according to an "official use only" alert sent out to the Department of Homeland Security leadership on Tuesday (Nov. 16), and obtained by Yahoo News".

Subsequently, the CDC denied the vials contained any small pox virus (which is a criminal violation and against international law).

The CDC has severe conflicts of interest to be overseeing ANY investigation with such severe implications for American citizen safety and national security. Dr Julie Gerberding , former director of the CDC now sits on the board of Merck:

"Dr. Julie Gerberding, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was named president of Merck & Co Inc’s vaccine division, the company said on Monday.

Gerberding, who led the CDC from 2002 to 2009, stepped down when President Barack Obama took office".

" Dr. Daugherty brings drug development expertise earned from his career in big pharmaceutical companies, with more than 20 years at Merck & Co. spanning multiple drug development and management roles. In his role at TONIX, Dr. Daugherty has already contributed to the advancement of our understanding of the therapeutic action of cyclobenzaprine in the brain.

Whether true or not, the agency admitted vaccinia was contained in the vials at the laboratory, this finding has disturbing implications. A former Merck drug developer now is the Senior Director of Drug Development for Tonix Pharmaceuticals, a company which developed a synthetic vaccinia virus in 2017:

Note Vaccinia is a synthetic MICROBE not a virus

'In 2017, the virologist David Evans made headlines when he used synthetic biology to recreate the extinct horsepox virus, which is closely related to the virus that causes smallpox, a disease eradicated in 1980. Evans and his team, ordering the genetic material they needed through the mail, reportedly spent $100,000 on the research, an amount that seems small given the momentous implications of their work. “No question. If it’s possible with horsepox, it’s possible with smallpox,” German virologist Gerd Sutter told Science magazine in a press account of Evans’s work. A number of biosecurity experts and even The Washington Post editorial board joined him in voicing their concerns. Given the reaction Evans met, one might expect the news that yet another microbe related to the smallpox virus had been synthesized to set off similar alarm bells.

Yet when the American biotech company that funded Evans’s horsepox work, Tonix Pharmaceuticals, announced this January that it had successfully "synthesized just such a microbe, vaccinia, no one seemed to take note".

Since the World Health Organization eradicated the smallpox-causing variola virus from nature, the only known samples of it have been held in two high-security facilities in the United States and Russia. (again, see Jenner and the Speckled Monster: The True History of Smallpox

But developments in synthetic biology, a field which includes the art and science of constructing viral genomes, have made it possible to create the smallpox virus in a lab. While there’s no evidence that anyone has done that yet, as Tonix’s work indicates, researchers are inching incredibly close to that line. Before it was eradicated, smallpox was responsible for 300 million deaths in the 20th century. The re-introduction of the disease—through negligence or malice—would be a global health disaster. As I wrote in International Security 10 years ago, global biosecurity can be endangered not just by biological warfare and bioterrorism, but also by laboratory accidents with dangerous pathogens".

The media coverage of the FBI seizure has been irresponsible and downplayed a story that highlights significant security risk to American citizenry. Synthetic microbes have serious potential to be utilized in biological warfare and misrepresented under the cover of food poisoning or chemical weapons attack:

"The third major concern is engineering microbes to produce and release toxic biochemicals. “The effects could resemble a chemical weapon or food poisoning,” says Patrick Boyle, head of design at Ginkgo Bioworks and an author of the new report. That scenario is particularly worrisome because it is unclear how long it would take scientists to detect that a maliciously engineered microbe was at play rather than a natural pathogen"

Vaccinia is not a naturally occurring substance with no clear source of organic origin:

Wikipedia page for Vaccinia:

"The precise origin of vaccinia virus is unknown due to the lack of record-keeping, as the virus was repeatedly cultivated and passaged in research laboratories for many decades.[9] The most common notion is that vaccinia virus, cowpox virus, and variola virus (the causative agent of smallpox) were all derived from a common ancestral virus. There is also speculation that vaccinia virus was originally isolated from horses,[8] and analysis of DNA from an early (1902) sample of smallpox vaccine showed that it was 99.7% similar to horsepox virus.[10]

Stanford Education page highlights the following crucial information:

"Complications of vaccination with vaccinia can include fatal reactions especially in immunocompromised individuals with cellular compromised immune deficiency".....

Progressive vaccinia (vaccinia necrosum)-" Progressive vaccinia is a severe, potentially fatal illness characterized by progressive necrosis at the site of vaccination. This occurred only in immunocompromised individuals with deficiencies in their cell-mediated immune system. There were only about 1.6 cases of progressive vaccinia per million vaccinations reported. See picture below for clinical manifestation of progressive vaccinia".

Right now, there is significant concern Covid-19 vaccinations will impede the immune immune system and potentially destroy immune function. Government organizations red flagged potential immune suppression issues with use of mRNA technology vaccinations:

An article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a division of the National Institutes of Health, said other risks include the bio-distribution and persistence of the induced immunogen expression; possible development of auto-reactive antibodies; and toxic effects of any non-native nucleotides and delivery system components.

"In previous clinical trials since the 1960’s [8] attempts to vaccinate against RSV, [9] Dengue, [10] SARS and MERS, the studies each failed during the animal phase. Cats, ferrets, monkeys, and rabbits each and every time experienced Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), also known as pathogenic priming or a cytokine storm. This occurs when the immune system creates an uncontrolled and overwhelming inflammatory response upon being confronted with the pathogen in the real world, and the outcome, tragically, is death. The same immune system overreaction took place in a number of infants in clinical trials who received an attempted RSV shot, as well as some six hundred Filipino children who died following early vaccination against Dengue [11] and it remains a viable concern today. [12]

Autoimmune disease occurs when the body's immune system can't tell the difference between its own cells and foreign cells, and causes the body to attack its normal cells. [13] It has been suggested that "molecular mimicry" may contribute to this problem, with antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 cross-reacting with structurally similar host protein sequences and raising an acute autoimmune response against them. [14]

Scientists have determined that the same spike protein found in SARS viruses are also responsible for the development of the placenta in mammals, including humans, and is therefore an essential prerequisite for a successful pregnancy. If a woman’s body is primed to attack these protein spikes, the immune system may prevent a placenta from being formed, which would render that woman infertile". [15]

It is highly concerning Small pox vaccination study with synthetic microbes which hold the potential to induce fatal reactions in immunocompromised individuals are being researched at precisely the time hundreds of millions of global citizens face potential immune system compromise due to vaccination with Covid-19 inoculations.

This is not the only time in recent days the news media has failed to provide context and vital reporting on stories which have severe national security implications. The media recently misrepresented the actual dangers of a biological weapons simulation which utilized a known toxic gas in NYC - story HERE.

Additional recommended reading:

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Since... **ALL** 21ST Century so-called "viruses," are man-made, in a lab, using synthetics, and NOTHING form "nature," so they can be PATENTED!

Since they are NOT form "nature," and are NOT made by, or originate from "nature" than they are IN FACT, Bio-Weapons when released into any population!

So this is NOT about viruses, or pathogens, or funguses, or what the FLIP "they" are falsely NAMED, as such.... they are NOT DERIVED from "nature!"

So it is NOT "nature" releasing these Deadly disease, on the population, because they are NOT "diseases" in the first, and FORMOST, contemplation of anything from "nature"

BIO-WEAPONS are not "viruses," or molds, or fungi, or what ever they choose to name their DEADLY WEAPONS, they…


The smallpox "virus" was no more isolated and purified than SARS-COV-2. It was never "eradicated" via a poisonous injection from the Jenner fairy tale of the dairy maid and the use of cowpox (which is caused by a contamination of the cows udder via milking; not a "virus"). There is no more smallpox than there is anthrax viruses. These are labels used to propagate fear. No doubt another version of the RT-PCR will be rolled out to pump up asymptomatic smallpox cases. Enough, is enough. Bill Gates should be arrested posthaste.

Replying to

Its an anti-fertility drug - the avermectins decrease sperm and all the drugs in the 'River Blindness' have serious anti-fertility properties. Its part of an anti-fertility drug program under the guise of River Blindness treatment program in Africa: World Bank fraud -

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