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Next Fungal Pandemic Threat Announced, Citizens Must Reject Divisive Propaganda, Stand Together NOW

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

The blog will be on hiatus, updates of important video and peer content will be posted on Fridays, so check back to the home page weekly for updates. A LOT of important information was included in this post, please read through to the end.

The Story:

This was a pivotal week, a review of recent stories in context of global events:

This week the following events unfolded:

VAERS Covid-19 Injury Reports for Covid-19 Vaccines Surpassed the Half Million Mark:

Over 15, 000 American children and teenagers, a population at no virtually no risk of Covid-19 attributed infections according the public health organization data, reported adverse reactions to Covid-19 vaccination:

This, occurred at the same time the FDA quietly announced the agency would (finally) withdraw Emergency Use Approval of PCR Sars CoV-2 (Covid-19). RT PCR testing science has been under review for retraction after a panel of 22 expert researchers found ten significant errors in the original paper on which the testing is based, and deemed the main test for diagnosis of Covid-19 infection 'useless' for detection of Sars CoV2. Radio silence from the media followed the announcement, full story HERE:

Meanwhile, cases of Candida Auris began to appear in various areas throughout the United States as the media announced yet another 'global health threat' Again, cases starting in care homes and hospitals with media whispers of the next pandemic event:

Interestingly, this fungus was predicted to become the next global pandemic in January, with the first isolation of the fungus occurring in 2009 in a Chinese lab:

Just like in India's Mucormycosis current lethal black fungal outbreak, Covid-19 is disingenuously being implicated as the reason for the sudden outbreak of formerly highly rare cases:

Covid-19 attributed infection is offered as an explanation for rise in Candida Auris cases due to compromised immunity. This narrative is an obfuscation as immune suppression is status quo for many medically vulnerable and frail individuals and does NOTHING to explain WHY the fungus is suddenly appearing in hospital and care home settings. Immune vulnerability is NOT a new factor. ORIGIN should be central focus of investigation and reporting, not immune suppression status.

In India, investigators have correlated mucormycosis outbreaks to Covid-19 testing and oxygen equipment and steroid use.

In the United States, a pharmacist just received more jail tail for causing a bacterial meningitis outbreak that killed numerous individuals in multiple states through distribution of contaminated steroids:

In addition to the Mucormycosis & Aspergilliosis outbreak in India, there has also been widespread reports of Aspergilliosis fungal infections (again, disingenuously correlated to Covid-19 attributed infections):

The outbreak in India occurred at the same time a mass Class 1 recall of 306 different medical devices due to Aspergilliosis contamination of products produced between December 2019 and March 2021 was instituted by the FDA:

The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death.

Over 267 Covid 19 tests have been recalled by the FDA due to severe flaws and contamination issues. Covid-19 medical devices and kits have been recalled from countries around the globe due to mold, bacteria, and other contaminants. These recalls comprise tens of millions of tests.

For over a year and a half, 306 DIFFERENT medical devices contaminated with Aspergillosis have been utilized in medical procedures, and the media and public health officials have done nothing to raise public awareness of the problem, instead attributing Covid-19 as the reason for the sudden appearance of the fungus in people with positive Sars CoV2 tests expert peer review has deemed useless for detection of the virus, as well as others without any Covid-19 associated infection.

The common ORIGIN factor for Candida Auris infection is occurrence of infection after delivery of health care. This indicates introduction of the fungus through a source within the health care facilities, and given the global occurrence of cases, this indicates contamination may be occurring from sources in a a widespread distribution chain.

"Candida auris is an emerging fungus that presents a serious global health threat. In the United States, most cases of C. auris infection result from local spread within healthcare facilities in the same city or state. However, healthcare facilities should be on the lookout for new introductions of C. auris infection from patients who received healthcare elsewhere in the United States or abroad in areas with C. auris transmission".

Readers should be aware fungal infections are NON-CONTAGIOUS.

​Fungal diseases such as Mucormycosis, Candidiasis, Aspergillosis (widely known as Black, White & Yellow Fungus) are non-contagious infections that happen when we inhale/come in contact with the fungal spores

In any sane world not ruled by 24/7 government and media disinformation, the Covid-19 vaccine safety data and testing problems would result in immediate halt to vaccinations and an end to all health directives based on severely flawed tests generating fatally compromised data. Officials would not dismiss Candida Auris as caused by Covid-19 attributed infections and investigate contaminated medical equipment as a source cause of outbreak in hospitals and care homes given the contamination history of Covid-19 tests and mass Class 1 recalls of medical equipment with Aspergilliosis contamination in April.

However, this is not a sane world, so here is what happened instead:

The CDC went into full meltdown mode, reversing statements made just weeks ago that Covid-19 vaccines provide adequate protection against the computer modeled 'Delta variant' (brought to the public courtesy of computer modeling by Neil Feurgoson, the poster child of being wrong on every one of his past pandemic predictions & involved in the WHO's 2009 Swine Flu pandemic scandal:

(links to original source and archived article, removed in October 2020 by Forbes after publication for over 10 years):

Rochelle Walensky resurrected the disproven narrative of viral spread being related to an individual's viral load . Viral load is determined through use of severely flawed testing unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2 & viral load has nothing to do with METHOD of transmission.. Full information debunking the entirely unsubstantiated myth of asymptomatic transmission HERE.

Excellent summary of issues with asymptomatic transmission story by Dr Sam Bailey:

All rationale for social distancing, lockdowns, and masking dissolve without the false rationale of 'asymptomatic spread',

Americans have been diverted into arguing over the effectiveness of masks rather than being given proper information on WHY masks are not needed with both independent and msm sources perpetuating the divisive & scientifically unsubstantiated myth of 'asymptomatic transmission'.

'Break-through cases', a false narrative based on data fatally corrupted through severely flawed testing and case attribution standards was put forth to rationalize new government mandates for distancing and masking. This occurred after 75% of individuals in Provincetown MA tested positive with public health official disingenuously reporting this was due to the new 'Delta variant' even though testing does not differentiate 'variant' infection. Delta variant determination is based on 'genomic sequencing' which is purported to identify a small segment component of a sequence attributed to Sars CoV2 infection. Patent Attorney David Martin determined through patent investigation Sars CoV2 sequencing patents predates 2020 by up to TWENTY years Full video interview HERE.

Labs admit no test to determine variant (thanks again to Tim Truth - journalist note any individual can call and ask for this information):

Despite the statement from Walensky declaring vaccinated individuals are driving spread & CDC studies documenting vaccinated individuals constituting majority of new cases, Dr Anthony Fauci came out and blamed the 'unvaccinated' for the latest spread while at the SAME TIME stating vaccinated individuals are spreading the virus.

(This is talking within the confines of a false narrative. However, it is useful to point out how officials' talking points make no logical sense even in context of official's own talking points).

Fauci emphasized majority 'break through cases' of the delta variant were occurring in the vaccinated.

However, Fauci failed to point out that up to 86% of individuals with a positive PCR test for Sars CoV2 have no symptoms anyway, and, of the 14% Covid-19 attributed infection which present symptomatically, 81% are mild. And, of course, that a positive test does NOTHING to indicate actual presence of Sars CoV2 due to the non-specificity of the test.

The claim that vaccines are responsible for health outcomes no different than individuals experience without vaccinations is one of the core manipulations utilized to sell completely unnecessary investigative drug products to the populace.

Public health officials & media pundits are attempting to project blame for draconian, illegal, harmful, and unnecessary Covid-19 policy directives onto citizens who will not comply with harmful and unnecessary government orders. It is utterly nonsensical, with no grounding in reality or truth. It is desperation and it is falling flat with citizens who have complied with government directives to this point. The language is designed to turn the non vaccinated into plague rats and gain public support for measures to ostracize non vaccinated individuals from employment and societal interaction. It is a medical segregation tactic that the Nazi leaders used against the Jewish people in the 1930s as described here by holocaust survivor Vera Sherav, a narrative that was utilized to justify the 'final solution':

Members of the public who erroneously believed that Covid-19 inoculations would provide restoration of normal life to society are infuriated now, not at the non vaccinated, but at public health officials and the media. Individuals who were recently touted as selfless heroes were not thrilled with the demotion to 'super spreader' as evidenced in the following clip:

The Mask Comes Off:

The desperation of public health officials and media to force unwanted, unnecessary and harmful inoculations onto an increasingly resistant public (15 million who took one vaccination are not returning for the second) took an extremely ugly turn with CNN commentators openly mocking those advocating for individual's right to medical autonomy over their own body and stating access to social spaces should be denied to all who do not comply including GROCERY STORES.

"They keep saying, Oh well, it's my freedom or whatever" - CNN

'We could not have been more kind and compassionate as a country says the mayor of a city that put DNR orders on citizens - 'voluntary phase is over':

These statements are measures of desperation not strength. Opposition is so strong, policy makers are reduced to threatening to shut off access to food as a means to force compliance for inoculation with emergency, investigative use drugs. Additionally, the vaccine injuries have become so widespread and severe, tens of thousands of individuals are creating their own groups to tell stories of harm suffered and demand government assistance for medical bills due injuries caused by the vaccines. This level of severe injury from Covid-19 vaccines will not remain hidden, and public outrage is only going to increase as citizens understand the level of deliberate suppression of evidence by the government documenting significant Covid-19 vaccination harms.

This desperate push for forced vaccinations is occurring at a time in which citizens, medical professionals and policy makers alike, are standing up to denounce harmful and unnecessary Covid-19 policies around the world. A global unification is solidifying, and THIS is the solution to this current global crisis and every citizen must reject any call to frame our family members, friends, fellow state and country man and fellow global citizens as 'enemies'.

Right now, the contradictory and nonsensical government & public health official Covid-19 narrative is pushing millions of citizens to finally be open to objective review of fact around Covid-19 policies and directives. Keep an open heart and offer an olive branch when it is possible. Standing together in unity and forgiveness will end this - not succumbing to the fear tactics deliberately seeded to drive our failure. Do NOT buy the global civil war narrative. We are on the cusp of a global & peaceful unity that has never occurred before in the modern age.

We Are WINNING: Great blog post from Jon Rappoport as companion reading to the following videos:

A French Freedom Participant noted that both vaccinated and non vaccinated alike were marching together to oppose vaccine mandates and passports:

Video from above screen shot:

Police took off helmets, walked with the protestors:

London UK, does this look like the tiny minority operating the control's behind Oz's curtain are winning?


More Protest Footage HERE:

Health Professionals SPEAKING OUT:

Video from this weekend's protests:


"We haven't had a covid case (in my hospital) for 6 months, but there are a lot of people dying from the vaccine and others who have a lot of side effects.

Staff at Mount Lemilar Hospital in France Walked Out in Protest

Celebrities speak out:

"Thank you for the one thing good (*^%ing thing that came out of this shutdown, I became more EMPOWERED" - Busta Rhymes. Preach! (strong language warning) bless you Busta.

Eric Clapton:

Speaks out on Moderna injury:

Van Morrison on Government Hypocrisy:

Major German Newspaper Issues Partial Apology for Covid-19 Coverage, It's a start!

Policy makers are questioning leadership serving the agenda of the 'Great Reset':

Dutch Senator: Chairman Lies & Fails to Divert Question with 'Conspiracy Theory' Label:

Dutch Minister exposes Rockefeller papers issued in 2010 documenting plan to institute 'Great Reset on Viral Pandemic':

Policy Makers in Italian Parliament Stood Up Against Green Pass:

The Mexican President came out and openly stated the dilemma for policy makers and leadership right now - politicians now stand between the hubris/delusions of owner's failing plans and a multi-billion populace awakening to betrayals by political leaders. This is a tentative statement from a scared man.

"We Wish to Be Selling Vaccines Always'

They are LOSING.

Here in one of the most compliant blue states in the country, this writer can confirm that the Covid-19 Delta narratives has fallen flat. The authorities have placed themselves in a position to argue for the FAILURE of their vaccines, in order to sell the need for more vaccines. It is going over like a lead balloon. Most are actively socializing with family and friends regardless of vaccine 'status' and most are beyond fed up. Many have expressed that if vaccines don't work, it is time to just live life.

The support for these policies is ten miles wide and a centimeter deep. Take heart.

This isn't over yet, and it is likely that political & corporate rulers who bet all their chips on Covid-19 as a means to usher in a global Global Reset will lash out in further acts of desperation.

But, these are deaths throes, not victory marches.

Stop ceding the inevitability of victory to individuals who stand on the precipice of complete failure.

We are nearly there. Hold firm, hold fast, hold tight.

The Great Awakening is HERE. Happening NOW!

Choose love....not fear.

This song was meant for this moment:

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Thank you, U4T for an incredibly comprehensive post. Little gripe... the Sam Bailey clip is unwatchable. It seems time compressed and very LowFi Here's a link to the original:

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Noreen Johnston
Noreen Johnston
04 ago 2021

As Freddie Mercury said “We’ll keep on fighting til the end!” The truth is winning!

Me gusta

Well now another GREAT post on one of the bests places to find the "TRUTH!"

How about CHD .... and a few more....

CDC DROPS from 12,313 to 6,079 deaths occurring between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 19, 2021


“The July 16 number was “double” that of the previous day, so it was “definitely” incorrect,”the spokeswoman said. “We checked our stats internally and it’s only 6,000. So someone doing an update misrepresented that or made a mistake, in other words.”

July 23rd, 2021. From Dec. 14, 2020

VAERS NEWEST....(look that UP on Startpage or Duckduckgo) stats in duh us of A is at all_most 500,000 PLUS Adverse Effects with about 13,000 DEAD, in 7.5 MONTHS.....( and it dropped…

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Thank you for this magnificent post! Your knowledge and wisdom are profound, and are desperately needed, I think, by those of us struggling to remain hopeful that we can change the trajectory we are on.

My state, California, just reinstated mask mandates. I, for one, refuse to comply. I did so unwillingly the first time around, hating every minute I wore a mask, which was as few as possible. The very moment I exited a store I'd take the mask off, in order to show that I'd been wearing it unwillingly.

A few weeks ago, when masks were "recommended" indoors but not yet "mandated" again, I refused to comply, and made at least one person angry and upset by doing…

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How can they keep on lying and expect anyone to take them seriously? They are killing people for the Global Reset...this has nothing to do with a virus at all...why isn't everyone as mad as hell?

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Contestando a

Yo got that "Spot ON!"

1. According to the The Vaccine Watchman, PDF written in 1888..."a virus is dead matter secreted from a diseased cell, just like germs!"

2. See "the Poison Needle" PDF (and download..before it goes Poofy!)

As you know......

3. Lying is the nature of these lowest "forms" of humans, or 1 step above a "door mat!"

Genocidlists can do NOTHING but LIE, to themselves via their own mental degenerated "delusions of grandeur," and FALSELY being better than all others, below them, which is an "automatic" downward spiral of their complete arrogance of ignor-ants!

Actually "ants" have a higher IQ and are smarter!

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