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Bigger Picture: Divide & Conquer Around Covid Cures to Align Public with Pharmaceutical Intervention

Psychological manipulation is the PRIMARY mechanism of control authorities are utilizing to subjugate the population into division and acceptance of polices which cause mass public harm.

A summary of the larger (controllers) goals in pushing public demand for pharmaceutical 'cures' or vaccination for treatment of Covid-19 attributed infection

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The Preface:

Pharmaceutical drugs have been shown in recent years to be the third leading cause of death in American citizens.

This number is likely FAR higher as many heart attacks, strokes, and other severe health events resulting in death induced by pharmaceutical drugs will ever be traced to the medication.

In different years, medical errors VYE for third spot:

"It boils down to people dying from the care that they receive rather than the disease for which they are seeking care," Makary told the newspaper".

The Story:

The policy makers, public 'health' leadership, and media are working to get the public to demand Covid-19 pharmaceutical solutions as the REQUIRED solution for our health...and this occurring from all 'sides'.

Cognitive dissonance is not just reserved for those in the vaccine advocacy community.

All of us have blind spots which will be targeted for manipulation. Disinformation should be EXPECTED on multiple fronts.

cognitive dissonance


  1. The psychological tension that occurs when one holds mutually exclusive beliefs or attitudes and that often motivates people to modify their thoughts or behaviors in order to reduce the tension.

These are confusing and frightening times. We are all vulnerable to exploitation right now, and the system currently operates in a manner where information is controlled on multiple levels and multiple fronts. In order to navigate through this Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party World, it is imperative each of us confront our own limiting beliefs which can (and will) be targeted in this mass onslaught of psychological warfare.

And, this IS a war. It is a grotesque strategy of war (implemented by controllers and abusers) to frame interventions meant to inflict harm under the guise of benevolent intent.

The solution to this crisis will NOT come from top down authority directives or pharmaceutical companies which have been weaponized as adjuncts to military, profit and control interests. There is a mass effort to lure the public to stay under the control of corrupted systems of political subjugation through deceptive campaigns to offer political opposition to only ONE aspect of the wider problem...and then lead people right back under the worship of pharmaceutical drugs and failed political systems as the needed 'cure'.

Many individuals whom are fully aware Covid-19 inoculations do not induce protection or prevention of disease are being led to champion alternative pharmaceutical solutions outside the realm of critical reason.

This blog has compiled extensive evidence which indicates Covid-19 is a disease of attribution to other cause. Most in the vaccine opposition community are fully aware of the severe Covid-19 testing flaws, and understand the tests are 'useless' for detection of Sars CoV2, the virus attributed to cause Covid-19 symptoms.

The solution to finding the right treatment for disease begins with determination of actual cause of illness. This is why no pharmaceutical solution offered on the basis of false attribution of Covid-19 to another cause through faulty testing methods has any validity in determining treatment method for the virus.

What is being treated with a diagnosis of Covid-19 based on a positive test result?

We do not know. The tests are literally 'useless' for detection of the virus and thus 'useless' for diagnosis of Covid-19 infection.

Sars CoV2 has never been credibly established as a new novel virus by objective, rational and scientific processes. The evidence documents Sars CoV2 as a computer modeled simulation of a virus based on pre-existing genomic sequences which predate 2020. Research to 'isolate' the virus being done through combining animal RNA and existing assays to allegedly extract Sars CoV2. The story, when viewed objectively, makes no logical sense.

However, even if one ascribes to the official narratives from public 'health' officials, the interventions pushed by policy makers and media (msm and 'independent' media alike) still make ZERO logical sense.

'The study, which was peer reviewed, looked at 36,061 individuals who took a coronavirus test as part of the infection survey between 26 April and 27 June 2020. It found that 86.1% of those who tested positive for the virus did not report “core” symptoms associated with the virus (a cough, fever or a loss of taste and/or smell) on the day they took a test. Out of the 115 people that received a positive coronavirus result, only 16 reported the main symptoms that we associate with the virus".

And, the near majority of those whom do present with Covid attributed symptoms are mostly mild (this is why the rationale for vaccines is so beyond ridiculous, they claim vaccines offer benefits which they do not instill based on EXISTING outcomes - its sleight of hand fraud):

So, why exactly do we need vaccines or any pharmaceutical intervention costing of billions of dollars in resources to allegedly cure an illness which nearly all individuals present with no/mild symptoms?

Why would one need to intervene to come up with prophylactic treatment methods to prevent symptoms which do not hardly ever manifest or mostly manifest as mild?

The PREMISE makes no sense.

The authorities have openly admitted since the beginning, Covid-19 vaccines do not stop transmission of a disease. And, the CDC has literally had to change the definition of the word 'vaccine' to rationalize mass injection of the population with a drug which alleged purpose of suppression of symptoms.

But, this rationale becomes farcical even in the context of the official narrative.

There is a MASSIVE push now going on in both mainstream and 'independent' media to

split the Covid-19 'solution debate. The framing:

Covid-19 Pharmaceutical VACCINES versus Pharmaceutical CURES.

What is the common thread here? What is the central premise being maintained through this 'debate'?

Both sides are pushing unnecessary pharmaceutical solutions as cures for a disease not credibly documented to originate with Sars CoV2. an attributed disease which hardly ever results in the expression of severe symptoms with majority expressing no symptoms at all

We now are at the point people are literally debating whether pesticide drugs (with studies being financed for Bill Gates) are better alternatives than injections which are inducing heart attacks and thrombosis in all population groups.

Whom does this debate actually serve?

Pharmaceutical drugs are not healing the population, they are one of the LEADING causes of death.

Decades of pharmaceutical advertising has indoctrinated the population into the false belief sickness is health. THIS is the purpose of the never ending onslaught of pharmaceutical brainwashing ads:

This is divide and conquer all over again:

It is the same tactic which is utilized to keep individuals split and fighting over political parties which ultimately serve the same wealth and military interests leading the Covid-19 control strategy right now. (Covid-19 is just one mechanism in a much larger campaign).

NOTICE: this debate is very much being channeled through party split with the Democratic 'side' pushing for the vaccines and the Republican 'side' pushing for 'cures'.

The theatre being played out on this is contrived with political party leaders and talking heads advocating for banning the substance the other 'side' opposes and pushing for their 'sides' preferred pharmaceutical intervention.

The goal here is keeping the public under the allegiance to pharmaceutical drug cures as necessary to maintain health.

The goal is getting the public to DEMAND pharmaceutical intervention as cures for disease.

It is ludicrous because Covid-19 is subset of symptoms ascribed through use of testing unsuitable for detection of the virus.

Problem Reaction Solution: Pharmaceutical interventions are central to the current strategy to greater goals:

Beware: Judges on BOTH sides are ordering medical drug interventions. This is chilling and a red flag for the true intent of the push for the 'alternative' Covid 'cures'


Legal authority dictating medical treatment? Chilling. Both orders EQUALLY unconstitutional and in violation of human and civil rights.

The current effort is establishment of acceptance of government dictated pharmaceutical intervention - be it through Covid 'treatment's or Covid 'vaccines'.

The wealth interests and controllers do not particularly care which pharmaceutical delivery method is the preferred standard of any given individual. They only care the populace will accept and DEMAND pharmaceutical solutions as necessary intervention for health.

The larger goal is maintaining citizen's allegiance and acceptance to severely dysfunctional and broken systems of 'health' care and acceptance of physician authority to drive individual health decisions.

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated into serving the same agenda of Covid-19 vaccines under other guises.

I do NOT consent

Remember history:

Blaming illnesses induced by the pharmaceutical drugs meant to 'cure' the disease is not new to Covid-19 vaccines.

Splitting the populace into 'opposition' which does not serve to actually oppose the underlying power structure is the specialty of the current controllers.

Real change will come from the bottom up and creating solutions OUTSIDE the dictates of the Doctor Strangelove machinations and manipulations.

And, have compassion for each other. We all have advocated policies detriment of our own interests. Change comes when we each, individually, transform our understanding and change our actions accordingly. Hurling insults and accusations of stupidity at someone else is easy, it is much harder to take our own personal inventory. Recognizing our own failing and blindspots helps us to maintain compassion for how others fall prey to the same weakness and ignorance. The ENTIRETY of this country has been under SEVERE psychological abuse tactics. We are not going to heal through blame, shame, and division.

Love and compassion to each and every one of you. May healing find us all.

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