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Pfizer Teen Booster Approved As Hospitalizations, Deaths Continue in Teens Post Covid-19 Vaccine

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Another Nurse Whistleblower (most health professionals don't even know what VAERS IS....)

Companion Blog (CDC/FDA continue to deny teens & youth hospitalized - often immediately-following Covid-19 vaccination is evidence of correlation to vaccine despite other countries PULLING due to safety issues - this has been going on for MONTHS as documented HERE)"

Other nations have restricted or halted the same Covid-19 vaccinations administered in the US due to safety issues while the US expands the program.....

In this blog:

VAERS weekly review and list of countries who have restricted Covid-19 vaccinations (follows VAERS update)


More important Pfizer headlines from this week in this blog:

Hong Kong study affirms Israeli study documenting 1 in 3,000 risk of myocarditis in adolescents and young adults:

"There is a significant increase in the risk of acute myocarditis/pericarditis following Comirnaty vaccination among Chinese male adolescents, especially after the second dose".

German media has confirmed 12 year old died from Pfizer vaccine injury:

(English subtitles, mainstream news report):

Pfizer Court Released Document Shows individual 42,086 adverse events, 158,893 total events, & 1,223 deaths in first 90 days of Covid-19 vaccine program.

Link to the documents HERE. & HERE: Video summary of released data below:


***Note: 83% of VAERS Reports are generated from medical providers, state reporting agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. European reporting systems are documenting exponentially higher rates than VAERS data, as the 30 year old monitoring system captures only 1% of post vaccination injuries per Harvard research report. Low capture rate is central issue not credibility. FDA has admitted the mass vaccination program began without adequate safety monitoring system. A recent study from Mass General, Bingham documented anaphylactic reactions post Covid-19 vaccine occurring up to 120x the rate reported to the CDC. This highly suggests the system is continuing to vastly under capture post vaccination adverse events. See here for why VAERS data matters

-There is no mid or long term safety or efficacy data whatsoever on any Covid-19 vaccination, any health professional or public health officials making safety claims on lack of data is in breach of basic medical and scientific ethic, purporting non-evidence based claims as statements of fact.

All initial Covid-19 vaccine research and trial data has been fatally compromised through use of testing methods unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2, the virus attributed to cause symptoms of Covid-19. Any FDA approval based on flawed trial design and lack of mid and long term study bears no scientific credibility for ascertainment of safety and efficacy of these drugs. Covid-19 vaccination trials measured for mild and NOT severe outcomes (hospitalizations and deaths.

Companion blog:

Today's VAERS data release: 12/10/2021:

Ages 0 to 18: (population with near statistical ZERO risk of Covid-19 attributed severe outcome as documented by the CDC own evidence HERE)

Btw: Age is withheld in 7,460 reports

Pfizer VAERS reports for week ending December 3, 2021 -

Pfizer Vaccine Event Reports: 12/3/2021 - Ages 0 to 18

Small Sample Review of Recent Confirmed VAERS reports of Pfizer deaths & hospitalizations

Nine Year Old Boy, Hospitalized Acute Myocarditis three days post Pfizer vaccine:

VAERS Report: 1909856

Ten Year old boy - Cardiomyopathy, hospitalized 1 day post vaccination, Pfizer

Five year old girl, Died One Day Post Vaccination: Pfizer:

45 year old, cardiac arrest, four days post Pfizer, no significant medical history, died:

VAERS Number 1876073(history)

Moderna Covid-19 Vaers Adverse Event Reports (released) as of December 3, 2021:

Johnson & Johnson Jannsen (under limited distribution due to factory recalls/production/contamination issue) - Norway/Denmark ceased utilization of J&J Covid-19 vaccination due to blood clots:

Other Countries Pulling vaccines due to safety issues including blood clots and myocarditis:

Norway has led the way into investigation into post vaccination harm.

Last January, when 23 elderly fell ill and died in care homes post Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination, public health officials ordered autopsies and correlated Pfizer side effects to deaths in 13 of the deaths.

This prompted the country to change recommendations for administration of the vaccine:

The Norweigan Prime Minister stated that administration of the vaccine could speed up the end of life process:

Countries all over the globe began seeing rise in care home deaths at the inception of the Pfizer Covid-19 administration – whistleblowers spoke out and were ignored or labeled ‘conspiracy theorist’ despite Norway finding significant correlation when actual and appropriate autopsy investigation was conducted)

Taiwan Stops Pfizer after heart issues in under 18:

Iceland halts Moderna ALL ages due to myocarditis (our country is approving boosters)

Nordic Countries halting Moderna in younger populations:

(Pfizer actually documents HIGHER rate of myocarditis induced symptoms post vaccination per vaccine with up to rates of 1 in 3,000 for teens/young adults) – full documentation of child risks and full data on risks/benefits assessment in child populations HERE)

Updated blog alert:

Significant Updates to Myocarditis, Covid-19 Vaccinations, & Alarming Trend of Increasing Athletes/Students/Teacher Deaths - scroll down to Update December 6 for over 12 new entries (adding the new cases in chronological order)

Highlight video 1

(and, yes, this is happening - doctors are being threatened with loss of license, video testimony of doctors HERE & HERE. Attorney speaks to the problem HERE - news article on investigation here)

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