Covid-19 Vaccine Injured Create Websites As Media Censors, Protects Vaccine Image Over Public Health

Updated: Jul 8

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Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Soar by 872 in 1 Week, Injuries Surpass 411,000, Injured Speak Out

Over 411,000 American citizens now report injuries from Covid-19 vaccination with nearly 7,000 deaths & 7,000 permanent disabilities. VAERS system found to capture only 1% of adverse vaccine reactions per Harvard Study review.

83% of VAERS Reports are generated from medical providers, state reporting agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. FDA has admitted the mass vaccination program began without adequate safety monitoring system. A recent study from Mass General, Bingham documented anaphylactic reactions post Covid-19 vaccine occurring up to 120x the rate reported to the CDC. This highly suggests the system is continuing to vastly under capture post vaccination adverse events. ,

UK now documents over 1 million post Covid-19 vaccine injuries,

Europe records over 15,000 Covid-19 vaccine related deaths.

Covid-19 vaccine injured Americans and the deceased family members are now forced to create their own videos, social media campaigns, and web sites, as the vast majority of media outlets actively refuses to do any true independent investigation of this story.

This is a very small sampling of the hundreds of thousands of stories of the Covid-19 vaccine injured. Light and love to all of them:

Vax Long Haulers Injured Compilation Video: We Need to Be Heard:


Video, press play:

Click on photo and scroll to the bottom of link to watch and listen to individual story of Covid-19 vaccine injury:

A group of almost 30,000 Vaccine Injured have formed on Facebook:

Story about group from GatewayPundit :

Censored COVID Vaccine Victims Demand Answers In Private Facebook Group

Wayne Cunnington: Severe Injury AstraZeneca:

VIDEO: Stephanie Wesil, Educator & Mother of Two, Died Post Moderna Covid-19 Vaccination - Ex Husband Tells Her Story:

Drene Keyes, Virginia Minister & Mother, Treating ER Physician & Autopsy determined Pfizer vaccination correlated to immediate anaphylactic shock as cause of Keyes death. Public health officials denied family request for autopsy, family was forced to pay. Despite physician statement, classic symptom presentation of anaphylactic shock, and autopsy confirmation, public health officials deemed Keyes death as caused by 'Covid-19' on absolutely no evidence what so ever,

Internal emails show evidence of coordinated cover-up

(click on photo for link to full story).

Drene Keyes, Died Post Anaphylactic Reaction to Pfizer Vaccine, Death Implicated in Political Cover Up

Stephanie de Caray and her twelve year old daughter who participated in the Pfizer trials as a 12-year-old, interview trailer:


Video Trailer, click play:

Watch Stephanie's full interview at C19 Vax Reactions with Several Other Covid-19 vaccine injured interviews HERE.

You may report your own Covid-19 vaccine injury to C19 Vax Reactions HERE.

Young Man with Blood Clots in Left Arm:

The CDC has adopted a 'plausible deniability standard' for attribution of a mortality to a Covid-19 vaccination. In the early weeks of the vaccination program, 36 individuals developed thrombocytopenia in association with Pfizer & Moderna Covid-19 vaccinations, a very severe and often fatal blood clotting illness.

Dr Michael Gregory, a healthy individual with no prior history of blood disorders or other conditions associated with development of thrombocytopenia developed the rare blood disorder shortly after administration of Pfizer Covid-19 vacciantion. No lab test revealed any other underlying condition to explain the sudden development of thrombocytopenia, the condition resulted in a brain hemorrhage that killed him.

Despite no other plausible explanation for the development of a listed side effect of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination & the autopsy attributing Gregory's death to thrombocytopenia, the investigative committee tasked with reviewing Dr Gregory's death deemed he died from 'natural causes' since it could not be stated with 'medical certainty' that the Pfizer vaccination resulted in his death.

This is a striking deviation from the CDC criteria for attribution of a death to Covid-19 infection. 96% of Covid-19 attributed deaths have an average of 4.0 comorbidities. Deaths occurring up to 60 days post positive Sars CoV2 test (virus attributed to cause Covid-19 symptoms) are attributed to Covid-19 despite no medical certainty that the Sars CoV2 virus resulted in the death.

The media is now reporting the recent death of a elderly man post Moderna as the first case of death from blood clotting associated with the vaccine. Evidence shows this is not the first blood disorder death due to the Covid-19 mRNA vaccinations, only the first death the CDC has directly attributed to it.

The CDC methods do not warrant public trust.

Dr Michael Gregory, Click on photo for full story:

Other Moderna linked deaths which the CDC refuses to correlate to vaccine despite significant of correlation include:

Griselda Flores, Moderna (another handful of deaths were reported in a cluster occurring one to three days after Covid-19 vaccine administration in a one week period in California), Click on Photo for Full Story:

Kassidi Kurill, Healthy 39 Year Old Mother, Dead Four Day Post Moderna:

Everett Romney, 17, Severe Blood Clots Post Pfizer Vaccination (click on photo for blog with full story and links):

Israeli study documented up to 1 in 3,000 young adults and teens developing myocarditis post Covid-19 mRNA Moderna & Pfizer vaccination. Despite reports of 'mildness' of cases, anyone with a myocarditis diagnosis will be hospitalized and placed on movement restrictions for a minimum of a two month period. Cardiac cells do not generate, and long term harm and health implications are not known with initial diagnosis. This is what a 'mild case' of myocarditis actually means:

Cases of injury and deaths associated with Covid-19 vaccination include:

Shirel Hilel, Died of Myocarditis Post Pfizer (click on photo for blog including coverage of her story:

Healthy Nineteen year old North Western college student died after developing Myocarditis and requiring a heart transplant post Covid-19 Moderna vaccination (click on photo for blog including full information on this story, the media twisted itself into a pretzel to blame the heart transplant for the death instead of the Covid-19 vaccination which destroyed her heart and made the transplant necessary :

19 Year Old Simone Scott

In 1976, the Swine Flu vaccination was pulled from the market after it was associated with 53 deaths. In 2021, nearly 7,000 deaths have been publicly reported to so far (with significant evidence the CDC is backloading injury reports). Over 25% of Covid-19 vaccine associated deaths occur within minutes to less than 48 hours post vaccination with over 55% clustering within the first week. Early clustering indicates a pattern which implicates Covid-19 vaccination in the mortalities:

Media continues to normalize harmful Covid-19 vaccine side effects, and the majority of American do not report vaccine reactions after being indoctrinated into the mistaken belief that becoming ill after Covid-19 vaccination with side effects that mirror Covid-19 attributed symptoms protects their health.

Decades of Pharmaceutical Company advertisements have convinced many Americans, SICKNESS IS HEALTH:

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