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Monoclonal Antibodies: Study In Tactics Utilized to Sell Opposition on Next Wave Gates Covid Drugs

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

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Pro-tip to avoid falling for next level cult of personality tactics:

****Due diligence requires independent research and objective review of evidence regardless of medical authority or politician promoting talking point or treatment:

Gates Foundation Partnered in 2011 to Finance/Develop Monoclonal Antibodies:

Serious side effects, may WORSEN Covid-19 attributed clinical outcomes:

Recommended Companion Reading:

Pandemic Timeline: REGEN-COV granted Emergency Use Authorization

The Summary:

"Covid-19 has been the trojan horse to introduce new technology drugs which would NOT be (and could not be) approved through regular safety trials). mRNA vaccines were dead in the water back in 2017 when Moderna could not get the new technology vaccinations through traditional safety trials, and monoclonal antibody therapies are emergency use approved with prior studies documenting VERY severe safety risks associated with use of this drug".

Moderna Covid-19 vaccines are now being pulled in multiple countries (list in blog HERE) due to KNOWN safety risks of prior studies, and the same fate awaits Monoclonal Antibody Therapy. Do NOT take it.

The Story:

The Shattuck Lecture:

Bill Gates Announces Vaccines/Drugs/Testing/Technology for 'Next Pandemic'

In 2018 - Bill Gates touted the use of monoclonal antibody therapy in a speech given to the Massachusetts Medical Society outlining mRNA vaccines/drugs/testing/therapeutics to be implemented for the 'coming pandemic'.

"Today, I’d like to speak with you about some of the advances in tools – vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics – that make me optimistic we can get a leg up on the next pandemic. And I’ll talk about some of the gaps we must address in preparedness and response"

"Monoclonal antibody therapies have also made incredible advances in the last couple of decades, leading to several products for cancer and autoimmune diseases........

Different sets or cocktails of these exceptional antibodies may protect against a pandemic strain of a virus even if it has genetically evolved. It is conceivable that we could create libraries of these antibodies, produce manufacturable seed stocks, and have them ready for immediate use in an outbreak—or ready to scale up manufacturing if a pandemic ensues. If we can learn how to use RNA or DNA gene delivery effectively, we may not need to make the antibodies at all". (total misrepresentation of how drug works/what drugs targets/and non-existent benefits/SEVERE health risk, more below)"

Bill & Melinda Gates Funding Partnership for Development of Monoclonal Antibody Therapies:


Monoclonal Antibody Therapy may INDUCE cancer and OTHER serious health side effects:

Bill Gates Endorses Monoclonal Antibody Therapy/Cancer Link:

Fauci also has been an enthusiastic salesman for the Gates developed drug: HERE)

The truth behind Bill Gate's monoclonal antibodies and their direct link to cancer.

Watch below: original bitchute video link to share WIDELY here

Screen Shot with original link for sharing (black box below plays video in case removed from site)

Dr Anthony Fauci is also advocating use of Gate's developed Monoclonal Antibody therapy to his followers:

Right now, the next generation Dr Faucis' are selling Monoclonal Antibody Therapy under the guise of "reducing serious health outcomes' and 'prevention of hospitalization' despite package insert documenting administration of drug may result in clinical WORSENING of Covid-19 attributed symptoms which may result in hospitalization:

As Unite4Truth regular readers are fully aware, the Covid-19 'pandemic' has been manufactured through use of testing unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2 and implemented against the public health organizations own standards and updated warning statements (creating false positive by default of settings/protocol methods).

Covid-19 testing drives case numbers, not infections.

Testing is non specific to Sars CoV2, a positive does not mean individuals is symptomatic/contagious due to Sars CoV2 (as documented in the CDC emergency use guidelines for the use of the test/pg 38/here) and created without Sars CoV2 virus isolate (pg 40/here).

Antigen testing is implemented against FDA statement issued on November 3, 2020 warning antigen testing will create up to 100% false positives when implemented in Covid-19 low incident population). False positives from antigen tests are the REAL driver of current Omicron wave. (In this writer's county, following FDA formula for estimation of false positives, the expected false positive rate for Covid-19 antigen tests currently calculates out to 98%, on this one error, alone)

Additionally, Sars CoV2 is a computer model simulation of a virus based on existing genomic sequences with patents predating 2020 to attribute generic common cluster symptoms to a Covid-19 'virus'. Over 100 Freedom of Information act requests to verify isolation from a human subject infected with Sars CoV2 have come back 'documentation doesn't exist'.

Dr Keven Corbett eloquently summarizes the issues with Covid-19 testing and virus isolation HERE

Important action alert/evidence on virus isolation from Christine Massey - WATCH - HERE.

No drug or vaccine can suppress symptoms or 'cure' a false positive test result or Covid-19 'case' falsely attributed to another cause.

The Doublespeak Sales Pitch:

(provide early treatment to help keep people out of the hospital;

Covid-19 vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and other Covid-19 'cures' are being sold on double speak language to promote need for early intervention for a attributed Covid-19 diagnosis which hardly EVER presents symptomatically anyway:

Watch reporter lay down completely false vaccine narrative & Biden spokeswoman use tactic to manipulate citizens and ascribe expected mild/asymptomatic health outcome of Covid-19 attributed diagnosis to Covid-19 vaccinations:

(extract from blog here)

(this is due to PCR tests set at cycle amplification rates above 24, a rate which picks up no live material, not 'silent' infection' as ascribed in the above articles, these individuals were NOT sick, just receiving false positive tests as documented HERE).

Of those who do present with symptoms, the vast majority are mild.

In fact, Covid-19 attributed diagnosis presents as so mild and non severe, the vaccine trials were not able to measure vaccination effectiveness in reducing severe outcomes because the pharmaceutical companies could not procure enough individuals with severe presenting cases to measure for these outcomes - documented in below article by Peter Doshi):

Intervention with drug therapy for 'early treatment' are no more necessary than vaccines are needed for symptom suppression for a Covid-19 attributed diagnosis which hardly ever manifests in severe symptoms anyway with the majority experiencing NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL.

Additional tactics utilized to sell Bill Gate's Covid-19 drug 'cures' to the political right opposing Covid-19 vaccinations and mandates include:

-rolling out the therapy as VIP treatment for Donald Trump Covid-19 case (diagnosed on testing useless for the purpose per peer review) to create impression this was the special insider therapy to fight Covid-19 - if you think Donald Trump actually took experimental drug with lethal side effects to treat Covid-19, this writer has a 'safe' Covid-19 vaccination to sell you (same strategy was also used with Joe Rogan)....

-creating theatre opposition show with President Biden ostensibly seeking to BAN monoclonal antibodies to create illusion of partisan protection through Republicans offering the REAL Covid-19 "cure". All that is happening is right wing politicians have been tasked to sell Gate's developed drug therapies with the left wing politicians appointed to sell the Gates mRNA vaccines. (both parties are two wings of the same bird. If you have ANY doubt of this fact, remember, the ENTIRE US Senate voted to give 4.5 TRILLION dollars in corporate handouts to their billionaire buddies/owners in March 2020 before the 'pandemic' even began with President Trump signing the legislation).

-pushing illusion of scarcity of drug to increase demand/assigning it special privilege/create outrage around access to certain populations:

Fox News Tucker Carlson drummed up outrage yesterday over special race based access to Gate's Monoclonal Antibody Therapy to drive audience demand for treatment - how is this behavior different than the deceptions enacted by Dr Fauci and 'left' wing politicians?

Collective punishment?! Minorities targeted with potentially lethal Gates drug is UNFAIR?

Governor Ron Desantis Promotes 'Early Treatment' Slogan, Sells Gate's Developed Monoclonal Antibody Therapy:

Del Bigtree/The High Wire has sold monoclonal antibody treatment as the drug therapy everyone can agree on (ugh):

Robert F Kennedy Jr's, Children's Health Defense Fund featuring top sales lead physician for monoclonal antibody, Dr Peter McCullough in article from 10/27/21:

"McCullough also stressed the importance of early treatment when dealing with COVID and how no doctor should be ridiculed for prescribing FDA emergency-use-approved monoclonal antibody treatments because “[they] are just as approved as the vaccines.”

He highlighted how comedian Joe Rogan used monoclonal antibodies when he was diagnosed with the virus, as did former President Donald Trump".

“This is not renegade medicine, this is the standard of care,” McCullough said. “And it’s much safer than the vaccine.” (i.e. Gates EUA drug which may result in clinical worsening of Covid-19 attributed outcomes is 'standard of care' 'much safer than' vaccine)

Dr Peter McCullough has received consultation fees from Regeneron (manufacturer of Covid-19 monoclonal antibody drugs), and garnered hundreds of thousands a year in consulting fee services in pharmaceutical company consultation fee payouts. Full history of pharmaceutical payouts fo Dr McCullough may be viewed HERE.

America's Frontline Doctor's Protocol: (includes Fluvoxamine, A Gates Foundation research funded therapy being studied in conjunction with Ivermectin administration - full article HERE):

This is just a short list of major vaccine mandate & Covid-19 vaccination 'opposition' which have promoted this dangerous, unnecessary Bill Gate's developed 'cure' on the same type of false talking points sold by Dr. Fauci and company to sell Covid-19 vaccinations. 98% of opposition 'media' and medical professionals opposing Covid-19 vaccinations have actively promoted one or more of Bill Gate's funded and developed drug cures (regardless of motive, do not follow people for Covid-19 information who aren't taking fifteen minutes to establish funding source and safety profile of the drugs they pitch)

Why this is still working:

Many in the vaccine mandate opposition community still believe Covid-19 is a deadly disease which requires pharmaceutical intervention and testing management, and have not yet faced this entire program is based on total deception and nefarious intent despite objective evidence clearly documenting:

-Covid-19 vaccinations were developed in conjunction with the US military with DARPA appointing Moderna and Pfizer as pharmaceutical leads to develop next generation mRNA vaccines in 2013 (military is a weapons defense organization, not a medical entity)

-announcement of a coming pandemic in 2017 by both Dr Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates

-simulation of near identical Covid-19 pandemic scenario with Event 201 in the fall of 2019

-Fauci and others Planned for a "Universal Flu Vaccine" in 2019 that Became the "COVID" Vaccine at Milken Institute conference - clip here

"WHY DON'T WE BLOW THIS SYSTEM UP"? (rhetorical question)!

Full video HERE.

-Announcement of strategy to use viral pandemic to implement authoritarian government controls in 2009 in a Rockfeller Foundation Paper. Multiple strategies outlined in this paper have been implemented in through Covid-19 government pandemic policies.

a human response to tragedy:

It is one thing to abstractedly understand corrupt governments are fully capable of enacting horrific atrocities against their own people from the comfort & safety of geographical (our government has been implementing horrific human rights abuses for years in other regions of the globe) or the perspective of historical distance.

It is quite another to be the target of genocidal policies oneself.

Citizens are in a understandable collective denial, which we DO NOT have the luxury of time for, if we are going to successfully head off expansion of policies which have ALREADY killed hundreds of millions of people.

Covid-19 lock down policies have resulted in the MASS starvation of 160 million people with potential to starve 265 MILLION people - OVER A QUARTER OF BILLION HUMAN BEINGS.

It is time to say it clearly and out loud:

Covid-19 policies ARE the policies of genocide.

This is the reason former child holocaust survivors have been making the rounds of independent news outlets and protests to give testimony on Covid-19 tactics which mirror what they witnessed as children during the holocaust.

When Holocaust survivors speak, one better listen and listen HARD:

Childhood Holocaust survivor reads letter to European Medical Association, warns

another holocaust is taking place:

Please do not come away from this post in despair...what is happening right now is ultimately of great hope because a leaderless true People's movement is the REAL solution to the current crisis we face. Until we stop abdicating power to entities who will readily exploit it (and there will ALWAYS be the next Hitler, Fauci, Gates, Rockefeller, Rothschild) waiting in the wing), and understand REAL freedom comes through each acting from a place of individual integrity which will transform the collective whole, this cycle will keep happening.

We all must learn to stop looking to others to 'save' us and each taken action to SAVE OURSELVES.

Move to take action in whatever way the light calls you, trust it, it will not steer you wrong

Let's use this crisis to create true transformation, kay?

Ending on a hopeful note:

There's good in the world and its worth FIGHTING for....

"its only a passing thing this shadow...even darkness must past".......

And, as always:



Beware the Cult of Personality

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