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Media Features Mask Theatrics; Ignores Bombshell Israel Crimes Against Humanity Case Accepted At ICC

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

It was trending on Twitter.

Rand Paul Vs Anthony Fauci. 'Rand Paul Rips Fauci Over Masks'

Only he didn't so much. Ron Paul pushed unsubstantiated claims that Covid-19 vaccines provide immunity to Sars Cov2 ), and that masks are not necessary once vaccinated - quote from the video exchange which has been viewed 1.5 million times:

“We’ve had 90 million vaccines in our country, about 40 to 50 million people have been vaccinated and the question is, do they have immunity? Well, we’ve always believed that- that’s the science of vaccines is that when you get an infection or you get the vaccination you develop immunity and yet [Dr. Fauci] keep moving the goalposts and saying well you might get this variant from South Africa…

And my point to him is, show us the evidence. Show us the scientific evidence that people who have already had COVID or people that have already gotten the vaccine are getting it again…

But it’s not true, it’s all conjecture. He says we might get it, therefore we need to wear the mask for another year…

It’s a ridiculous notion not based on science, and what he is doing is theater and it goes against the science of vaccines. Dr. Fauci has immunity, he can’t get it again but he’s wearing a mask because it’s one of his noble lies to convince everybody to wear masks, but it’s not true.”

None of the approved Covid-19 vaccines provide immunity to disease. They were approved on the basis of symptom suppression not immunity. Neither the pharmaceutical companies nor public health officials have claimed they provide immunity to Sars CoV2, they are selling their products on symptom suppression.

Paul's self righteous indignation would have proved more credible had he not used his opportunity to question Fauci to push fallacies around Covid-19 vaccine immunity benefits and give credibility to the myth that masks WERE necessary before the vaccines.

Both parties pushed bogus data perpetuating the use of vaccines that do not provide immunity to disease and giving credence to the fact that masks offer protection of Covid-19 infection. There is ZERO credible evidence Sars Cov2 is spread asymptomatically, and the evidence shows masking can INCREASE spread of disease not stop it.

No wonder the media featured the story, it pushed its two favorite fallacies. It propped up the illusion of 'opposition' between two parties while both parties shill the same disinformation and bad data. Keep the country split and divided fighting over masks. The public needs to educate itself on the actual evidence and data, and stop garnering information through media filters that distort the information from ALL 'sides'.

(Remember, the same 15 billionaires own all 'sides' of American media companies and they are turning into trillionaires off the lockdown policies and Covid-19 vaccinations that their news media pushes on the American people on a 24/7 basis).

What the media did NOT feature however was the bombshell announcement that the International Criminal Court had accepted a case filed on behalf of the citizens of Israel citing abuse by their government in implementing Covid-19 vaccinations against the Nuremberg Code and alleging crimes against humanity:

« Nuremberg Code — A code of medical ethics published on the basis of the laws under which Nazi criminals were tried for conducting horrific medical experiments during World War II in the trial of doctors known as the Nuremberg Trial. The Nuremberg Code then formed the basis of the legislation of the Helsinki Declaration and the basis of the Law on the Rights of Patients in Israel. We intend to introduce you and detail how, in the State of Israel this year, the Government of Israel with its ministers and members of the Knesset, the heads of cities and other senior officials are blatantly violating the Nuremberg Code. and extreme, and to our regret, not only in one aspect but much, too!


"Last weekend, a complaint from the organization “People of Truth” was filed with the Hague Tribunal by lawyers Ruth Machnes and Aryeh Suchowolski, of the law firm A. Suchovolsky and Co., concerning violations of the Nuremberg Code by the Israeli government and other parties. However, the complaint filed last week before the International Criminal Court was accepted.

Lawyer Ruth Machnes told Israel News on 5 March that “at the same time, the complaint will also be filed in the Nuremberg court, along with German lawyer Reiner Fullmich. On Monday, the complaint will be filed in the High Court by Aryeh Suchowolski in Israel, concerning the violation of the Nuremberg Code. The lawyer added six days later: “Pfizer’s experience in the State of Israel was conducted in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which is part of international criminal law and is under the jurisdiction of the Hague court. We are now awaiting a decision:.

This case has serious implications, not only for Israel, but for the many countries that are seeking to implement the use and mandates of Covid-19 vaccination, approved for Emergency Use Only, in the same manner as Israel. While the media pushed nonsensical political theatre around masks, it ignored that Israel is going to be tried for implementing abuse of its citizenry against laws established after the Jewish people (and others) underwent horrific scientific experiments by the Nazis during (and proceeding) World War II. It is a stunning development that Israel should now be tried for the same type of crime against its own citizens. Kudos to Principa Scientifica for covering a story that should have been the lead headline across every news media channel and paper.

This is not the only important story that the media has failed to highlight. Review of evidence by the British Medical Journal, obtained from a data leak, indicates serious concern around stability of mRNA by the pharmaceutical companies:

“The complete, intact mRNA molecule is essential to its potency as a vaccine,” professor of biopharmaceutics Daan J.A. Crommelin and colleagues wrote in a review article in The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences late last year. “Even a minor degradation reaction, anywhere along a mRNA strand, can severely slow or stop proper translation performance of that strand and thus result in the incomplete expression of the target antigen.”6

Crommelin and colleagues note that specific regulatory guidance for mRNA based vaccines has yet to be developed, and The BMJ’s attempts to clarify current standards were unsuccessful"

According to the article the pharmaceutical companies refused to answer basic questions around their standards & criteria for evaluating integrity of mRNA Covid-19 vaccinations citing confidentiality:

"The BMJ asked Pfizer, Moderna, and CureVac, as well as several regulators, what percentage mRNA integrity they consider acceptable for vaccines against covid-19. None offered any specifics.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, the UK’s medicines regulator, acknowledged the lack of a specified percentage RNA integrity, but declined to provide further detail. “The specification limit acceptance criteria are commercially confidential,” the agency said in an email"

If the pharmaceutical companies refuse to disclose basic information to demonstrate proper standards and criteria for obtaining mRNA integrity, there is no reason that the FDA should be administering emergency approval of these drugs, as there is no way to evaluate if the pharmaceutical companies are adhering to necessary standards for ensuring integrity of their product. The FDA, in allowing the companies to claim 'its a secret' over basic data can not possibly evaluate either the safety or effectiveness of these products. The FDA and the pharmaceutical companies have put the cart before the horse in releasing products that do not even have basic regulatory guidelines in place to ensure quality control.

Both the Israeli case and the BMJ leak story have major implications for the use of Covid-19 vaccinations, and the media will not cover the stories.

These issues are not going to go away despite media and government suppression of the story. The tactic may buy time in confronting the serious legal, ethical, and safety issues around the use of Covid-19 emergency approved vaccine products, but it will ultimately destroy media and government credibility, as substantive evidence continues to demonstrate serious problems with the vaccine approval process, vaccine safety , and implementation of policies by governments that appear to go against international law.

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