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London Rally: HUGE Crowds As the PEOPLE RISE, Record Crowds, Tipping Point Numbers Reached

We can choose fear...or we can choose love. Choose wisely....

In this post, images from the London rallies for Freedom and thoughts on how to create a new way forward......

Aerial View (video)

Another Aerial View


THIS sign:

Calling it out:

Marchers with Signs:

High energy in the crowd - OH OH WE ARE AWAKE!

The Media is the Virus: Television is Brainwashing You -

Great Job LONDON!

Now, the question. What to do with all this energy and passion for real change.

How do we truly end this cycle of abuse and degradation of humanity:

True empowerment and change can only happen with each individual acting from a place of personal responsibility, integrity and truth.

While it is easy to blame 'them' (insert bad guy here) for doing this to us, we have all contributed in someway to manifesting this current insanity. For decades, there has been no true accountability for our societal decisions. Repeatedly, we have allowed politicians to placate us with empty words and deluded ourselves into the naive belief that the latest incarnation of political personality will be the 'one'...our new savior.

Instead of finding our own personal power, we outsource our obligation and responsibility for acting in our own integrity. We pretend that core ethics and human decency can be imposed from a top down system, instead of realizing that our culture is a outward manifestation of our priorities, values, and beliefs.

A society that spends the majority of resources on war is going to manifest war, and now that war is coming home. In a world where corporate global power has usurped the independence of sovereign nations, we now find ourselves subject to the same oppressive tactics used against our fellow citizens in the most vulnerable parts of American society and the world.

This is the great fear that is prompting many to abandon all logic and sanity and pretend a government that has actively promoted policies that have stood against public health for generations for profit & powers interests, now suddenly have a benign interest in protecting us against a cold virus.

It is insanity on its face.

However, the alternative is to accept that we have been utterly abandoned, leaving us as unsafe and vulnerable as the billions we have waged war against over the past century. Many would rather wear a mask, or be injected with a untested gene line editing drug than face that fear.

The alternative is to grow up.

In the Western world, we all benefited from theft of other nations' resources & labor, and most of us who have benefited have turned a blind eye to the suffering our leadership was inflicting on others, both here and in other countries, as long as we perceived ourselves as safe and 'outside' of it.

We could never have manifested this current moment of insanity, if we didn't prefer the illusion to the truth. A culture that uplifts greed, consumerism, selfishness, celebrity, vanity, and expediency over love, sharing, humility, community, and the disciplined work of commitment and sacrifice are witnessing the outward manifestation of what we have sown....

Current leadership is nothing more than a projection of own selves and our own fears. We created 'them', and our fears have enslaved us. The good news is that when we can end our co-dependent enabling to systems of abuse by reflecting on how our individual behaviors and fear contribute to creating collective madness, we can withdraw our energy and move forward in a whole new way.

Be aware, (BEWARE) we are already staring to cede to the next generation of abusive leadership now offering partial truth to gate keep core lies and seduce us to stay under the current symbiotic system of abuser/abused- controller/controlled. Our longing to return to the 'old' normal (a system of exploitation instead of human empowerment) is a trap.

Those in the controller position of such a system (or wanting to be the next controller) will always only offer partial truth while gatekeeping the core lie as to retain the ability to use psychological deception and warfare to ensure they retain their role of perceived power.

The way to end the current power structure is to end our symbiotic relationship with those we abdicate our personal power and control. It is that simple. Our personal power is there to be taken at any time, and it doesn't require an election or permission by the abuser to walk away from it. It requires something much more exacting of us, the ability to walk towards instead of running away from our fear.

This current power structure is in its death throes.

We are now faced with the individual choice (and opportunity) of confronting our fears.....of death....of poverty....of want and lack....

We can either continue to barter for the temporary illusion of false safety and outsource our power to others who will happily continue to exploit it, or we can feel the fear and make choices outside of it. We can remove ourselves from our abuse dynamic.

A new vision is required to re-imagine the world. Light energy has been suppressed through century long campaigns which have played on our self deception, shame and fear. We have an opportunity to confront our own demons to allow this light to move freely in the world once again. It requires a shift and changing our relationship with the world , a new individual responsibility of account for our own power and decision making. It require bearing the weight of personal autonomy and ending the projection of blame onto the other to rescue us from our shadow selves.

Our personal responsibility ends our cycle of victimization.

When this happens, there will be no need to vote them out, reinvent the next system of wealth transfer from the poor to the rich through currency, or go to war against each other.....for the boogie man we manifest will all disappear......This is entirely possible, we only have to believe it so.

We can choose fear...or we can choose love. Choose wisely.

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Wow. Love the protest videos, and especially the editorial commentary! Moving and empowering.

It seems to me that we need to break our habit of always REACTING to their twisted fear/control game, and start constructing a brand new game which supports life and communities and our values: mutual aid, respect, and kindness.

Thanks Unite4truth for the excellent technical research, and especially for commentary like this which encourages us to create a new vision of the kind of world we DO want!


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