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FDA Approves Pfizer Covid19 Vaccine 12-15 yr Despite Death, Hospitalizations in Teens Post Vaccine

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

*Note: 83% of VAERS data is generated from medical providers, state reporting agencies, and pharmaceutical company reports. Majority of voluntary reports are good faith individual or family reports, often verified by a co-existing medical reports from a care provider. Low capture rate is issue with VAERS, not data credibility.

Severe reactions are occurring post Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination in teenagers administered the new technology, mRNA Covid-19 drug. Despite media hype, the evidence shows that teens are not an at-risk population from Sars CoV2 infection.

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The Story:

Individuals in the population of 0-20 are at virtually zero risk from Covid-19 infections. The evidence overwhelming supports this statement. However, this didn't stop the FDA from breaking with all scientific and medical ethic in approving an emergency, investigative use only new technology gene line editing drug for mass administration into a vulnerable population group. The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination is now authorized for emergency use for individuals age 12 to 15 years.

The authorization comes at the same time serious health and safety issues are arising around the globe with use of all Covid-19 vaccinations, with Pfizer & Moderna under EU investigation for inducing hearth inflammation. All Covid-19 vaccinations are under scrutiny for severe and lethal blood clotting issues occurring after administration of the vaccines including Pfizer. For example:

A health 17 year old boy in Utah developed blood clots and hospitalized after administration Everest Romney of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination

Everest Romney developed severe symptoms one day after vaccination.

He developed severe headaches, could not turn his head without the assistance of his hands, After a week of symptoms, the teen was hospitalized in the ICU after tests determined he had developed three bloodclots, one outside and two inside his brain.

According to the local news article, the road ahead for Everest remains uncertain with swelling still present in his eyes. His mother states: “The hardest thing was I let him get that shot. And he was healthy and well before,” says Romney.

“But you question it, you can’t help but question it when it all goes wrong,” she added.

In another case, a sixteen year old teen girl died 9 days after administration of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination with a pulmonary embolism. The report notes that the teen was on oral contraceptive (a risk factor for blood clotting issues), however, the embolism developed only after administration of the Pfizer vaccination with Covid-19 drugs flagged for blood clotting risks, and there is currently no available research to indicate how Covid-19 vaccination might potentiate or heighten blood clotting risks with interaction of other medications. No autopsy is documented in this case:

Sixteen Year Old Wisconsin VAERS Report with ER Note:

There are currently eight VAERS death reports submitted for events between the ages of 0 & 17 years of age.

Additionally, there are 21 hospitalizations recorded in age 0-17 years including:

A verified report from contactable doctor. Sixteen year old girl hospitalized for seven days post Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination with basal ganglia infarction (stroke effecting basal ganglia center of brain). Onset occurred four days post vaccination:

In another verifiable report, a 16 year old California teen boy developed myocarditis (heart inflammation) post Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination with a permanent disability documented. Symptom onset of fever and severe headache occurred immediately post vaccination, admittance in hospital occurred four days later:

There is growing concern with mRNA Pfizer & Moderna Covid-19 inducing heart inflammation (myocarditis) in healthy individuals under the age of thirty. Recent studies have indicated spike protein induction of Covid-19 vaccination into cells may contribute to cardiovascular cell inflammation and damage. The US military began investigation into the condition after 19 service members developed the conditions after Covid-19 vaccination.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations are now under investigation in the EU for concerns the drugs are inducing myocarditis in some vaccine recipients.

Full documentation and source links may be viewed in full Myocarditis report:

Many health professionals have growing concerns with directives to administer Emergency Use new technology drugs in vulnerable population groups including children:

The Israeli Public Emergency Council for the Covid-19 Crisis issued a letter to their government leaders asking to reverse policy and stop administration of Covid-19 vaccination in children:

"the rationale for administering the vaccine to children in order to protect the adult population or to achieve an unclear goal of "herd immunity" is immoral and contradicts the principles of medical ethics".

Due to censorship and media outlets featuring nearly all pro-vaccination doctors, many Americans remain unaware of significant health concerns doctors and other health professionals have with the entire Covid-19 vaccination program.

Doctor and health problems have been facing extreme censorship against publicly speaking out over the extensive and severe reactions they are witnessing in association with the Covid-19 vaccination program.

A group of Canadian doctors was forced to launch a petition after medical authorities issued a directive against the doctors speaking publicly about problems with Covid-19 vaccinations:

"On April 30, 2021, Ontario’s physician licensing body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), issued a statement forbidding physicians from questioning or debating any or all of the official measures imposed in response to COVID-19. 1

The CPSO then went on to threaten physicians with punishment – investigations and disciplinary action....

We regard this recent statement of the CPSO to be unethical, anti-science and deeply disturbing"

The doctors have pushed back stating:

"By ordering physicians to be silent and follow only one narrative, or else face discipline and censure, the CPSO is asking us to violate our conscience, our professional ethics, the Nuremberg code and the scientific pursuit of truth.

We will never comply and will always put our patients first".

Full letter and link to petition signature page may be read here:

Despite growing and direct evidence of Covid-19 vaccinations inducing severe harm and death at alarming rates, the CDC maintains that there is no proven connection with Covid-19 vaccinations and adverse events.

The agency is denying connection with deaths post Covid-19 vaccination in cases where autopsied evidence indicates the person died as direct result of complications from the vaccinations. A recent determination by public health officials in Virginia highlight the problem, and strongly indicate public health officials and the CDC are protecting vaccine image over the interests of public health.

Many Americans are assuming public health officials and the CDC are acting in good faith, when evidence indicates health officials are breaching the public trust with pushing improperly tested and unnecessary Covid-19 vaccinations onto the public and failing to appropriately investigate post Covid-19 vaccination deaths:

Health Care Professionals for Covid-19 Policy Correction launched a petition two months ago to flag severe problems with government mandated Covid-19 testing, vaccination safety, and health directives Over a thousand physicians, nurses of all practice levels, and other health care professionals have signed on with concerned citizens to end the directives.

The full petition may be viewed HERE.

Full safety review of Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccination may be found HERE.

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