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Teen's Heart Attack After Covid-19 Vaccine Prompts Exercise Restrictions from Signapore, Headlines

"Singapore health authorities on Monday updated existing guidelines on post-vaccination care, asking individuals to avoid strenuous exercise for a week after they have been vaccinated against Covid-19, as a “further precautionary measure”. This new measure is meant especially for adolescents and men below the ages of 30, reported Bloomberg.

The boy, who was inoculated with his first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on June 27, collapsed on July 3 after lifting some very heavy weights, reported Bloomberg. “The preliminary diagnosis of his condition is an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Clinical and laboratory tests are in progress to understand the underlying cause,” the health ministry said in a statement".

A comprehensive study released by Israel revealed up to one in three thousand teens and young adults will develop heart inflammation post mRNA Covid-19 vaccination. Over 400 teens were hospitalized post Covid-19 vaccination for the month of June alone.

Health authorities also disclosed to the press that 12 reports of heart problems in vaccinated individuals have cropped up in the island nation, 7 out of these 12 people are males aged 30 years and below. The 16-year old is being kept under observation by the health ministry, which is conducting tests to determine the reason for his collapse. The tests “will include a thorough consideration of whether there was acute severe myocarditis, which is severe inflammation of the heart muscles affecting the heart function, as a possible diagnosis,” the ministry said in an official statement".

Individuals under fifty are documented by the CDC to have a 99.98 survival rate for a Covid-19 attributed diagnosis with risks less than that of seasonal influenza. 70% of individuals under eighteen have severe co-existing illness with a Covid-19 death attribution including cancer and diabetes.

Full documentation on Covid-19 Vaccination Risks, and a sourced information guide for parents may be viewed here:

Against the public health organization and research trial evidence, government health officials continue to push for Covid-19 vaccination in populations with extremely low risk for Covid-19 attributed infections. Media is failing to do the most basic CDC data review and allowing 'experts' to make non-evidence claims around Covid-19 vaccine safety and efficacy with no correction for inaccurate statements made by health authorities. The public should be reminded that there is no mid or long term data on any Covid-19 emergency use inoculation, and lack of evidence is not in any way proof of safety. Any medical official making such a disingenuous statement is making a non evidence based claim.

Unite4Truth has outreached to dozens of local and state level news organizations to provide credible evidence correcting for experts inaccurate statements on Covid-19 vaccine safety and efficacy. When questioned as to why new organizations are not undergoing basic review of public health organization data to ensure accuracy for offical' vaccine claims, our representatives were repeatedly told that the outlets lack the scientific experts and staff to independently review data. In other words, media outets admitted they lack ability to fact check government claims. Most did not return phone calls, and calls to national news went completely unreturned except in two cases. National Geographic called to inform our researchers that leadership was working out of the office and we could expect a call back which was never received. The American Heart Association had a secretary call us back to tell us their policy could be found on the organization's website. Not one news outlet contacted followed up with any action to correct for claims shown false through public health organization data.

This is a very serious issue, as the public is assuming media organizations are providing oversight for government vaccination claims. Our conversations indicate this is simply not occurring.

FDA approval for Covid-19 vaccines for ages 12 to 15 occurred BEFORE the safety trial research was released for review:

Doctor on Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Approval Process - Approved BEFORE Release of Safety Data:

Medical experts who deviate from government claims are not interviewed by the majority of news organizations, giving people the impression that there is a unanimous support amoug health professionals for the government's Covid-19 vaccination policy. This is unequivocally not the case. Many credible professionals have serious concerns with the program, however most are not only censored from interviews, media often puts forth smear narratives against individuals who oppose the policy as 'anti-vaxxers' 'conspiracy theorist' or 'anti-science.

Doctors Testify In Front of Canadian Parliament on Censorship Campaign of Covid-19 Whistleblowers:

Despite the record number of reports to VAERS for Covid-19 vaccines (more deaths have been reported in six months for Covid-19 vaccines than all other vaccinations combined for thirty YEARS), countries are going ahead to mandate vaccines for health care workers. The UK announced it will require Covid-19 vaccination for care workers and if individuals don't comply, they will not only lose their position, they will lose the ability to work in their profession at all.


Unnecessary, disproportionate, and misguided

"In a profound departure from public health norms, new law will remove the right of care home staff in England to choose whether to be vaccinated against covid-19.1 The intended next step is a rapid and massive expansion of compulsory vaccination legally to require covid-19 and flu vaccination of all frontline health and social care workers, subject to consultation.2

Official claims that “we are not forcing anyone to take the vaccine” are disingenuous.1 Care home workers who reject covid-19 vaccination will be dismissed from employment without compensation and be barred from access to their occupation. A regulatory amendment will make it unlawful for care homes to permit care workers to enter the care home premises without proof of full vaccination.1 This will impose a new duty on all registered providers of residential care to verify the medical status of each worker, including full time and part time agency staff, staff employed directly by a care home, and volunteers. It will give responsibility for compliance and enforcement to the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The providers’ associations Care England and the National Care Forum, as well as trade unions, have expressed concern that coercion is not the best way forward.3456 Vaccination is not a panacea for safety. Safety, according to current regulatory law, is achieved through adequate staffing levels, training, equipment, cleanliness, personal protective equipment, risk assessment, and consultation with staff and residents.7 Care home residents accounted for 40% of all covid-19 deaths in the first wave and 26% in the second wave, as a result of long term problems with care home provision, including staff shortages, but also deficiencies in the pandemic response."

Governments actions to force emergency inoculation for a cold virus with a attributed mortality rate less than a seasonal flu never made any logical sense from a health stand point. In the face of tens of thousands of global deaths and millions of injuries, the action actions now appear utterly insane.

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