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Mass Formation Psychosis, Dr Robert Malone Sells WHO/Gates Test & Treat Next Phase Covid Plan

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

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Oh, the Irony...

The top trending phrase on Twitter this past weekend:

'Mass Formation Psychosis'.

The phrase trended after Joe Rogan interviewed Dr Robert Malone:

Malone Quote:

"Then, their attention gets focused by a leader or a series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis....they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere and one of the aspects of that phenomena is the people who they identify as their leaders, the ones that typically come in, and say, you have this pain and I can solve it for you...I and I alone can solve this problem for you....then they will follow that person through hell. It doesn't matter whether they lie to them or whatever...The data are irrelevant. And, furthermore, anybody who questions that narrative is to be immediately attacked, they are the 'other'....this is central to mass formation psychosis and this has what has happened, we have had all these conditions.....".

With this phrase, Dr Malone invoked the psychological psychosis the self appointed vaccine mandate opposition 'leadership' is counting on to push unsuspecting followers into support of World Health Organization next phase Covid-19 test and treat (treated by Gates Foundation funded 'cures') strategy.....with a clear expectation followers will demonstrate the same level of cognitive dissonance/blind allegiance as those who mindlessly follow the current lead frontman of Covid-19 disinformation, Dr Anthony Fauci (highly suspect not):

Malone advocates a four-pronged approach:

1) Use the vaccine for those at highest risk, such as the elderly;

2) Provide early treatment to help keep people out of the hospital;

3) Provide tools for individuals to assess their own risk

4) Provide tools for individuals to test whether they have Covid.

(Malone has acted as a WHO consultant in the past for the Ebola debacle):

WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghevryesus Outlined Four Prong Strategy Now Pushed by Malone on March 13, 2020:

Ghebreyesus encouraged countries to take a four-pronged strategy which includes being prepared and ready; detect, prevent and treat; reduce and suppress as well as innovate and improve.

Ghebreyesus strategy mirrors Malone plan, which the doctor pitched on the Jimmy Dore comedy show three months ago where he announced he would be heading to Italy the following week to present 'his' plan to the Italian Senate and Vatican:

Malone/World Health Organiation Four Point Plan - Off to the Vatican announcement:

*Side Note :

It is interesting Dr Malone visited vatican leadership to outline a WHO recommended Covid-19 plan after he praised Arch Bishop Vigano for calling out the deep church/deep state connections with the vatican a few months back & calling for a global alliance against a New World order:

Readers may view this must watch interview HERE:

(Malone's actual policy advocacy is decidely against Vigano's call to end the vaccine program and end the power of the deep church/state not collaborate with them, more below)

Summary Review of Dr Robert Malone/WHO Director Covid-19 mitigation plan below:

(starting with testing and monitoring /Strategy Points three & four):

-Provide tools for individuals to test whether they have Covid.

Malone summarizes the testing strategy (third prong approach) in the Jimmy Dore Interview above with the following summary (start at time stamp 3:02) :

"(Employ) Rapid test kits that will have many false positives....this is...I am trained as a pathologist, when you widely deploy tests for screening purposes you always set them so that you have false positives.....

(Here, the doctor admits public health officials are setting tests DELIBERATELY to manufacture false positive and sells the central mechanism of Covid-19 pandemic fraud as a POSITIVE instead of denouncing the tactic and asserts his credentials as a doctor to avoid question of this false talking point 'I am a pathologist'):

He goes on:

"And, then, when they come in, you can confirm with more specific tests...."

(this is inaccurate, no Covid-19 test is SPECIFIC to Sars CoV2, and the central PCR test for detection of Sars CoV2 was peer reviewed by a 22 expert panel over a year ago to be USELESS for the purpose:

Corman Drosten Peer Review conclusion on Sars CoV2 PCR Tests for Covid-19 diagnosis:

Here, Malone is also outlining a strategy to bring in people who would otherwise not seek next phase testing to garner bodies for needless and harmful drug treatment interventions prescribed on the basis of testing unsuitable for detection of the virus ):

Next strategy approach (prong four)

-Provide tools for individuals to assess their own risk (strategy prong four)

Dr Malone comes in with a sales pitch for covert government monitoring apps sold as 'computational tools', so citizens will upload their health status to the government and the government can monitor and collect data under testing rather than vaccine passports (something those who stand against government Covid-19 policy actively oppose):

"Number four, there are multiple examples of computational tools, apps, things that you can load on your computer or your cell phone and key in your own information privately

that will tell you about what your risk is so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you think you are in one of these high risk groups and whether you should take the vaccine...

((If you think this information will remain 'private', please refer to this story from January of last year: Governments Tap Covid Data for Other Uses, Risking Backlash

Contact tracing has already essentially failed, and global governments are looking for new methods to implement similar controls through testing and government 'health 'apps'.

(Malone has essentially proposed a trojan horse)

He is also selling vaccines for vulnerable populations MOST susceptible to severe side effect risk, traditionally the last groups to be approved for administration of new drug therapies/technologies/these vaccines are both. There is EXTENSIVE evidence the vaccines are dangerous and unnecessary for ALL populations ESPECIALLY the elderly and medically frail - more on this below).

In sum, Malone's central pitch for Covid-19 testing is advocacy for continuing & expanding the central mechanism utilized by governments for the implementation of pandemic fraud. Many other physicians have been actively speaking out against the testing program and warning citizens to stop complying for this reason:

Dr Andrew Kauffman advises the public to stop complying with Covid-19 testing:

Dr Sam Bailey has fantastic and clear summary videos about the problems with PCR testing/virus isolation, this video highlight the central issues with the tests:

(click on photo to view her PCR testing video/ALL of her channel is highly recommended viewing:

The Truth About PCR Tests

As the testing issues have been thoroughly documented & explored in previous Unite4Truth posts, this blog will not provide extensive further review here.

Suffice to say, PCR tests are non specific to Sars CoV2, developed without virus isolate, a positive result does NOT mean individual is either ill/contagious due to Sars CoV2 (as stated in CDC own emergency use PCR guidelines) and testing is set at cycle amplification rates which produce false positives by default of the setting. (Anything over 24 cycles picks up nothing but dead and non infectious material which is then misrepresented to the public as 'viral load' and false evidence of infection/ 'asymptomatic' infection).

Antigen tests produce up to 100% false positives when used in low incident populations (the entire US population right now), and no test result has any clinical validity due to other serious design flaw issues with the tests..

Right now, the Omicron 'pandemic' is being actively created through mass administration of antigen testing against the FDA statement update of November 3, 2020 warning health care providers/test program administrators the testing will create up to 100% false positive (on this one error) when utilized in low incident populations. (In this writer's county, going by the FDA formula and current county case numbers and size, the expected false positive rate would be NINETY EIGHT PERCENT accounting for this ONE error alone).

If you want a simple action to take to stop the pandemic madness, calculate the figure of expected false positive for your own county (or town/city) and send it out policy makers, health departments, school districts and tell them TO cease and desist implementing testing against FDA and government standards. Pass this information along to family and friends.

If you are new to the testing issue, you may review all of the government/test manufacturer/peer review data which extensively documents how Covid-19 testing methods and protocols are driving 'pandemic' cases NOT infection with Sars CoV2 - HERE, HERE & HERE.

The unscientific and overly broad Covid-19 case attribution standards and definitions may be viewed in the following article:

Additionally, there are severe issues with Sars CoV2 isolation studies & methods which have failed to properly validate Sars CoV2 as a novel coronavirus responsible for generic cluster symptoms attributed to Covid-19. Unite4Truth post reviewing this issue HERE .

Dr Kevin Corbett video of review of virus isolation/testing issue here:

In the above linked Jimmy Dore interview, Dr. Malone also falsely attributed Covid-19 vaccines to creation of Covid-19 'variants' despite lack of scientific verification of Sars CoV2 as a novel virus with genomic sequences attributed to the virus with patents predating 2020, and Omnicron cases diagnosed on the same testing methods unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2 (as documented above).

Moving onto Dr Robert Malone/WHO Director first strategy approach:

1) Use the vaccine for those at highest risk, such as the elderly;

Recommended/Important Companion Blog:

Covid-19 vaccines have been correlated to inducing severe side effects which have resulted in death in elderly populations and are recording severe injury/death in this (and all other) age groups:

In January 2021, Norway conducted autopsy study on 23 elderly resident who died in care homes after the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination and correlated 13 of the 23 deaths to side effects induced by the vaccine.

"Officials in Norway on Thursday warned that those over 80 and the terminally ill may be at risk for fatal side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine after the European country’s health agency reported a series of deaths among elderly individuals who received the inoculation.

This resulted in Norway changing recommendation for administration of the Pfizer vaccine in frail elderly with the Prime Minister of the country admitting Covid mRNA vaccines in could 'speed up the end of life process' in this population:

"The Norwegian Medicines Agency announced in a press release that as of Thursday, the Norwegian health registry has received reports of 23 people who died shortly after receiving their first dose of the vaccine.

Of those deaths, 13 have been autopsied and revealed that the common side effects associated with the vaccine may have contributed to more severe reactions among frail, elderly people".

“But we will maybe not give them to the most vulnerable of the elderly, because that might speed up a process where they were what we would say at the end of life phase anyway,” so, “that probably is not what we will continue to do.

Over 181,000 Covid-19 injuries and 9,000 deaths in over 65 population as of last VAERS release with significant known significant under reporting issues/CDC backloading of report data documented to be occurring:

(This is FAR from complete data. This blog has been undergoing active review of early Covid-19 vaccine VAERS report update to the system and found over 320,000 reports have been added for the period of December 2020 - March 2021 period with now over 420,000 injuries/deaths reported for this period with vast majority with occurrence dates falling within these dates (CDC has been backloading data and withholding date of submission from reports - full report on this issue HERE). This data coincides with court ordered Pfizer release of data documenting the pharmaceutical company classified early vaccine program safety data and hid 42,000 injuries - blog on this subject HERE).

The push to continue administration of Covid-19 vaccinations in elderly populations, medically frail and learning/physically disabled youth in the face of extensive evidence showing severe risk has been one of the reprehensible actions advocated by Malone and other leading mandate 'opposition' physicians. The cowardice (and criminality) of this act can not be overstated,

In addition to the Norway autopsy findings, deaths in care homes went into a massive spike immediately after the Covid 19 inoculations were rolled out last December.

And, despite whistle blowers coming forward around the globe to warn of elderly cluster deaths within a short period of Covid-19 vaccine injection (as occurred in Norway), the CDC failed to intervene as Norway did, instead allowing the phenomenon to be covered up by attribution of these deaths to symptom presentation or positive Covid-19 test which have been deemed useless for the detection of Sars CoV2 by credible peer review.

Medically frail/disabled/child populations are traditionally the LAST groups approved to receive new drug/ new technology drugs as they are MORE vulnerable to harm from side effects and other risk factors.

This is a CLEAR violation of the Nuremberg code and international law.

Additionally, there is now EXTENSIVE documentation from even the most mainstream news sources and medical research journals showing Covid-19 treatment protocols, DNRS and withholding of care have been directly responsible for deaths throughout the pandemic.

It was these lethal and deadly treatment protocols which were responsible for the first wave death clusters which were falsely attributed to Covid-19 to strike fear into the hearts of citizens, gain compliance for lockdown and business closures which destroyed the economic livelihoods (and resulted in the global starvation) of millions of people. The deaths of our elderly were then used to create a false rationale for a mass inoculation program with experimental, never before mRNA gene therapy drugs which could not get through regular safety trials in 2017.

And, now, they are doing it all over again...

Right now, the government is reimplementing the same disastrous policies, and the silence from Malone and other Covid-19 vaccine mandate opposition physicians and 'alternative' media is DEAFENING.

Indeed, many of the doctors are now promoting Gates Foundation funded 'therapies' every bit as dangerous as vaccines (see below) as they continue to promote deadly inoculations in our most vulnerable citizens.

Additionally, Malone continues to advocate for vaccinations to treat a pandemic manufactured through fraudulent testing & attribution standards. In 2021, he went to the 'Vaccine Summit' to push for next generation Covid vaccines:

UPDATE: Companion Blog with specific on what is in RelcoVax vaccine:

Dr Malone/WHO Director Covid-19 mitigation plan second prong strategy:

2) Provide early treatment to help keep people out of the hospital;

Even if one ascribes entirely to the 'official' Covid-19 narrative, this talking point makes zero logical sense.

(this is due to PCR tests set at cycle amplification rates above 24, a rate which picks up no live material, not 'silent' infection' as ascribed in the above articles, these individuals were NOT sick, just receiving false positive tests as documented HERE).

Of those who do present with symptoms, the vast majority are mild.

In fact, Covid-19 attributed diagnosis presents as so mild and non severe, the vaccine trials were not able to measure on vaccination effectiveness in reducing severe outcomes because the pharmaceutical companies could not procure enough individuals with severe presenting cases to measure for these outcomes - documented in below article by Peter Doshi):

Intervention with drug therapy for 'early treatment' are no more necessary than vaccines are needed for symptom suppression for a Covid-19 attributed diagnosis which hardly ever manifests in severe symptoms anyway with the majority experiencing NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL.

The salesman for next phase 'cures' are manipulating citizens with false talking points, in the EXACT same way pharmaceutical companies have been exploiting the public, to sell false necessity of Covid-19 vaccines.

ALL they are doing is ascribing the already EXPECTED health outcome individuals will experience with a Covid-19 diagnosis and falsely attributing the expected non serious outcomes to the 'success' of vaccines and pharmaceutical 'cures..

Malone has pushed this false talking point hard - he has claimed he taken Ivermectin himself and did not experience a severe outcome completely skipping over the fact that 99% of people with Covid-19 attributed diagnosis would have the SAME outcome without the Ivermectin.

Its pharmaceutical snake oil salesmanship 101.

Worse, the physicians and scientists pushing these unnecessary cures are ALSO misrepresenting the safety of these Bill & Melinda Gates funded 'therapeutics' (ALL Covid-19 have received mass funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation) which, in some instances, may be as deadly or MORE deadly than vaccines.

Review of Covid-19 Cures, Funding and Safety:

Bill Gates, also, outlined a similar plan in 2018 for use of the same drug therapies and technology for pandemic management as Dr Robert Malone is currently outline in his Covid-19 mitigation plan (including use of monoclonal antibody therapy):

(Dr Malone has praised Ron Desantis for setting up infusion centers for Gates developed/funded Monoclonal Antibody Therapy, a drug every bit as dangerous as Remsdesivir for treatment of Covid-19 attributed infection (more on this below):

Gates Foundation speech which outlines same type of Covid-19 mitigation strategies as Robert Malone HERE

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy -

Bill Gates announced the monoclonal antibody treatment he partnered with Glaxo Smith Kline to develop would be utilized in the next coming pandemic he predicted in 2018:

"Monoclonal antibody therapies have also made incredible advances in the last couple of decades, leading to several products for cancer and autoimmune diseases. During the Ebola outbreak in West Africa several years ago, researchers were able to identify and test a promising combination of monoclonal antibodies to treat infected patients".

Monoclonal Antibody Treatment may INDUCE cancer as a side effect -

The truth behind Bill Gate's monoclonal antibodies and their direct link to cancer.

IMPORTANT 2 minute video:

Bill & Melinda Gates funding of this treatment goes back to 2011 - foundation is not just a investor but a PARTNER In development of this drug:

Gates is currently advocating for use of this dangerous drug for Malaria treatment as well:

This dangerous 'therapeutic' may result in WORSE clinical outcomes per the package inserts, and just like Covid-19 vaccines it has NO documented proven clinical substantive benefit.

The prescription of a dangerous & unnecessary drug approved to suppress mild or moderate cold symptoms flies in the face of every tenet of medical ethical integrity and 'Do No Harm':

Emergency Use Approved monoclonal antibody therapy package inserts HERE:

The drug may not only be given to people without a positive test result for Sars CoV2 but those who have been 'exposed' with no symptoms (if they are deemed 'high risk')

The drug is being given to vaccinated individuals who are not considered fully vaccinated (anyone who is not two weeks post full vaccine schedule).

Side effects include

  • Worsening symptoms after treatment: You may experience new or worsening symptoms after infusion, including fever, difficulty breathing, rapid or slow heart rate, tiredness, weakness or confusion. If these symptoms occur, contact your healthcare provider or seek immediate medical attention as some of these symptoms have required hospitalization. It is unknown if these symptoms are related to treatment or are due to the progression of COVID-19.

Pretty perfect for the pharmaceutical companies, right?

VERY severe potential known side effects with the drug which may require HOSPITALIZATION are written off as unknown cause due to positive test for Covid (or no test at all as the drug is given for individual who have been exposed without a positive test).

Hospitalization which will result in treatment with Covid-19 protocols of Remdesivir administration against WHO advisement/research study warnings and use of high pressure ventilators which have been found to kill 9 out of 10 of Covid-19 diagnosed patients placed on the apparatus.

It is just as unethical, medically irresponsible, and scientifically unsupported to give vulnerable individuals unnecessary experimental drug therapies which may induce severe injury/death with emergency use monoclonal antibody therapies as it is to inoculate these same groups with Covid-19 vaccines (this practice also violates the Nuremberg code).

The fact that these drugs are administered on testing which produces false positives by default elevates this practice to a crime against humanity. (For further documentation on the issues with monoclonal antibody therapy, please refer to the second half of this blog post).

Lead opposition mandate Dr Peter McCullough is an enthusiastic supporter of Antibody Monoclonal Antibody therapy, Ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine:

"Regarding early treatment of COVID-19, the doctor is still enthusiastic about monoclonal antibodies, which have emergency use authorization, especially the current Regeneron product. This was the treatment that President Trump received when he contracted COVID-19 in October 2020".

McCullough believes elderly patients who have just contracted COVID-19 should begin their early treatment by taking a monoclonal antibody infusion in an outpatient ER, which lasts for over an hour. The U.S. government has purchased five million doses of the treatment, he added, and it is being underused.

“It’s the best way to treat a high-risk case,” the doctor said, and added it was suitable also for those who have been “fully-vaccinated” but will get the virus anyway. Once the high-risk patient has had the monoclonal antibody infusion, then treatment with hydroxychloroquine (“supported by 200 studies”) and ivermectin (“supported by 60 studies”) can be “layered in.”


(And, not ONE of McCullough Covid-19 study for drug therapies (or vaccine trials( has ANY clinical validity as they all utilize testing non specific to Sars CoV2, & deemed useless by expert panel peer review due to 10 severe errors, on this basis alone ALL Covid-19 drug/vaccine administration should immediately CEASE).

Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine: The Snake Oil of all Covid-19 Snake Oil

"McMaster University researchers are leading a large international study to test drugs to treat COVID-19 patients. The trial will evaluate the effectiveness of ivermectin, metformin and fluvoxamine on preventing COVID-19 disease progression, and the researchers say the results could be known in as short a time as two to three months".

Dr Malone is right when he stated in the above video:

"it doesn't matter whether they lie to them or whatever...The data are irrelevant. And, furthermore, anybody who questions that narrative is to be immediately attacked, they are the 'other'.

This is no more clearly demonstrated than what happens when one questions the use of Ivermectin as a Covid-19 cure.

Our posts exposing the sordid history of Ivermectin and its use in WHO/World Bank sponsored Africa River Blindness program have been among the most read on the site. The articles are also responsible for the highest loss of email subscribers to the blog (to the everlasting credit of this community, this has been a very small minority)

This is not happening because readers hold allegiance to Merck (maker of Ivermectin) or Covid-19 pharmaceutical drug cures, in general.

It happened because calling out the serious problems and safety risks associated with use of Ivermectin is to undermine & discredit one of the foundational talking points of the 'heros' of the Covid-19 opposition movement and thus the doctors, themselves.

However, if those who oppose Covid 19 policies vaccines on the merit do not objectively review evidence and data on drugs promoted by our own trusted. 'experts', we are mirroring the exact behavior of those who fail to undergo objective review of fact (which we rightly criticize) because they trust their own medical authorities.

The solution to this problem is simple. Do not vest faith in any 'expert' or 'authority' narrative and instead focus on objective review of all information.

This blog up until now has focused mainly on countering the false narratives sold by physicians and scientists pushing the WHO test and treat Covid-19, our goal is objective review of data and evidence.

However, the 'celebretization' of the likes of Dr Malone and others in the vaccine opposition movement is now mirroring what occurred with Dr Fauci (the sexist man alive) among the vaccine disciples, it is time for a hard call out and return to reality.

Here are the Unite4Truth articles with all source links on the safety data and risks associated with Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine:

To give a brief summary of what is documented in the above articles, Ivermectin is a fourth generation drug utilized in the African River Blindness program to ostensibly treat Onchocerciasis, a skin itching disorder which was NEVER associated associated with blindness until after the West came in with DTT spraying and pharmaceutical drugs which INDUCED blindness in the 40s.

Ivermectin also induces neurotoxic and ocular side effects (this is documented by the drugs package insert and studies which long predate Covid-19).

Ivermectin is a drug from the avermectin family with properties associated with decrease sperm count and Gates funded research into the use of Ivermectin includes augmentation with Fluvoxamine which potentiates (enhances) this harmful effect on male fertility (all documented in above article).

All the drugs utilized in the African River Blindness program correlate to serious fertility risks as extensively documented in the original blog article.

As for Hydroxycholoroquine:

Hydroxychloroquine has significant potential severe side effects and early administration of the drug in high dosages correlated with deaths in Covid-19 patients:

See here:

"Dr. Meryl Nass has uncovered a hornet’s nest of government sponsored Hydroxychloroquine experiments that were designed to kill severely ill, Covid-19 hospitalized patients. On June 14th Dr. Nass first identified two Covid-19 experiments in which massive, high toxic doses – four times higher than usual of hydroxychloroquine were being given to severely ill hospitalized patients in intensive care units".

And here:

June 19, 2020:

(very solid and extensively sourced documentation, evidence backs the headline)

It is highly recommend readers spend some time and fully read the above articles because the content exposes not only the core safety issue and infertility properties of Ivermectin and severe side effect risk with hydroxychloroquine. The articles also exposes the long standing tactic governments have utilized for generations to create a false medical crisis, implement mass medical interventions on the constructed crisis, and then go onto blame the harm from the drug therapies to onto their fabricated crisis.

Problem -Reaction -Solution

At this point, the strategies being implemented to control the population through government psych-ops, manufactured crisis, and nightly news staged theatre are so well documented and worn, it is amazing any of the population still fall for them at all (and you have FAR more company than you imagine or ever be allowed to believe if you are taken in by fake polls and media spin).

And, ultimately, this may be what Covid-19 and the other mass implemented government campaigns of deception are partially about - the population will not be held in a state of hypnosis forever by the same tricks and the cognitive dissonance among the populace has reached a breaking point.

This is clearly a move by the current billionaire/trillionaire global asset owners to seize full authoritarian control.....

Fortunately for us, and very unfortunately for them, a tipping point awareness has been reached far too soon to gain acceptance by enough of the population for compulsory vaccinations, vaccine passports and the other control measures necessary for the authoritarians to move to a digital currency which they fully control.

The plan is not working and will not succeed, and the doubling down on policies doomed to failure due to mass public resistance is not a mark of strength. It is a sign of pending failure and simply having no place left to go.

But, if you think dynasty world controllers moved forward with this Covid plan without multiple levels of controlled opposition and layers of information control in the medical, political, and alternative media community, in place, I have a safe Covid-19 vaccine I would like to sell you.

Dr Malone and the rest of the physicians, politicians, 'alternative' media selling Covid-19 pharmaceuticals & testing in lieu of compulsory vaccines and passport to further drive and maintain pandemic control and profit are just the next latest co-opt effort by the trillionaire controllers. Plan B.

The 'cure' for Covid-19 is exposure of the mass medical fraud public health officials, medical community leadership and policies makers have implemented in manufacturing Covid-19 cases through fraudulent testing and attribution standards and falsely representing Sars CoV2 as responsible for a new group of generic cluster symptoms based on genomic sequences which predate 2020 and clinically invalidated 'isolation' studies.

Ending this article with the top featured quote on Claudia Stauber's twitter channel, as it offers the key to our liberation:


Dedication to the People's movement:

- WE are the change we have been waiting for....

"Now that the world isn't ending

It's love that I'm sending to you

It isn't the love of a hero

And that's why I fear it won't do

And they say that a hero can save us

I'm not gonna stand here and wait

I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles

Watch as we all fly away

And they're watching us

(Watching us)

And they're watching us

(Watching us)

As we all fly away, yeah, oouh

As we all fly away, yeah, oouh

As we all fly away, yeah, oouh"



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I have a few critiques here, and I subsequently agree there may be some false prophets. I want to carry the point further in terms of the lack of isolation of viruses, virology, and the impacts of virology on the perceived pandemic. Further, ill propose what may be a smoke screen and as La Quinta Columna found the smoking gun.

Firstly, I'm glad Dr. Andrew Kaufman is mentioned here, I believe his work along with Dr. Thomas Cowan to expose the fraudulent scientific process that has been used throughout the pandemic, as well as preceding it is where we must find ground. Viruses themselves are and have never ever been isolated for their genomic sequence from a person who…

Replying to


BUT, before 1880 .... "a virus is dead matter secreted for a diseased cell!"

That is FOUND in the "Vaccine Watchman" PDF....

NOW for the UP-TOO-Date version...

ALL so-called "viruses" that have caused any world wide HARM, since before the so-called POLIO virus... and ALL the so-called vaccines...were and are ALL PATENTED and are 100% Man made, and so do NOT need anything called "ISOLATION!" to be proven to exist, because YOU GO....and YOU can SEE them On Google Patents

Since ALL PATENTS, can NOT have anything "made for nature" under USPO

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So here is my PROOF, with evidence…


My choice is for VAERS reports, NOT duh CDC!

Secondly the "GENOCIDE" is going to be vamped UP within the next 3 months, and it will be the "killing fields" of NAZI Germ-any" on steroids'!

Unless EVERYONE starts FIGHTING with all their MIGHT, with "C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L COMPLAINTS," and marches, and PROTESTS......OR.... this "weaponized" Pretend-a-vaccines" that has the next so-called "variant" IN them, will 1000 FOLD the DEATH COUNT!

And that all said is NOT a guess, nor a estimate, it is THEIR PLAN, and not mine!

Replying to

Than YOU GSP This is for this site and you can repost it here. It is just what I do.....



1% of the REPORTED CASES of 1,000,227 VACCINE Effects REPORTS OF . . .

The 1% math calculations, comes directly form HHS million $$ Lazarus report from a Three year Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Study, started in 2009, on the 1. VAERS ADVERSE EFFECTS REPORTS System Found HERE . . .


{NOTICE....Any other LINKS herein are Under the "FAIR USE LAW," under "Education," and those at the other end of the link, may...or may not agree with anything stated herein!

2. The MILLIONS Death Report, here!

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