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What Parents Should Know: Covid-19 Vaccinations Experimental New Technology, 24,000+ Reports Injury

Updated: Nov 16, 2021


Covid-19 Vaccine Injury Video Testimony Page -10s of thousands of Covid-19 vaccine injured have formed independent awareness groups & testimonial pages, a very few of these cases are documented on this page (bookmark for updates) - watch videos HERE.

Important public health hearing with physician and injured testimony may be viewed here (this is non-partisan, participants are whistleblowers)

*Review of individual VAERS cases and VAERS search information at end of article.

November 1, 2021 UPDATE:

"To provide a vaccine with an improved stability profile, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for use in children 5-11 years of age uses tromethamine (Tris) buffer instead of the phosphatebuffered saline (PBS) as used in the previous formulation and excludes sodium chloride and potassium chloride. The packaged vials for the new formulation are stored frozen at -90°C to – 60°C. The frozen vials may be thawed and stored at refrigerator at 2°C to 8°C for up to 10"

Tromethamine (Tris) is a blood acid reducer which is used to stabilize people with heart attacks. Here are known side effects: Respiratory depression, local irritation, tissue inflammation, injection site infection, febrile response, chemical phlebitis, venospasm (vein spasms), hypervolemia, IV thrombosis, extravasation (with possible necrosis and sloughing of tissues), transient decreases in blood glucose concentrations, hypoglycemia, and hepatocellular necrosis with infusion via low-lying umbilical venous catheters"

ORIGINAL Blog with updated VAERS Case Data Begins HERE:

*Note: 83% of VAERS data is generated from mandated reporters; health care providers, state reporting agencies, and pharmaceutical company reports. Majority of voluntary reports are good faith individual or family reports, often verified by a co-existing medical reports from a care provider. Low capture rate is issue with VAERS, not data credibility. Medical 'experts' are in serious breach of ethical standards and medical licensing laws in proclaiming safety of investigative use products with NO mid or long term safety data whatsoever. Vaccine trial design severely compromised and clinically invalidated through use of testing unsuitable to detect Sars CoV2 for Covid-19 infection diagnosis and end point out come measurement.

Over 1,700 Hospitalizations, 3,000 Emergency Room Visits and nearly 25,000 Covid-19 vaccine associated injuries including myocarditis, thrombosis and blood clotting disorders, neurological, and anaphylactic reactions - VAERS data report for ages 0 - 18 years old for Week Ending 10/21/2021

42 deaths and 176 disabilities are now reported in association with the Covid-19 vaccine in age group 18 and under:

Total Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries for Week Ending October 22, 2021:

Israeli Doctor Warns Myocarditis in Teens NOT Being Appropriately investigated by government: (most comprehensive Israeli Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine study documented up to 1 in 3,000 rate of heart inflammation in young adults and teens)

"The COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer and BioNTech appears to put young men at elevated risk of developing a heart muscle inflammation called myocarditis, researchers in Israel say. In a report submitted today to the Israeli Ministry of Health, they conclude that between one in 3000 and one in 6000 men ages 16 to 24 who received the vaccine developed the rare condition"

(This is not rare, this level of events is astronomical)

Several Northern European countries have now suspended Moderna for age groups under 30 with Iceland suspending the drug in all age groups. Pfizer Covid-19 vaccinations actually document HIGHER rate of myocarditis and cardiac events in all age groups, so the continuation of Pfizer administration is incongruent with the Moderna policy. Both utilize the same mRNA new experimental technology. Despite the media claims of full FDA approval for the Covid-19 vaccination for age 16 and over, Pfizer has not released Corminarty for public administration (the formula given FDA approval in violating of the agencies own legal standards). The approval is being legally challenged in court due to multiple violations against FDA regulatory standards for approving new drugs.

Short term trials are not yet finished, and there is no mid to long term safety data for any of these vaccines.

Dr Linda Wastila Testified in Senator Sponsored Hearing: Myocarditis Risks Serious:

Why VAERS Data Matters:

Breach of Medical Ethic:

Mortality rates for ages 0-20 with a Covid-19 attributed diagnosis is next to zero. Of the tiny percentage with a morbidity reported with Covid-19 attributed illness, majority have other serious underlying conditions. It goes against standard medical ethic to test new technology drugs on vulnerable populations, and this population is not at risk. Moderna, Johnson & Johnson & Pfizer are administering emergency use investigative medications against all standards of scientific ethic and integrity in utilizing children in trial experiments of new technology drugs. Moderna & Pfizer are now conducting vaccine trials in children as young as six months of age. Johnson & Johnson trials in children are pending.

What Parents Should Know:

Covid-19 vaccinations are emergency, investigative use only in children 11 & under (full authorization for older teens & adults being challenged in court). Many American are unaware that vaccination with mRNA new technology drugs (Moderna, Pfizer), and adenovirus (Johnson & Johnson) places them in a on-going medical trial. Additional safety investigations are spiraling off from Covid-19 vaccination side effects post Covid-19 vaccination (blood clots & myocarditis for example) Here is the summary of limited use permissions from each FDA letter:

Johnson & Johnson, Janssen:

"The Janssen COVID‑19 Vaccine is for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in individuals 18 years of age and older. The vaccine contains a recombinant, replication-incompetent human adenovirus serotype 26 (Ad26) vector, encoding the SARS-CoV-2 viral spike (S) glycoprotein, stabilized in its pre-fusion form. It is an investigational vaccine not licensed for any indication" Direct quote from emergency approval letter issued on 2/27/2021


Moderna COVID‑19 Vaccine is for use for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in individuals 18 years of age and older. The vaccine contains a nucleoside-modified messenger RNA encoding the viral spike (S) glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 formulated in lipid particles. It is an investigational vaccine not licensed for any indication (direct quote from FDA permissions letter)


"Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine is for use for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in individuals 16 years of age and older. The vaccine contains a nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) encoding the viral spike (S) glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 formulated in lipid particles. It is an investigational vaccine not licensed for any indication" Original letter HERE.

Recommended Companion Blog on vaccine approval here:

New Gene Line Technology Drugs Not Technically Vaccination - Government Health Organization's Own Data Flag Potential Serious Long Term Damage to Immune System:

Covid-19 vaccination trials bypassed the usual five to twelve year period for new vaccine approval and circumvented independent trials of mRNA technology entirely through designation of Covid-19 drugs as vaccinations. Many experts argue that mRNA technology drugs are not vaccinations at all, with the drugs utilizing gene line editing which rewrites RNA code.

"The Independent wrote about the vaccine and described it this way: “It uses a sequence of genetic RNA material produced in a lab that, when injected into your body, must invade your cells and hijack your cells’ protein-making machinery called ribosomes to produce the viral components that subsequently train your immune system to fight the virus.

In this case, Moderna’s mRNA-1273 is programmed to make your cells produce the coronavirus’ infamous coronavirus spike protein that gives the virus its crown-like appearance (corona is crown in Latin) for which it is named,” wrote The Independent.

Mid and long term risks of this new, never before approved technology are completely unknown. There is fear that mRNA may actually permanently harm the immune system with this retraining. The Jerusalem Post writes:

"....there are unique and unknown risks to messenger RNA vaccines, including local and systemic inflammatory responses that could lead to autoimmune conditions.

An article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a division of the National Institutes of Health, said other risks include the bio-distribution and persistence of the induced immunogen expression; possible development of auto-reactive antibodies; and toxic effects of any non-native nucleotides and delivery system components".

"Johnson & Johnson uses a different adenovirus technology to deliver 'a recombinant, replication-incompetent human adenovirus serotype 26 (Ad26) vector, encoding the SARS-CoV-2 viral spike (S) glycoprotein, stabilized in its pre-fusion form. Adenovirus use is equally controversial as it has a checkered history in military use, and has never been approved for use outside military applications. The vaccination has come a recent storm of criticism and distrust due evoking blood clot formation in healthy young adults at virtually no risk from a Covid-19 attributed diagnosis".

All three vaccination goal is to deliver a viral spike protein to retrain the immune system at a cellular level to respond to differently to disease. It is new, and mostly untested technology, and the potential consequences of this experiment going wrong in the long term may be dire according to scientific experts.

Most citizens are unaware of the above information, and the media has normalized harmful side effects as evidence Covid-19 vaccinations are 'working' and have disingenuously presented a strong reaction to a second dose as positive signs. Strong reactions post vaccination creating debilitating reactions is a red flag, not a benefit. As the goal of the vaccination is symptom suppression, and not instilling immunity to disease, inducing the very symptoms the drugs are administered to suppress is a sign of failure NOT success:

"Dr. Anthony Fauci explained in an interview that the actual goal of the early COVID-19 vaccines isn’t even to block infections, a detail that people should be aware of even before considering whether to get a vaccine or which vaccine to go for. Instead, scientists are aiming to prevent severe COVID-19 cases or stop symptoms altogether. The virus would still gain entry into the human body, but vaccines will stop it from replicating and prevent symptoms, including life-threatening complications".

Covid-19 vaccinations do NOT stop transmission of a virus and the pharmaceuticals have misrepresented the efficacy of the vaccinations by citing Relative Risk Reduction rather than Real Risk Reduction as eloquently explained in this video (note - this site does not support any other 'alternative' treatment for Covid for the simple fact that the tests are unsuitable for detection of the virus and it is imperative to establish accurate diagnosis before administering any medical therapy):

Actual Risk Reduction is 1%. There is ZERO substantive health benefit to administration of Covid-19 inoculations in ANY population with the vaccine trials for adults only being designed to monitor majority MILD cases. Public health officials have repeatedly misrepresented the study design with researchers NOT able to find enough severe cases for study inclusion. There is ZERO evidence Covid-19 vaccinations prevent serious outcomes of Covid-19 attributed deaths & hospitalizations per documentation in the British Medical Journal review of trial designs:

BMJ Evaluation of Covid-19 Vaccine trial designs: CLICK HERE:

Public health officials are repeatedly ascertaining that Covid-19 vaccines 'save lives' in contradiction to the government public health organization and vaccine trial data. Media is failing to objectively look at evidence independent of health official statements to confirm the veracity of policy maker claims. Policy makers have blatantly misrepresented what vaccine trials document and fail to inform the public of the severe testing flaws with the test methods utilized in these studies rendering all vaccine trial data fatally compromised

Public health officials and the media have not adequately explained the real safety risks with Covid-19 vaccines or how the drugs actually work. Americans have been under a 24/7 onslaught to push inadequately trialed and unnecessary medications, onto the public, and touting benefits, the medications do not actually deliver.

Many health professionals have serious and evidence based concerns about Covid-19 efficacy and safety. Citizens are not hearing these concerns due to mass censorship and smear campaigns. Credible doctors have been threatened and placed under gag orders in trying to flag serious issues with post vaccination to the public eye:

Parents should understand that children are at virtually ZERO risk from Covid-19 attributed infections, and the vaccinations offer NO IMPROVEMENT in serious outcomes while inducing many of the very same side effects as the symptoms drugs are administered to suppress. The inoculations offer WORSE outcomes than what individuals will experience with a positive PCR test diagnosis for Covid-19 as documented HERE.

Look at the government data for individuals between 0 -24.

Individuals in this age range are at almost zero risk of morbidity from Covid-19 attributed infection with a recent study in the Lancelet showing that Covid-19 death compromised only .28 of ALL causes of childhood morbidity for children between the ages of 0-4 and only compromising .47 for all age groups. 271 deaths associated with Covid-19 were reported in February

CDC reports the same near zero risk for individuals in the 0 - 17 age range with 20 deaths estimated out of a million, .002 percent or 99.98 survival rate.

96% of all Covid-19 attributed deaths have an average of 4 other serious conditions at time of death. This chart shows significant co-morbidity factors in child attributed deaths to Covid-19 including influenza, diabetes, cancer (malignant neoplasms

It should be also noted that positive tests result in a morbidity being catalogued as a Covid-19 even if the death was caused by another factor. There are severe testing method flaws and protocol recommendation error with Covid 19 testing which have been shown to create majority false positive test results. PCR testing utilized for detection of Sars CoV2 (virus attributed to cause Covid-19 infection) peer review by 22 relevant experts deemed the test useless for this purpose. Use of compromised PCR testing, unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2, for diagnosis of Covid-19 infection and measurement of end point outcomes has compromised/invalidated all research trials utilizing PCR tests, including all vaccination trials.

The testing has been instituted at amplification cycles which over amplify the test sample material and pick up nothing more than dead non infectious material. The testing was developed without Sars CoV2 virus isolate per the CDC Emergency Use PCR guidelines:

All Covid-19 data, case data, and researcher studies employing tests unsuitable for the detection of the virus employed to study are clinically invalidated and should be immediately ceased - links to the direct government documentation on this issue may be viewed HERE:

A word on Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome:

It should be noted here, that Covid-19 correlation to Multi-inflammatory syndrome (Kawasaki disease) in children is unsubstantiated. No credible peer review scientific study exists to document Covid-19 cause multi-inflammatory syndrome resulting from Covid-19 infection. The Kawasaki society issued this statement in response to unsubstantiated hypothesis connecting the syndrome to Covid-19:

The cases being referred to have been reported in approximately 20 children in the UK (out of 11.5 million U.K. children) – of whom half have tested *negative* for Covid-19 according to their doctors. There is no current evidence of any increased incidence or greater susceptibility to Covid-19 infection for children who had Kawasaki Disease in the past…Fewer cases of Kawasaki Disease than would be normally expected at this time of year are currently being seen – not more

Severe Side Effects, Deaths Reported

The media and public health officials are not being honest with the public about the true rate of injuries and deaths occurring post Covid-19 vaccination. The US Covid-19 vaccination program launched without an adequate monitoring in place with current VAERS CDC system only estimated to capture 1% of post vaccine injuries. European established reporting systems are reporting exponentially higher rates of injuries with the same vaccinations as administered in the US. (full information on monitoring and reporting system issues in links below). Safety review of vaccinations may be found here (little available data yet on under 18):

Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination is the only current vaccine EUA approved for use in children and teens.

VAERS DATA Direct Review:

New Updates First

Case Data from VAERS CDC report system available as of October 21, 2021 - National Vaccine Information Center search provides more comprehensive search parameters

Data Search verification may be implemented HERE (great resource for your own searches)

Set search parameters for Show Table Event Outcome, Hospitalizations, & 0 to 18 for age demographics for extensive data with medical notes and lab data for serious injuries occurring in youth populations - 171 pages of case reports encompassing 1,7000 hospitalizations (near 25,000 total injuries now reported). Please note the following cases (nearly 100% of these cases are not related to vaccine injury by the CDC parameters & not reported as vaccine related in statistics and media reports). VAERS numbers included so you can confirm these reports on the standard VAERS system.

A few of the of over 1,700 currently entered with NO true number of cases know due to CDC backloading a large percentage of reports as documented HERE (page after page reads this way, 99% not correlated to vaccine injury by CDC)

17 year old teen girl - hospitalized one day post Pfizer vaccination for deep vein thrombosis requiring ongoing anti-coagulent therapy

Twelve year old boy: Heart Attack, Cardiomyopathy Broad, Hospitalized Intensive Care Five Days. One Day Post Pfizer vaccine

13 year old girl hospitalized two days post Pfizer vaccine with myocarditis:

Fourteen year old girl - cardiac failure, acute pancreatitis eight days post Pfizer vaccination, hospitalized 5 days:

15 year hospitalized seven days with multiple severe events including hemmorrhage, neurological disoreders: (note no submission date and uploaded MONTHS later - the CDC has been documented to be massively backloading event data through this method as documented HERE)


New hospitalizations & deaths are being reported weekly with the CDC refusing to halt vaccinations despite 50 severe events the parameter to withdraw pharmaceuticals - the CDC just states these are not vaccine related:

Twelve year old hospitalized with neurological disorders three days post vaccine and presenting with cardiomyopathy

Massachusetts 17 year old female died three weeks post Pfizer vaccine with no pre-existing conditions with massive intracranial hemmorhage, no news media in MA or nationally reported on this case which the CDC does NOT count among the vaccine related deaths:

Early case reports included in original blog:

Two year old Florida girl, Post J&J Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine Hospitalized, severe issues abnormal pulmonary angiogram & pelvic venous thrombosis (Johnson & Johnson administration resumed after blood clot investigation despite new reports of blood clots and deaths continuing to occur post Johnson & Johnson vaccination):

17 year old California male developed myocarditis three days post Pfizer vaccination

(Moderna & Pfizer vaccinations are currently under investigation for inducing myocarditis)

Health professionals are increasingly speaking out against Covid-19 vaccinations including:

(click headlines to read the articles)

Health Care Professionals for Covid-19 Policy Correction (Doctors, nurses, and many other health professionals represented - over thousand signatories as of 5/4/2021)

Doctors for Covid Ethics: Internationally Renowned Doctors Incuding Michaeal Yeadon, Former VP Pfizer UK Division

COVID Vaccines: Necessity, Efficacy and Safety (Doctors for Covid Ethics Letter)

Dr Charles Hoffe, Whisteblower, First Nation Community Doctor, Moderna Vaccination Neurological Disorders, High Side Effect Rate

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (Established 1943)

Parents are urged to independently and directly investigate all research data and listen to the many health care professionals sounding the alarm on unnecessary and new technology drugs which are not traditional vaccinations. All parents should be aware that vaccination with Emergency Use Only, Investigative drugs is default participation in a on-going medical trial for experimental medications with no data on mid and long term side effects. The media and public health officials are currently acting against the most basic standards of medical ethics and scientific integrity to push these drugs onto citizens without full disclosure of actual benefits and risks. T

Recommended Further Reading:

Update: Media Caught Manipulating Covid-19 Hospitalizations AGAIN - Major Texas newspaper forced to correct false child hospitalization numbers, but does not inform viewers that hospitalization for reasons outside Covid-19 are counted as Covid hospitalizations, tests unsuitable for detection of virus according to serious peer review panel research and under review for retraction

Australian Nurse Whistleblow to Group of Local Media: Hospital Units Filled with Vaccine Injured, Not Covid-19 - Every third twenty year old coming in with myocarditis:

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