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New Year's Countdown: Best of Awards & 10 Most Important Unite4Truth Articles (You May Have Missed)

(Compilation of important subject posts you may have missed and our first annual best of awards)

But, first, a very HAPPY New Year to all our readers. 2022 WILL be the year this false Covid-19 narrative FALLS & the vaccine program halted. Know it:

And, now, without further ado, the eleven most important Unite4Truth blogs (you may have missed - number 2 is a tie)

Number 10:

Why it made the list:

( let's allow the President of Bayer to explain)

Number nine:

Why it made the list:

Covid-19 is a manufactured crisis decades in the planning. A review of the previous ten year mRNA/gene line editing/and Pfizer/Moderna military contract headlines goes a long way to out the plan.

Number 8:

Why It Made The List

Sars CoV2 is a computer simulated model of a 'virus' based on genomic sequences patented before 2020. Testing was developed without virus isolate and the record speed of development of vaccines without available virus isolate was the red flag to look deeper into the origin of the virus. Valid scientific verification of Sars CoV2 as a 'novel coronavirus' responsible for the generic cluster symptoms labeled 'Covid-19' has not been documented to exist in the over 90 Freedom of Information of Act responses seeking this data.

Neither drugs nor vaccines can prevent/treat a false positive test result or falsely attributed 'case' of Covid-19 to another cause. This article offers a glimpse into true cause of early death clusters.

Number 7:

Why It Made the List:

David Martin patent data evidence blows apart the 'official' Covid-19 narrative. A much watch interview outlining the damning evidence of government pre-patents of 'Sars CoV2' d genomic sequencing which would go onto be attributed to be the cause of Covid-19 generic cluster symptoms.

Number 6

Why it made the list:

The Covid-19 propaganda campaign has been the largest coordinated psychological warfare operation in the history of mankind (albeit an intensification of existing long standing campaign, it is NOT new). This post reviews the tactics employed by controllers to sow fear/anxiety/despondency in the population to create compliance to harmful government interventions under the false guise of protection of public health. First step in breaking co-dependent enabling of insanity - NAME the abuse. It is long past time for citizens to call out the Covid-19 manufactured crisis for what it is component of an ongoing covert war against the People (now moving overt). Enough.

Number 5:

Why it made the list:

A majority of 'opposition' leadership is actively selling the talking points which support the pivot to the World Health Organization 'test and treat' next phase Covid 19 plan (with

ALL cures actively funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). Instead of confronting the foundational mechanisms of criminal fraud to produce false cases and perpetuate harmful and illegal government control mechanisms on bogus evidence, these self appointed leadership entities push different pharmaceutical drugs and testing to lead us back to the same thing. Remember, no drug or vaccine can treat/suppress symptoms of a false positive test or falsely attributed Covid-19 case to another cause. Beware.

Number 4:

Why it made the list:

Never again is now. This is not the first time doctors and nurses have been coopted into the enactment of policies of genocide under the false pretense of protection of public health. The post includes link to a much watch, award winning documentary 'Caring Corrupted'. The lessons of the holocaust is simple and brutal - we ALL have the propensity to become the Nazi. It is happening again (post includes links and videos to holocaust survivors warning and testimony about Covid-19 policies replicating the same tyranny and genocidal policies as they experienced as young children).

Number 3:

Why It Made the List:

One of the most important stories of the year.

Western media and US policies met the rounding up of indigenous Australian citizens by the military to be placed into electrified double fenced quarantine camps manned by foreign workers EXCLUDED from the country's vaccine mandate policies with abject silence. There is no pretending this action is done for the benefit of public health and it is the history of tyrants and bullies to role out their most contemptible crimes against the most vulnerable populations first. Silence in the face of reinstitution of concentration camps guised as 'quarantine facilities' IS complicity.

Number 2: (tie)


Why they made the list:

Covid-19 has been manufactured as a disease of attribution to other cause. The government is implementing the Covid-19 testing program against its own public health organization standards & warning update statements which results in false positive results by default. This evidence is EXTENSIVELY documented on the FDC, CDC, and WHO websites. Additionally, the attribution standards for a Covid-19 'case' are unscientific and so broad, if we lived in a society which actually 'followed the science', the case definitions would be called out as FRAUD. The posts above document the mechanisms utilized to manufacture false cases to justify unnecessary and harmful Covid-19 protocols by their own evidence. Important, must read and share information.

Number 1:

Why it made the list:

The last blog post of the year for Unite4truth makes the top spot for a reason. The use of military/Fema to replace trained health care professionals to reinstitute Covid-19 policies which have been documented to have resulted in deaths in care home homes/hospitals in the 'first wave' needs to be called out in real time as it happens again. Additionally, the post includes documentation on THE most uncovered story of the pandemic: the use of contaminated test kits with the bacteria and fungal agent contaminants showing up as severe infections in Covid-19 ICU patients around the globe. Nearly every Covid-19 test kit/device ever released has been subsequently recalled by the FDA (over 270 different kits), with none of these tests having any clinical viability for diagnosis of 'Covid-19' attributed infection. It is imperative citizens NOT remain silent as the government moves to enact 'Act II' of the Covid-19 campaign. A must read and share post.

The Best Of Awards:

Best/Most Important Piece of Advice of the Year:

STOP TESTING by Dr Andrew Kaufmann:

(testing needs to be opposed just as vehemently as vaccine mandates) - for article on the simple mechanism utilized to produce 100% false positive tests with antigen testing by the FDA own evidence - see here). You may follow Dr Kaufmann HERE.

Best Overall Truth Teller Award:

Christine Massey & Freedom of Information Campaign to Document Proper Scientific Validation of Sars CoV2 as 'Novel' Virus responsible for generic cluster symptoms labeled Covid-19 (interview below). BRAVO Christine, keep up the fabulous work. (Christine's documentation may be viewed at her website HERE)

Best Real Time Call Out of the Coming Orchestrated Pandemic (in 2019):

Claudia Stauber & 'The Next Pandemic Is Around the Corner (great insight & delivery love)!

You can follow Claudia's youtube channel HERE, Twitter HERE, & Bitchute channel here

Best Overall Video Channel for Pandemic Truth:

Dr Sam Bailey, Odyssey Channel HERE. YAY Sam!!!

Best Display of Integrity by a Nursing Professional: Dr Kevin Corbett:

Dr. Kevin Corbett Interview | Following the Science? | Oracle Films (also gets the best calm call out of hard truth delivery award) - put this on your must watch video list- follow Kevin on twitter HERE

Best Display of Integrity by a Physician (tie):

Dr Charle Hoffe, Whistleblower for Indigenous Canadian Citizens, Moderna Vaccine Causing Serious Harm in patients:


Dr Anne Mccluskey call out to protect the children from Covid-19 inoculations:

Best Call Out of Vaccine Injury Cover Up with bogus Covid-19 diagnosis by a Nurse:

Australian Nurse to Queensland Australia media (sorry, I don't know her name)

Best Call Out by a Mama Bear to a School Board (tie)

Best Call out on bribery of school board members with 'Covid funds)

Best, Most heartfelt plea by a father for ending this insanity for our children:

Best Call Out of the Real Covid-19 Agenda By a Political Figure: Thierry Baudet:

Best, Most courageous action in face of injury/harm - vaccine injured whistleblowers:

(this group has been leading the way in face of ridicule, gaslighting, and mass public denial):

Best Display of Global Solidarity & Hope for the World's Future:

The Global Protest Freedom Movement

There it is everyone, the Best of the Best in 2022, congratulations to all our winners and looking to see YOU join our list on January 1, 2023.


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Keep The Faith. Believe that Good Will Happen because The Fight for a Better World is Never Over! Thank you Unite4Truth. Your work is extraordinary!


Indigenous nations in the USA are being on that list of most compliant and abusing the monies of the CARES ACT.

Replying to

Their leadership is - many of the people are being targeted


Slam Dunk Winner for 2022 in the 'Bitter Irony" category:

"To ensure Illinois Holocaust Museum is as safe as possible for visitors, volunteers, and staff, the Museum will require all guests ages 5+ to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to enter the building as of January 5, 2022."

Replying to

Omg - that would be funny if it was not so dark. I thought of doing a worst of but decided against it - however there is a upcoming controlled opposition with another contender in your category - I will be giving the museum a call....obscene.

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