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Video Update: Important Archive of Covid-19 Related Content: Bookmark for Reference

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Following science requires direct, objective review of data and evidence, trusting 'experts' (often with mass political and monetary conflicts of interest) to tell us what to believe is NOT following science. Verify and confirm, it is a myth that one needs an advanced medical or science degree to understand issues with data and narratives around Covid-19. Remember these 'experts' have been repeatedly shown incorrect on pandemic predictions and vaccine efficacy & safety:

Unite4Truth has discontinued new blog articles however we will provide pertinent updates to existing subject blogs and upload important videos here.

This post is a work in progress, important videos will be added periodically, bookmark as reference:

Nurses Whistleblow - Vaccinated Coming in with Cardiac/Blood Problems -(see companion blog - false breakthrough case narrative is allowing public health authorities to falsely attribute Covid 19 to vaccine injuries and allows vaccine induced deaths to go without investigation)

Australian Nurse: Every 3rd 2o year old coming in with myocarditis - interviewed by local media, 2500 nurses ready to walk:

U.S. nurse - Vaccinated Coming in with blood problems and cardiac issues/nearly ALL vaccinated:

Funeral Director Whisteblow: Infants and young adult deaths increasing in significant numbers post vaccine: (click play)

Dr. Linda Wastila on Serious Myocarditis Covid-19 Vaccine Risks, disingenuous dismissal of severe adverse event by public health officials and policy makers:

Army Physician: Three Military Pilots Put on Flight Suspension for Post Covid-19 vaccine in one morning. Disciplined for professionally responsible action, only allowed to see healthy soldiers there after - Senate Testimony:

Covid-19 vaccine trial participant testifies on FDA & pharmaceutical companies failing to provide oversight, documentation, and treatment for trial participants injured in research program (see full testimony in hearing below this video). NON PARTISAN HEARING (Unite4Truth appreciates the Senator Johnson for hosting hearing, however very concerned the Senator, who has been contacted about the severe testing issues, does not address mechanism which is creating false 'cases')

FULL Hearing on Vaccine Mandates conducted by Senator Ron Johnson (including above clip may be viewed HERE:

European Parliament exposes heavily redacted Covid-19 government content - citizens and parliaments have been banned from viewing contracts between government & pharmaceutical companies:

Clip: European Parliamentarian Warns of Government Policies & Covid-19 Vaccine:

Israeli Physician Warns Government Not Properly Investigating Teen Myocarditis:

Nurses Town Hall - Whistleblowers Speak Out HERE:

Dr Kevin Corbett Eloquent Video on Credible Evidence on SEVERE flaws with Covid-19 testing program & vaccine isolation issues per public health organization evidence:

Dr. Anne McCluskey: Whistle Blows/Warns of Vaccine Injuries in her patients:

Nurse describes the licensing violations committed by health professionals against unvaccinated, the bully climate for those with evidence based and credible safety concerns:

Nurse tearful statement after being fired for refusal of Covid-19 inoculation - 'this is not about public health - why is the government doing this to us?'

New Videos & Updates in Vaccine Injury Testimony Documentation Page - FIVE child deaths in association with the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine now reported in MSM in GERMANY in two months:

Full post HERE:

Compilation of athletes dropping on the field with heart issues

(75 athletes developed myocarditis in past five months with many deaths) (forgive the clown photo, I would NOT have chosen this as the screenshot but I can't pick the thumbnail on this site)

Father Shares Heartbreaking Story about Medical Segregation and Children:

Global Protests: New Video Updates -

Nurse Fired for Refusing Vaccine Mandate -

A rule for thee and not for

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These folks are heroes! Keep the faith everyone...there are warriors fighting everywhere in spite of the lame stream censors.

Replying to

There is a LOT going on - mass filings on medical fraud from health professionals both in US and globe pending plus whistleblowers coming out. This is going to be a tsunami as professionals have HAD it. Full out mutiny is pending, many of the remaining health care workers are being forced to work multiple jobs with growing resentment, many are looking to leave or retire, some are looking for jobs in other states.

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