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Moderna, J&j, & Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccination: Same Blood Disorders, Cardiac Issues as AstraZeneca

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

The AstraZenca Covid-19 vaccine made international headlines after numerous countries reported blood clots and cardiac issues associated with the administration of the vaccinations. Several countries hit pause on vaccinations with the AstraZenca vaccine due to the serious safety concerns.

The concerns were compounded. when on March 18, a Norwegian doctor and professor who led the team of investigators into blood clots experienced by health care workers post AstraZeneca vaccination found a direct correlation of the clotting (in one case death) with the vaccine. Norway, along with several other nations, has not resumed use of the Astrazeneca vaccine and the future of the vaccination is very much in doubt.

And, while it is encouraging to see some nations take the Astrazeneca safety concerns with the seriousness the issue demands, there is deep concern that the same serious blood disorders and cardiac issues occurring with the other Covid-19 vaccinations are being ignored or downplayed.

Both Pfizer and Moderna Covid 19 vaccinations, employ the same, never before approved mRNA technology. Johnson & Johnson & AstraZeneca Covid 19 vaccines use adenovirus technology never before approved outside military use.

The number of deaths, occurring with the three Covid-19 vaccinations approved for emergency use in the United States, is not small. Over 2,000 post vaccination deaths have been reported post Covid-19 vaccination to VAERS CDC monitoring system as of 3/19/2021,, 1/3 occurring within 48 hours and 292 deaths occurring within minutes to hours post vaccination.

For context, the Swine Flu vaccination program in 1976 was halted in the US, in nine states, after three deaths were associated with the vaccine program and the entire program was halted soon thereafter. The number is especially concerning given that the mass vaccination program launched without a adequate injury monitoring system in place, and VAERS CDC reporting system has a history of capturing approximately only 1% of vaccine related injuries. The numbers of post vaccination injuries and deaths are likely exponentially higher.

The official response to these deaths appears to be one of establishing plausible deniability to protect public image of the the vaccines rather than establishing safety for emergency use only approved drugs. Public health officials report nearly all deaths as coincidental or 'unknown' cause regardless of how near the death occurred to vaccine administration (sometimes within minutes) and, even if, the individual died of symptoms specifically listed as a complication of the vaccine by the FDA. The case of a African American minister, Drene Keyes, caused controversy after she went into a anaphylactic reaction per the treating ER physician report post Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination, died the same day, and health officials refused to provide a autopsy or assign cause of death.

The refusal to admit any correlation to vaccine injury and death post Covid-19 vaccination is a dramatic departure from the way health officials have been quick to assign Covid-19 infection as cause of morbidity regardless of other presenting conditions, with the 94% of Covid-19 attributed deaths having an average of 3.8 comorbidities. Additionally, serious issues with Covid-19 testing methods and protocols have compromised the integrity of the case data, resulting in serious question to the validity of government provided morbidity numbers and infection rates.

The media is not helping inform the public on vaccine safety concerns, as most deaths and injuries are never reported by news organizations. For example, in Massachusetts, there have been 28 deaths post Covid-19 vaccination reported to CDC VAERS as of March 19, 2021. Three within hours of the vaccination, and eight within the first day of vaccine administration. Serious symptoms listed as FDA side effects for the Covid-19 vaccines are occurring before these deaths including thrombocytopenia.

There have also has been over a thousand reports of post vaccine side effects, with 39 life threatening events, in Massachusetts reported to VAERS with hundreds of serious events including anaphylactic reaction, stroke, heart attack, and bleeding disorders. A basic internet search finds no media reporting of any of these events or injuries (as of the date of this posting) by any news organization in the state including:

On February 8, 2021, a 78 year old Massachusetts woman reported symptoms of a cold,

nine days post-Moderna Covid-19 vaccination. The next day she presented with symptoms of abdominal pain & nausea and visited a clinic which obtained a negative Sars Cov2 (Covid 19 test) and discharged home. The next day, she was found in a pool of her own blood with excessive blood found in her toilet:

According to the report, her current medical condition was cited as Essential (unknown origin) Thrombocytopenia . Despite the woman's symptoms presenting with a serious FDA listed side effect of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccination, the VAERS reporter documented:

"Medical Examiner declined to physically view the body on site. Through photos or phone video declared death to be natural. Death certificate was later filled out by primary care physician who again did not examine her body or even know the details of her death".

Essential (unknown cause) Thrombocytopenia is a condition where the body does not manufacture enough platelets and can lead to serious blood clotting issues.

In another Massachusetts case, a 60 year old female was reported to have gone into cardiogenic shock within one day post Moderna vaccination and dying one day post vaccination.

A twenty five year old Massachusetts woman experienced a brain hemorrhage post Moderna Covid-19 vaccination, with neurological onset of symptoms occurring the same day as administration of the vaccine.

The woman survived, however, the doctor's report states:

"The events, neurological symptoms, headaches, dizziness, difficulty with coordination, difficulty with balance, vision changes in left eye, drift in left arm and issues going through daily routine, confusion, and brain bleed were considered not resolved. Follow-up received on 23 Jan 2021 included patient details, medical history, lab tests, concomitant medications, hospitalization, and updated events


"Based on the current available information and temporal association between the use of the product and onset of the events a causal relationship cannot be excluded." I.e., the vaccine may very well have CAUSED the hemorrhage.

Cardiac issues and bleeding disorders after Covid-19 have been documented across the country including:

On February 22, a 61 year Washington man received the Moderna Covid-19 vaccination from the military subsequently experiencing a hemorrhagic stroke the same day as administration. He died three days later. Cerebral vascular accident is a listed side effect of the Moderna vaccination:

The military has been accused of withholding privileges from its members in what many view as coercion, if they don't comply with Covid-19 vaccinations directives. The vaccines are only approved for Emergency Use and the vaccine can not be mandated according to the FDA conditional approval:

The VAERS report from care providers document how a 51 year old women developed

'petechiae up to ankles, later rising up to her knees' (a warning sign of thrombocytopenia) three days post Pfizer-Covid-19 vaccination.

She was hospitalized on 2/6/2021 with profuse vaginal hemorrhage and administered 4units fresh frozen plasma and 4 units packed red blood cells.

Despite the efforts to replace the blood loss, the woman died on 2/11/2021.

A chart provided by Children's Health Defense gives a sobering analysis of the injuries and deaths captured, as of 3/19/2021 including over 2,000 deaths, 826 permanent disabilities, 4,400 hospitalizations, and 7,456 emergency room visits:

In countries that have more reliable and established reporting systems than the United States, the numbers are even more grim:

As of March 14, 2021, the UK Assets Vaccine Injury Reporting system had recorded over 404,000 injuries or deaths post Covid-19 vaccination with Astrazeneca, Pfizer, and unspecified vaccines.

Europe's vaccine monitoring system, Eudravigilance, has reported 3,964 dead post Moderna, Pfizer, & Astrazenca vaccination with 162, 610 adverse invents/injuries. Injuries include over 7,600 blood and lymphatic disorders, and over 4,600 cardiac disorders reported after the Pfizer vaccination, alone.

Stories often only make the news when they are high profile, occurring at the vaccination clinic, or reported by the families themselves.

Media headlines were made after a family of a 68 year old, in Kansas, cited anaphylactic reaction from the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccination for the reason of their mother's death in a obituary.

"During the waiting period following the vaccine administration, the individual began experiencing anaphylaxis and medical treatment was provided. The resident was transported to a local hospital where the individual later passed away. The death will be fully investigated in accordance with standard protocol. Jeannie M Evans, Kansas Until the investigation is complete, it is premature to assign a specific cause of death"" The media did not report on the death until disclosure by the family in a public obituary. Johnson & Johnson has been considered by some as a 'safer' alternative to vaccinations, however, the virus utilizes adenovirus technology which has never been approved for human use outside military applications. The only other vaccine currently approved utilizing adenovirus technology is a rabies vaccine in wild animals. No adenovirus vaccine has ever been proven to prevent disease in humans.

In another case, a 63 year old college professor died 48 hours post Johnson and Johnson vaccine with a reported stroke, and the vaccine mentioned on her death certificate. Her daughter shared a post on social media which has received over 4 million views, and it was later picked up by the media.

Since Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccination was approved on 2/27/2021. 16 deaths, 8 life threatening events, 44 Becca Ingle, College Professor hospitalizations and over 1,100 adverse events reports to VAERS as of 2/19/2021. Johnson & Johnson has a purported 66% percent effectiveness rating at reducing symptoms of Covid-19 with a 55% reported side effect incidence,

Public health official reactions and response to reports of post Covid-19 vaccinations vary widely by country. Noway has led the way into investigating injuries and death with the country initiating autopsies after 23 people died within one month of the Pfizer vaccination in care homes (same vaccination administered in the US). Norway changed its recommendation for administration of the vaccine in the frail elderly after a connection was made between the care home deaths and the Pfizer vaccine. Similar patterns of Covid-19 post vaccination deaths have been found to be occurring in care homes in numerous countries with whistle blowers beginning to speak out publicly around concerns of Covid-19 vaccine safety in the elderly population.

Officials insist that vaccinations are safe and effective, and benefits outweighing any risks. The vaccines are prescribed for symptom suppression of Covid-19 infection, with policy makers and pharmaceutical companies acknowledging the vaccines were not assessed for conferring immunity against Sars CoV2 or reducing transmission of the virus.

The 95% effectiveness rating of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations is based on assessing the effect of vaccinations on mild Covid-19 cases. Vaccine trials did not assess for serious outcomes, as outlined by Peter Doshi, in the British Medical Journal.

School districts have closed due to high rate of side effects, many mirroring the same symptoms the vaccines are prescribed to prevent.

For full supporting documentation of this blog post, see HERE for extensive links and sources:


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