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It Might Be Controlled Opposition If.....How to Spot Covid-19 Misinformation Tactics in Real Time

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

(IMPORTANT warning on Gates Developed/Funded Monoclonal Antibody Therapy below w video, if you don't read full article, be sure to scroll down to read this URGENT alert):

The Unite4Truth Guide to Covid-19 Controlled Opposition Narratives and how to recognize tactics in real time....

(remember controlled opposition ALWAYS presents itself as authentic ally of the People by utilizing language of the true movement....otherwise it wouldn't WORK)

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There are far too many urgent topics to research and report right now to spend much time on evaluating each controlled opposition co-opter vying for status as #fauci2 to usurp & misdirect the growing global truth and freedom movement (and lead us right over the same cliff).....or the media platforms which feature them (many 'alternative'.

Therefore, better to recognize them by the misleading narratives and move on:

(please feel free to add your own in the comment section below)

It might be controlled opposition if......(might be because many individuals who promote these narratives do so because they are not aware of the following information, not out of malicious intent):

It might be controlled opposition if......

....instead of calling out central fraud narrative of asymptomatic transmission of Sars Cov2 (virus attributed to induce generic Covid 19 cluster symptoms) and outing the central false rationale for government distancing/lockdown/isolation/quarantine polices, they divert with arguments over effectiveness of masking policies....

Never in HISTORY has been 'asymptomatic transmission been driver of pandemic spread

Fully documented by the government/research testing data HERE:

It Might Be Controlled Opposition IF.....

....instead of outing the central mechanisms utilized to provide false rationale for continuation of harmful (and COMPLETELY unnecessary) Covid-19 policy (cases created through fraudulent attribution and testing standards to falsely label illness/deaths from other disease/vaccine injury/no illness to Covid-19), they create narratives around 'high 'case' rates in 'vaccinated' which reinforces the central core lie:

Covid-19 is a 'disease' of attribution to other cause:

Government evidence EXTENSIVELY documents Covid-19 testing and attribution standards are creating the cases....NOT infection with Covid-19 as documented HERE:

And, HERE:


And, HERE:


(right now Antigen tests CDC/states running tests against FDA statement guideline from Novemeber 3, 2020 warning use of tests in low incident populations which will result in 90 to 100% false positives (on this ONE error alone) in every region of the United States right now (THIS is what is driving 'Omicron cases) - crickets from the lead 'alternative' media - 'opposition' doctors and scientists in outing a fraud which WOULD end the false positive pandemic with antigen tests...wonder...wonder...why)?

Ongoing issue - blog calculating estimated false positives for county in MA last MARCH-

outreach to public health department, Department of Education was stonewalled & IGNORED:

It might be Controlled Opposition IF:

.....they tell the public Covid-19 originated in a lab in Wuhan but ignore Covid-19 is generic group of common cluster symptoms associated with many other diseases and attributed to Sars CoV2 'virus' based on government owned & patented sequences which predate 2020 with over 100 Freedom of Information act requests, seeking valid scientific isolation confirmation from a subject infected with the virus, all coming back 'documents do NOT exist".

See companion blog HERE for what contributed to early first wave (and ongoing) death clusters.

As eloquently explained by Dr Kevin Corbett HERE:

As documented by Isolation Study Freedom of Information Act Requests HERE:

As explored in Unite4Truth blog post HERE:

It might be Controlled Opposition IF:

.....they tell you natural immunity must be considered but ignore testing is unsuitable for detection of the Sars CoV2 (see point 2) there is no legitimate diagnostic method to attribute prior infection with virus which has not been appropriately scientifically verified to be the causal agent for generic clusters symptoms attributed to Covid-19 (see last point above)

It might be controlled opposition....

....if they tell you the cure for Covid-19 pandemic fabricated on false positive results & fraudulent attribution standards is NOT ending the testing which drive erroneous results or correcting case diagnosis standards but EXPANDING testing responsible for driving false cases (again see point 2) and push slogans such as 'let doctors practice medicine' to treat with Gates Foundation funded 'cures (such as):

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy:

In 2018, Bill Gates outlined monoclonal antibody therapy (drug Gates Foundation funded/developed) as part of treatment protocol strategy for managing the 'coming pandemic'':

"Monoclonal antibody therapies have also made incredible advances in the last couple of decades, leading to several products for cancer and autoimmune diseases. During the Ebola outbreak in West Africa several years ago, researchers were able to identify and test a promising combination of monoclonal antibodies to treat infected patients":

And....sell you on 'therapy' for 'preventing Covid-19 hospitalizations" with 'early treatments' for use of drug therapy with package insert warning stating administration may induced 'worsening' which REQUIRES hospitalization....

Dr Anthony Fauci is also selling this Gates drug to HIS followers, video HERE.

Studies documenting the EXTENSIVE and SEVERE side effects of drug given Emergency Use authorization to treat mild and moderate COLD symptoms....HERE.

Also. look for sales pitches selling need to expand testing while simultaneously admitting testing DRIVES false positives but inserting medical credentials to normalize talking point designed to garner support for central mechanism for instituting Covid-19 pandemic fraud:

Dr Robert Malone outlines third Covid-19 long term mitigation strategy:

(Employ) Rapid test kits that will have many false positives....this is...I am trained as a pathologist, when you widely deploy tests for screening purposes you always set them so that you have false positives.....

Per Malone last point in above video: there IS no test specific to Sars CoV2 - PCR TEST are NON specific and deemed useless by 22 expert peer review for detection of 'virus' last November as documented HERE.

See full Dr Robert Malone Four Point Covid-19 Plan & Jimmy Dore Interview HERE:

It might be controlled opposition

.....if they denounce the unnecessary administration of Covid-19 vaccines in young & healthy populations as unscientific and irresponsible but sell the same vaccinations which are equally harmful and unnecessary in elderly population & physically/mentally/learning disabled (same individuals divert to opposition to 'vaccine mandates' instead of confronting the criminal and medical fraud and demanding immediate CESSATION & CRIMINAL investigation into the entire program:

Norway Correlated Pfizer vaccince to inducing fatal side Effects in elderly/terminally ill, January 2021:

Chilling: UK Will Only Inject Learning Disabled and Medically Frail Children with Covid-19 Vaccines (earlier article, UK went on and disregarded advice to inject ALL children against panel recommendations):

Vaccines do NOT stop transmission of disease and induce the same symptoms as side effects at far greater rates and severity than individuals will experience with a positive PCR Covid-19 attributed diagnosis documented the CDC/FDA/vaccine trial evidence HERE:

And, lastly...

It might be controlled opposition if.....

.....instead of demanding immediate end to ALL Covid-19 policies due to mass criminal fraud, they attend a vaccination SUMMIT to sell next generation Covid-19 vaccines while engaging in a campaign to take down their competition who is raking in 100s of billions of dollars off Covid-19 vaccinations (to the victor the spoils go):

See companion blog:

Always practice due diligence and undergo independent review of evidence REGARDLESS of source...approach Covid-19 review (and all topic review) on the merits of evidence NOT source. Examine evidence and source material DIRECTLY instead of getting caught up in debating credibility of source or deferring to credentials (professional credentials in an age of mass corporate/government corruption do not document INTEGRITY of source).

And, remember, smear the messenger to discredit the message is HALLMARK of controlled opposition strategy to discredit credible they literally have nothing beware anyone who personalizes an attack rather than address the content of their claims...

Do not look to ANY individual who is asserting these (documented) false Covid-19 narratives above for credible information or solution strategies...(regardless of intent, the above false narratives are perpetuating protocols/treatments which are keeping us locked into this cycle of insanity which will NOT end with Covid-19. Gates is already outlining the NEXT TWO pandemics and the people now putting themselves as 'opposition' leadership are selling his drugs/testing/technology as part of a 'mitigation plan'.

And, do not be discouraged because there is no authority figure to lead us out of this collectively manifested disaster. This is the biggest blessing in disguise of the ENTIRE situation.

It is is LONG past time we realize abdicating OUR power to authority will ALWAYS result in exploitation and humanity's lesson right now is NOT finding the right 'savior'....

.....the lesson is we need to learn is each of us must act from a place of individual integrity which will result in transforming the collective whole....

(and let's face it, most of us allowed FAR too many lines far too dear crossed to be run rough-shod over for far, far too long by the global controllers (who are NOT elite, there is nothing ELITE about being a bully)...the REAL reason this has gone as far as it has.....WE enabled it)


We do NOT need THEM. THEY need US.


Follow the Truth Where ever It Leads..

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