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Biden: New Vaccine Mandates, CDC Changes Vaccine Definition, Global Citizen Pushback VIDEOS

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

This has NEVER been about protection of individual or public health.

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In this blog:

-Joe Biden announces new vaccine mandates and testing directives

-CDC changes the definition of 'vaccine' (video)

-Union worker pushback

-Video testimony from Canadian Ethics Professor & Australian Pilot denouncing vaccine

mandate policy

-Australian 'Wellcamp' Quarantine Camp (Video)

-UK claims right to vaccinate children with Covid-19 against parent's wishes despite UK vaccine panel advising against vaccines in youth populations

The Story:

Joe Biden is expected to announce unscientific and harmful mandates of Covid-19 vaccinations and increased testing today:

A White House official said the six pillars Biden will discuss include:

  1. Vaccinating the unvaccinated

  2. Furthering protection for the vaccinated

  3. Keeping schools safely open

  4. Increasing testing and requiring masking

  5. Protecting our economic recovery

  6. Improving care for those with COVID

Biden also will announce new measures for kids in classroom settings. (this article will be updated with the specific announcement when available.

Update: Biden Mandate Applies to Over 100 million Americans including Private Sector Employers with Over 100 Employees & Health Care Facilities That Receive Medicare/Medicaid Funding:

"The expansive rules mandate that all employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly, affecting about 80 million Americans. And the roughly 17 million workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid also will have to be fully vaccinated".

Major court challenges expected with RNC vowing legal actions. The President does not have the authority to mandate medical procedures for private business, and many experts were stating the order would not hold in court.

Update: Joe Biden Mandates for Federal Vaccines Against Science and the Constitution, full speech here:

Short Clips

Preparation for ANOTHER Pandemic

Patience is Wearing Thin...Bully Warning for Failure to Inject with Harmful, Unnecessary Medical Experiment:

Biden Refuses to Answer Questions, Runs Away When Asked if Mandates Constitutional:

Biden to End Summer of 'Freedom'

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden will seek to ramp up pressure on the unvaccinated by announcing additional federal vaccine mandates, calling for the private sector to do the same, and pushing for increased testing in schools on Thursday as the season he billed as a “summer of freedom” ends with thousands of unvaccinated Americans dying from Covid-19 every week".

The President false equivalency is debunked by public health organization and vaccine trial data. The drugs do not stop transmission of disease, and there is ZERO evidence vaccinations reduce severe outcomes of Covid-19 attributed infections with the trials assessing for mostly mild cases. Politicians & media reporters regularly make statements around Covid-19 protections which are unsubstantiated or disproven by public health organization date and vaccine trial evidence.

Additionally, the WHO & CDC have constructed fraudulent attribution standards for diagnosis and morbidity attribution of Covid-19 infections based on central RT PCR testing non specific to the virus and deemed 'useless' for detection of Sars CoV2 by 22 expert panel International of Science peer review.

Mandates of drugs which do not stop transmission of disease are useless as a containment measure for spread of infection. The evidence and CDC admission document Covid-19 'vaccines' do not stop spread of disease.

The CDC has literally had to rewrite the definition of the word 'vaccine' to rationalize mass injections into the population which don't provide immunity to disease or stop transmission of a virus:

Per CDC Vaccines now do not have to provide immunity to disease - only 'protection':

Full video with Documentation from Tim Truth channel - More CDC Sleight of Hand Fraud:

The move is required to provide some sort of cover justification to implement vaccination passports implemented on completely irrational and unscientific grounds. The Biden administration recently floated the policy of vaccine passports for interstate travel.

New York City Mayor Deblasio is currently under sharp criticism and protest for enacting vaccine mandate and city wide restrictions in certain venues.

Worse, the drugs masquerading as Covid-19 'vaccines' do not provide ANY substantive benefit and 'protection' from Sars CoV2 attributed symptoms. The vaccine and CDC data CLEARLY document vaccines INDUCE the symptoms the drugs are purported to suppress, at rates greater and more severe than individual will experience with a positive PCR test diagnosis of Covid-19 attributed infection, documented HERE:

FDA Grants Full Approval Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine for Over 16s, In Act of Medical & Scientific Fraud

The drug thus have NO benefit, and extensive documentation of serious risk.

The CDC vaccine definition change is just the latest example of medical fraud from public government health organizations which have included the use of unsuitable, unscientific testing and attribution standards for diagnosis of Covid-19 and case/hospitalization/mortality rate determination.

Additionally, the CDC:

-Enacted different attribution standards for Covid-19 diagnosis and cycle threshold measurement rates for vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals. The policy put in place parameters which will drive large false positive rates among unvaccinated due to high Rt PCR Cycle Threshold testing recommendations while reducing false positives in vaccinated populations. Both populations are still tested at a rate above 24 CT, the rate at which the test stops picking up any live infectious material.

-Counts vaccinated individuals dying after Covid-19 vaccination as unvaccinated, if the death occurs within two weeks of Pfizer/Moderna second vaccination or one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 61% of the nearly 14,000 VAERS Covid-19 death reports occurred within two weeks of receipt of vaccination. The CDC has now classified the majority of deaths occurring after Covid-19 vaccines as 'unvaccinated', thus allowing the agency to falsely report true numbers to public and attribute vaccine associated deaths to Covid-19 on the basis of symptom presentation and faulty testing standards.

Significant pushback against illegal, harmful, unnecessary Covid-19 policies are occurring both in the US and globally. Federal workers have already announced opposition to the policies with the Post Union coming out against mandates last July:

" is not the role of the federal government to mandate vaccinations for the employees we represent," the union released in a statement Wednesday evening"

Unions are already announcing they will fight the mandates in court with NYC under mandate orders already moving forward to fight the directives:

Vaccine Mandates Next for Cops, COs? Unions Say They'll Fight It in Court

Union leaders taking de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for DOE staffers to court

"Union leaders representing 350,000 city workers plan to file a legal action to stop Mayor de Blasio from implementing a vaccine mandate for Department of Education employees without their input".

Pushback against mandates is occurring globally among workers, below, video of silent protest of fire fighters against Covid-19 vaccine mandate policies in Calgary Canada:

Ethics Professor:

Professionals are speaking out against mandates including Australian Pilot:

The true global agenda of Covid-19 policy is exposing itself as governments move to create 'quarantine camps' and enact vaccination policy going against the recommendation of its own vaccination advisory councils:

Australia has been subject to draconian lockdown measures with the government constructing quarantine camps to house citizens:

Orwellian Named 'Wellcamp' Built to Quarantine Australian Citizens:

Per above video, the camps are justified as necessary for protection against the 'Delta Variant', a never verified covid-19 attributed strain with no specific test, based on genomic sequencing models from the poster child of being wrong on every past pandemic prediction he has ever made. (Neil Feurgoson). Feurgoson was central figure in 2009 swine flu scandal (Forbes Magazine, Why the Who Faked A Pandemic).

Media are covering up the Delta variant attribution fraud by telling citizens it is literally ILLEGAL to be told test results.

The US also has outlined a plan to take citizens out of their home, separate families, elderly and children:

Plans for Quarantine Camps are documented on CDC Website:

CDC New Shielding Guidance Sets Up 'Camps' To Quarantine & Segregate Elderly, 'High Risk' Groups

COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Minister Nadhim Zahawi told the Times radio that British teenagers would still be allowed to get a COVID-19 vaccination, even if their parents objected, as long as they consented to the jab.

This assertion comes at the same time the JCVI advised against Covid-19 vaccines in population groups under the age of fifteen years of age (it is inexplicable why older teens were not excluded given the rate of vaccine myocarditis has been documented to be highest in late teen to early 20s men):

"Britain's vaccine advisers said they were not recommending the vaccination of all 12- to 15-year-olds against COVID-19, preferring a precautionary approach in healthy children due to a rare side effect of heart inflammation....

the JCVI said it wanted more information on the long-term effects of rare reports of heart inflammation, known as myocarditis, in young people following vaccination with Pfizer's shot"

Despite the claim myocarditis is 'rare' in young populations, a recent Israeli study documented teen boys and young men under the age of 24, at a up to 1 in 3,000 risk for developing cardiac inflammation post vaccination. Additionally, health experts have been misrepresenting the potential seriousness of vaccine induced heart inflammation by claiming cases are 'mild'.

Diagnosis of myocarditis requires hospitalization, severe movement restrictions, for at least a two month period, and unknown long term outcomes. This is not what the majority of the public associates with 'mild' illness.

Populations under the age of 30 are at a virtually zero percent risk for serious outcome and morbidity from Covid-19 attributed infection.

Update: New Global Footage from Covid-19 Mandate Protests

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