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Covid-19 Virus Isolation: Where is the EVIDENCE? Sars CoV2, The Trojan Horse in the Room

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The follow the science crowd needs to start taking its own advice:

Time to address the Covid-19 Trojan Horse in the room:

Since the inception of the Covid-19 attributed 'pandemic', anyone who has sought to question & properly scientifically validate Sars CoV2 as a novel coronavirus responsible for inducing generic common cluster symptoms labeled Covid-19 has been met with consistent slander and derogatory smear.

Accusations of 'conspiracy theorist' and smears of 'crazy' (you think no one DIED), up until recently, have sufficed to silence questioning around virus isolation methods and genomic sequence origins of Sars CoV2.

However, those who are following the scientific method to properly verify the existence of Sars CoV2, (virus attributed to cause generic cluster symptoms labeled Covid-19) are neither conspiracy theorists or crazy.

Independent researchers such as Dr Sam Bailey, Christine Massey, Dr Andrew Kaufman (more below) are asking logical, rational questions, and coming up with valid and highly disturbing findings....findings which demand serious consideration and review.....

Follow the Science...YES PLEASE:

It is total hypocrisy to demand citizens 'follow the science", yet simultaneously denigrate those who follow the scientific method. Science has been so diminished in the era of Covid, it is clear many people do not even understand what the term actually means anymore.....

Science has been reduced to a bumper sticker.


Science is an ever evolving process which allows for ongoing adjustment to previously held understanding and beliefs. Science as a fixed or religious belief is the ANTITHESIS of the scientific method and process.

SCIENCE WELCOMES QUESTIONING....It is THE foundational premise of the scientific method: (note, deferring to group consensus or expert opinion is NOT part of the model):

Following the Scientific Method -or

How Unite4Truth came to support the work and findings of Christine Massey and other independent researchers on Sars CoV2 virus isolation -

The first questions our researchers explored:

Are Covid-19 testing methods and protocol methods suitable for detection of Sars CoV2?

Are these diagnostic test valid for diagnosis of Covid-19?

This blog became interested in the Covid-19 testing issues after reviewing the work of Reiner Fuellmich and the Corona Investigative Committee. Much of the committee's early work centered around credible documentation of severe (and inherent) problems with the PCR test as a diagnostic tool. PCR is central test utilized to detect Sars CoV2 and diagnosis Covid-19.

A summary of the committee's findings may be viewed here.

After extensive review, our research clearly documented that the detection methods utilized for Sars CoV2 were unsuitable for the purpose, thus rendering the tests useless for diagnosis of Covid-19 attributed infections.

Worse, governments were (and are) implementing testing against FDA/CDC/WHO/test manufacturer use standards and warning updates which results in production of 100% false positives by default of the settings/protocols/implementation methods.

Full review of these findings and summary evidence may be viewed HERE, HERE, HERE.

Severe issues with Covid-19 attribution methods may be viewed here.

Full library of testing articles may be viewed HERE.

Researchers' finding showed the public health organization and test/vaccine manufacture data and evidence actively contradicted and DISPROVED public health officials and policy makers claims on the very basis of this data, not just on testing, but EVERY Covid-19 policy, protocol, and health directive reviewed.

It became very clear, very quickly, Covid-19 cases were being manufactured through attribution to other cause through unsuitable testing and attribution standards.

So, the question then became.....what CAUSE? What is Sars CoV2, if the tests are unsuitable for detecting it?

It was in research of these questions, Unite4truth stumbled across the work of independent doctors/scientists delving into Sars CoV2 isolation problems including:

Christine Massey:

Christine Massey has been submitting Freedom of Information act requests (along with others around the globe) to garner documentation of valid scientific isolation and verification of Sars CoV2 as the causal agent responsible for inducing the generic (and common) cluster symptoms attributed to Covid-19:

"My colleague Michael S. in New Zealand and I (CM) and many other people around the world have been submitting Freedom of Information requests to institutions in various countries seeking records that describe the isolation/purification of the alleged “COVID-19 virus” from any unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient:.

The reason: without the crucial step of isolation/purification having been performed (from many patients, followed by characterization, sequencing and controlled experiments), there is no way to claim scientifically that the alleged “novel coronavirus” (blamed for widespread death/disease/lockdown measures) actually exists.

Without this step having been performed and followed by characterization, sequencing and controlled experiments, all claims of this alleged “virus” are nothing but wild speculation backed only by fraudulent science, fraudulent tests and fraud-based diagnoses"

The findings:

"As of January 15, 2022: 164 institutions and offices in over 25 countries have responded thus far, as well as some “SARS-COV-2 isolation” study authors, and none have provided or cited any record describing actual “SARS-COV-2” isolation/purification. All of the responses in our collection are available from this page".

Highly recommend reading FULL page with documentation from Christine's website HERE.

The work and discovery of independent researchers, such as Christine Massey, has not just opened a can of worm into origin and existence of Sars CoV2. Their findings have opened an industrial sized barrel of snakes which threatens to expose and take down the entire field of virology as a fraudulent pseudoscience. ....and, all the purveyors of useless pharmaceutical vaccines and treatments right down with it (from pharmaceutical companies to GAVI to government/military/alphabet agency players who financed and contrived to implement mass medical fraud for generations).

It's earth shattering.

Unite4Truth research has been actively reviewing the documentation and counter arguments from those attempting to dismiss the significance of independent researchers' Sars CoV2 virus isolation findings.

To this date, nothing which has been offered by physicians/scientists to counter the documentation, evidence, and logistics around virus 'isolation' problems (both with Sars CoV2 and virus isolation methods, in general) actually addresses the content of the independent researchers actual evidence and concerns. It is one long exercise in diversion, deference to 'experts', side stepping and dismissal.

One particularly painful example:

(Steve Kirsch is a tech insider who has invested significant money for treatments into Covid-19 attributed infections. He is very big on 'early treatment' for Covid-19 attributed diagnosis despite 99% of Covid-19 attributed illness presenting as mild/moderate and up to 86% presenting with no symptoms at ALL.

'Early treatment to prevent severe outcomes' is one of the LEADING pharmaceutical propaganda pitches being slung right now to sell citizens on need for completely unnecessary and harmful Covid-19 drugs).

Here, Steve notes he actually doesn't know if the virus has been isolated but states:

"I rely on expert opinions of people who I trust for certain issues like whether or not the virus has been “isolated.” It’s a reasonable approach if you are careful about which experts you trust.

All of the expert friends I’ve asked (including Robert Malone and Li-Meng Yan) tell me that “the virus has been isolated.” So it has been “isolated” according to their belief in what the term means".

Excruciating. '

Trust the experts' is not a evidence based relevant response to the extensive, credible documentation of serious problems with isolation and attribution methods of Sars CoV2 as novel coronavirus attributed to very generic, common cluster symptoms labeled 'Covid-19'

It is recycling of what we have heard from the MSN beginning around Fauci and clowns...

'trust the science' -

Worse, the experts he instructs his readers to vest faith are deserving of the public trust as Dr Fauci, himself.

Dr Robert Malone is the latest flavor of the day, being trotted out by the billionaire controllers, to sell next phase World Health Organization Covid-19 mitigation strategies which have been LONG outlined by the WHO/Gates foundation.

Dr Malone was a lead developer of the RelCoVax next generation Covid-19 vaccine, a drug which per design of the mechanisms and ingredients will induce SEVERE respiratory and neurological harm, There is NO possible health benefit to this drug, ONLY injury (it introduces neurotoxin and cells associated with severe lung injury in animal studies directly into cells):

Li-Meng Yan is regular feature on Fox News who purports the unsubstantiated claim Sars CoV2 escaped from a Chinese lab, and ignores Sars CoV2 is a COMPUTER MODEL of a virus based on genomic sequences which predate 2020 with no evidence of valid scientific biological isolation of Sars CoV2 in existence per over 150 FOI requests.

Evidence on origin of genomic sequence patents for Sars CoV2 and further explanation of this issue, HERE:

Christine Massey responded to Kirsch's article with an open letter which has been featured on Principa Scientifica, and her response clearly articulates the central flaws with Kirsch's (and Malone) arguments:

....But the methods that are available from Harcourt et al. (and all other “SARS-COV-2 isolation” studies) make clear that “isolation” to Robert Malone and anyone else who insists “yes, the virus has been isolated” means combining monkey kidney cells (aka “Vero” cells, or some other cell line) with fetal bovine serum, patient specimens and toxic drugs, and then irrationally, unscientifically attributing any resulting harm to the poisoned monkey cells (which are typically also malnourished by the researchers) to “the virus”.

Nothing is isolated as per the meaning of the word to regular humans, not even from the monkey/cow/human mixture.

And since no one on the planet has managed to cite or provide any record describing isolation/purification of the alleged “virus” or any “variant” from any patient sample, by anyone, anywhere, ever (which you seem to realize based on your repeated references to the FOIA collection that is publicly available on my website and now contains failures from 156 institutions in roughly 30 countries) it’s quite clear that no science has ever been carried out with the theoretical “virus”.

Christine is right.

The method of virus isolation is not scientifically valid. Researchers have been able to produce the exact SAME results of virus isolate studies when they EXCLUDE the virus from the process per Dr Stefan Lanka (time stamp 2:27)

Again and again, the response from pharmaceutical insider doctors, purporting opposition to Covid-19 vaccination but fully supporting Gates developed drugs with potential to induce equally serious harm, has failed to address the actual issues documented by independent researchers on the Sars CoV2 isolation issue. None provide any valid documentation/evidence which address or refutes the core issues:

Full library of Dr Peter McCullough response to request for proper documentation and verification of Sars CoV2 by Christine Massey may be viewed here:

Who is Dr. Peter McCoullough:

Dr McCoullough is a pharmaceutical industry consultant who has been the lead promotor for Gates Developed monoclonal antibody therapy, a drug which induces cancer per the design/mechanism/ingredients of the drug). He has been selling the drug on need for 'early treatment' to prevent serious outcome despite package insert warnings which document clinical WORSENING of Covid-19 attributed symptoms associated with monoclonal antibody therapy which REQUIRED hospitalizations.

Dr McCoullough has received over 2 million in payments in recent years for pharmaceutical consulting fees including two leading developers of Covid-19 adenovirus vector vaccinations, Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP & Jannsen Reseach & Development (J&J) as well as payments from leading manufacturer of monoclonal antibody 'therapy', 'Regeneron' and other drug manufacturers working to capitalize on the 'early treatment' market such as SANOFI-AVENTIS U.S. LLC

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Consulting Fee. 01/07/2020 $2,747.50 (pg 2)

In addition to Christine Massey's FOI request efforts, there are numerous other physician and researchers involved in documenting the severe (and blatant) issues with virus isolation methods for Sars CoV2 (and all viruses) including:

Dr Tom Cowan: (strong five minute summary to gain basic understanding of virus isolation methodology issues):

Full summary explanation on virus isolation issues HERE:

Video on Delta Variant here:

The COVID-19 Fraud with Dr Mark Bailey on Counterspin:

Dr Kevin Corbett: Interview - Testing/Virus Isolation Issues:

After extensive review of this subject, it is obvious there are serious flaws with the entire foundational premise and methodologies utilized in the field of virology. In fact, the core problems are so blatant and profound, it is amazing these issues have been so successfully obfuscated from public awareness and scrutiny until now.

Our researchers fully understand it will be nearly unfathomable for many to believe an entire field of science, so central to 20th & 21st century 'modern' medicine, is based on pseudo-science and fraudulent isolation standards and methods.

However, the evidence must be faced on the merits.

Refutations such as 'too many people couldn't be this wrong' or 'Sars CoV2 must be real, what about all the people who died', do not actually address the evidence on the merits.

Throughout history, there have been many examples when group think and consensus opinion turned out to be completely wrong.

It is time to get over the belief in truth by consensus opinion as a legitimate barometer of what is real.

Lastly, not one researcher Unite4Truth has come across investigating proper Sars CoV2 isolation has purported that no one died.

Obviously, many people have died, and there are logical and evidence based answers to the real cause of deaths falsely attributed to Sars CoV2 through fraudulent attribution standards and testing.

It is important to note, 96% of Covid-19 attributed pandemic deaths are mortalities with four serious health conditions and over the age of 80 (per CDC). Deaths are attributed to Covid-19 through tests unsuitable for the purpose OR labeled a Covid-19 mortality on the basis of SYMPTOM presentation alone (common symptoms which present in majority of illness). The main method to create a false illusion of mass cases and deaths is simply utilizing fraudulent attribution standards to label mortality from other cause, a 'Covid-19 death'.

This method of coopting death from other cause to manufacturer the pandemic illusion has been a cruel deception, and it is important this subject be addressed with logic and compassion.

For those who have received a Covid-19 diagnosis or were told Covid-19 killed their relative, it is incredibly invalidating to be told their experience was not real or did not happen.

As someone who lost a close relative to a severe respiratory illness (pre Covid) which presented very similarly to what is considered a 'classic' Covid-19 death (severe respiratory symptoms, rapid decline, death in three days), it is completely understandable anyone witnessing this type of fast and brutal death slapped with a Covid-19 diagnosis would view the disease as real and lethal.

Additionally, early death clusters DID occur. Elderly people DID die in high rates in early months of the 'pandemic' with spikes in death clusters occurring with vaccinations and interventions with dangerous/deadly treatment protocols.

The experience of death is real. What the death has been falsely attributed is not.....

Readers may review blog here for partial answer to causality of nursing home and early cluster deaths (this subject requires further writing and evidence based review):

It is going to take an enormous reserve of compassion and love to help gently explain hard truths which undermine foundational anchors of perceived reality for so many people.

Especially at a time when so many people feel so demoralized and exploited by the abuse tactics of the past two years...

However, there is something so enormously hopeful and powerful about confronting hard truth.

It finally opens a pathway to create real solutions. There is no hope or solution in a lie.

It's a place to start....

Deep thanks to all the independent researchers working to bring truth and light to the world.....

It's a's a lie....yes we know it isn't true....

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How about this for an.... "evi-dance". . . .

When anyone, including anyone at DUH top of the Pile of .................. (fill in the blank, UR-self!)

Most of DUH.... "blind leading the blind" came up with the "REGURGITATED" saying .... duh "virus wasn't isolated!" . . . . as some kind of something that someone else "up-chucked" before, as some kind of something that did NOT have anything to do in REALITY of genocide!

Since what they call a "virus" was first... PATENTED back in 2003 under coronavirus-1999, and CoV-19, and Sars-CoV2-19 AND... Covid-19, or what ever they changed it to for Patent re-sales reasons , and ALL were and are already PATENTED viruses, and all the PATENTED vaccines were…


Hello MORE LAW... 4 U all...

And this directly pertains to the FDA, CDC, HHS, and anyone above them in any official agencies or HEAD of the Exectivive and Legislative and Judicial (purposelessly weak,) look the other way-ers!

Willful, wanton, and reckless misconduct.

1. “Willful,” “wanton,” and “reckless” describe different and distinct degrees of care and are not interchangeable. (Thompson v. McNeill, 53 Ohio St.3d 102, 559 N.E.2d 705 (1990), modified.)
2. Willful misconduct implies an intentional deviation from a clear duty or from a definite rule of conduct, a deliberate purpose not to discharge some duty necessary to safety, or purposefully doing wrongful acts with knowledge or appreciation of the likelihood of resulting injury. (Tighe…


Papu Popeye
Papu Popeye
Mar 10, 2022

You pride yourselves in logic and scientific method... I tend to agree that the existence of the virus has not been proven and the PCR is relabeling other diseases as Covid ... as that is what it was programmed to do... But logic also indicates that "some S is not P" does not imply that "No S is P". Therefore the fact that it has not been correctly isolated by no means PROVES it does not exist, even if we believe it does not exist. Just like the Pandemic Pushers do not follow scientific method we can not use the same "belief" science. Besides if the objective is to stop the Vaccination with an experiment, the best way to d…


do you know the work of Arthur Firstenberg? he connects electromagnetic fields and flu-like illnesses,see The invisible rainbow, his book, and his website

Replying to

I would do that for you asap, but I am working on a "STOP" to these bull stripes!

And am going full tilt on that to stop the kids from being killed, maimed or transformed!

I know DARPA designed the mRNA and I haven't looked up their PATENT yet, but it is there!

Patents at USPO, and US Supreme court stating can't use any natural / nature made substance in any PATENT, is the genocide stopper, upper!

SO good hope you do all you can do to STOP the CRIME!



Material FACTS:

1. Title 21 USC Food and Drug Administration aka or better yet DBA

"FDA ". . .which has NEVER been made into "Positive LAW,"

2. Title 42 USC which is the qusi code that . . . has NEVER been made

into Positive LAW,

3. Title 47 USC which like all of the above and 20 other "so-called

codes" has NEVER been made into Positive LAW, to have any "LAWFUL or

Force of LAW" outside their agencies, and only WITHIN ONLY the Federal


They, TITLES 21, 42, and 47 are NOT LAW, and have NO Authority of LAW, or

Nor "immunity" under the LAW of this LAND,…

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