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Massive Rallies World Wide Against Covid 19 Lockdowns, Video Compilation, People Uniting Globally

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The media is censoring the real story. We are experiencing the largest global unification for truth and collective shift of power in the history of the world. Covid-lockdown protests are amazing demonstrations of a diverse collective of people wanting to restore power and freedom to the People of this world, We feel blessed to participate with all of you.

Save this video link, it will be updated with new videos as they occur:

Here is a reminder of what is REALLY happening on the ground. It is not a matter of if, only WHEN:

8,000 MAYO Clinic employees will be fired, as mass refusal of health professionals implodes America's health care system: Protest 10/27/2021 Local News Report: VIDEO:


April 3, 2021:

More April 3, Miles of Germany Protestors:

Berlin, Germany April 11, 2021:

London, AGAIN:

Bikers Protest Lyon France:

Marseille France:

Toronto Canada:

Japan, Tokyo March 20, 2020

93 year old Holocaust Survivor Speaks OUT - RAISE OUR VOICE NOW

American Compilation:

Global Compilation - Inspirational!

Health Professionals have contacted media outlets all over the country with the Covid-19 policy correction petition. Media is LISTENING. Health professionals, your voice is more powerful than you know. Call the local tv news stations and explain the test issues and the vaccine concerns. Call the editors of papers. Call the State Health Departments and give them the documentation on testing issues and ask for correction of policy.

KEEP Sharing. KEEP pushing. Hundreds of millions are coming together to collectively make this right. It is not a matter of if, but when. MANY people are waking up fast now. Help them make the transition. Many honestly do NOT know.


It is shifting.


Light and love to the entire community

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