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Government Health Officials Are Creating Health Care Crisis With Vaccine Mandates, Lying About ICUS

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Unite4Truth Stands with Health Professionals & All People Fighting to Retain Medical Autonomy in Face of Economic Blackmail & Government Coercive Measures

Update: Please scroll to bottom of page for emergency video share - hospital in Ireland are now denying organ transplants to anyone who does not receive Covid-19 vaccine

There is a severe health professional shortage in the U.S. and vaccine mandates will collapse the already tenuously staffed medical system.

Registered nurse in San Diego REAMS Board of Directors for CREATING health care system crisis for vaccinations which do NOT stop transmission of disease:

Large Protest in Sacramento:

Nurses are being bullied into compliance by supervisors who are violating nursing code of ethics and licensing laws in harassing employees and interfering with personal medical decisions:

Nurse in Michigan 'Told that as a leader, it is NOT my job to question policy':

There is NO Pandemic crisis:

The media is manufacturing a false story around Covid-19 'Delta Variants' as driving ICU shortages and misrepresenting the data to create ILLUSION of a Covid-19 crisis driving bed shortages where they don't even EXIST. Positive tests continue to be misattributed as cases with no correlating deaths or illness (hospitalization numbers based on positive test result, NOT reason for admission)

Florida Numbers, Hospitalizations: Exposing the Media Myth:

Florida is currently in the news as a 'hot spot' for Covid-19 cases.

Let's look at the ACTUAL data:

286 deaths in Florida in one week based on attribution method of 'assumed' deaths which include criteria to label Covid-19 morbidity on the basis of compatible illness. For full documentation from CDC & WHO sources on the unscientific and non-specific standards to attribute Covid-19 as a case, hospitalization, and morbidity, please see HERE.

Please note the ZERO percent morbidity rate in the under 30 population as the media screams about child deaths and risks. Over a THOUSAND teens and children have been hospitalized with a Covid-19 attributed vaccine injury:

Currently, the media is hyping a small hospital in Jacksonville Florida is 'overrun' with Covid-19 ATTRIBUTED cases.

"Ascension St Vincent's Southside Hospital in Jacksonville is treating 94 patients with coronavirus and its ICU is at 217 percent occupancy, according to a dataset released weekly by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)".

94 cases for a population center of 929,637 in ONE small hospital.

The entire COUNTY of Duval which Jacksonville is located retains over 24% capacity for adult ICU beds and 28% capacity for pediatric ICU beds. There is NO ICU bed crisis in this county:

This interactive map of hospital beds shows nearly ALL are UNDER capacity in Florida.

Additionally, hospital bed shortages & staffing shortages are STATUS quo & have been a growing crisis for decades. The push to mandate vaccinations for health care workers who do not want or NEED them is going to create a truth public health threat.

A Nurse Exposes Planned Crisis in Broward County Florida last summer, the strategy has been resurrected:

Media is pushing same manipulations in Alabama:

"Alabama has 1,557 staffed intensive care unit beds and on Tuesday, there were 1,568 patients in need of ICU care".

Alabama Population 2021


Huge Cases driven by testing: Flat Deaths: (as of August 18 2021)

Covid-19 Test Chart:

Testing has been documented to have been driving false positive case numbers for over a year. ALL Covid-19 testing is non-specific to Sars CoV2, and unsuitable for detection of the virus attributed to cause Covid-19. This is documented by the public health organization own data, full explanation and supporting documentation may be viewed HERE.

Here is the Alabama death chart (August 19, 2021) *note when you click the link, the state has set the chart to appear for deaths in January making it APPEAR there is a spike NOW, click the expand for actual chart representation):

Alabama has lost SEVENTEEN hospitals in the last ten years. There is an ONGOING staffing and bed shortage which CNN is now attempting to act as if driven by mass Covid-19 hospitalizations. Search for hospital beds is STATUS quo.

Alabama is in the midst of a nursing shortage. ICU beds have a specific nurse to patient ratio -usually 1 to 1 or 1 to 2.

As the nurse stated at the beginning of this video, bed staffing crisis are happening in hospitals right now ALREADY, and even a small reduction in work force for already strained systems will lead to lack of available beds.

Kansas: Hospitals 39% bed availability, 29 ICU beds available

Yet, media ran with this headline:

A five minute search of available beds for the state revealed the following:

No hospital in Kansas is overcapacity


The total number of beds available in Kansas is 11,261

The total number of persons with a POSITIVE test (not a standard which attributes for cause of admission or SUSPECTED Covid-19 is currently 728 people.

Kansas Population 2021


A real report on the situation with Covid-19 in Kansas would go like this:

39% of beds remain available with 29% ICU bed availability despite staffing shortages. Covid-19 attributed hospitalizations remain incredibly low with only 728 persons out of a population of nearly 3,000,000. Viewers should be aware a positive test is the attribution standard for a Covid-19 hospitalization and does not mean the person is admitted for Covid-19 infection.

23 Covid-19 associated deaths were recorded for time period of August 11 - August 16.

A Covid-19 death is based on positive test at time of death and does not indicate if individual died from another cause. No reports of death associated with Covid-19 have occurred with anyone under the age of 9 years of age. 86% of associated deaths occurred in populations over 65 & 95% occurred in populations over 54. Media age of death is 79. Virtually no significant risk from Covid-19 attributed infection to younger populations with very low mortality percentages in senior populations as documented.

Five minutes of research to provide objective review of hospital data for Kansas. A year and a half of fear porn.

Deaths Flat, Cases Increase:

Deaths are not increasing because faulty testing and attribution methods are driving Covid-19 case numbers NOT infections:

Recent articles, 8/17/2021

ISDH: 1,902 new COVID-19 cases; no deaths

Maine sees 188 new COVID-19 cases, no new deaths

New Mexico reports no new deaths, 1,309 additional COVID-19 cases over three-day period

No New Deaths Reported, 323 new COVID-19 cases

2,4000 New Cases, No New Deaths

However, no mortality does not sell fear to drive compliance with unnecessary and harmful mandates.

The US is in the midst of another 'casedemic' utilizing testing 22 expert panel peer review deemed useless for detection of Sars CoV2.

In a bit of good news, a federal judge has ruled against vaccine mandate at medical school:

Recommended Companion Article;

Full Testimony of San Diego Board Supervisor Meeting May Be Viewed Here: MANY Speakers Eviscerated False Talking Points, Stood Up to Say ENOUGH - start at 2:31 for speakers:


Emergency Video Share:

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I love that video of the large protest all around the Capitol building in Sacramento! I grew up in Sacramento. If I still lived there I'd be out there protesting with all those intelligent, courageous, beautiful people!

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