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VAERS Data: Media Attempts to Discredit Substantive Vaccine Injury Data & Independent Review

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

New York Times Headline: 1976

"WASHINGTON, Oct. 12—Swine flu vaccination programs in nine states and in Pittsburgh and its suburbs were suspended today, two weeks after they began nationally, after the deaths of three elderly persons who received the vaccine yesterday at a clinic in Pittsburgh.

Federal and Pennsylvania health on cials said there was no evidence that the deaths had resulted from the vaccinations.

But they also said that the highly unusual circumstances of three fatalities among the patients of one clinic in such a short time required investigation"


Four hundred & forty five deaths post Covid-19 vaccine were reported in the first TWO weeks of Covid-19 vaccine program. 3,000 in the first six weeks. 12,400 plus in the first six months.

VAERS event outcome reports for December 2020, Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Approved on December 14, 2020:


445 deaths reported in first two weeks with over 32,000 injuries and 1,100 hospitalizations post Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination. Program should have been PULLED.

The Story: (important videos at end of blog with nursing home whistle blower)

The media has been railing against use of VAERS data as a method to ascertain potential Covid-19 vaccination risks.

Mainstream news has been engaged in an active campaign to dismiss VAERS data, and accuse anyone who highlights evidence coming from the system as promoting false information. Instead of analyzing VAERS data which flags serious health concerns with Covid-19 vaccinations, the media's sole focus is creating stories around why this data doesn't really matter.

The first method of discrediting the data has been to attack the system as voluntary, and thus placing all reports as 'suspect' due to the voluntary component of VAERS reporting.

However, 83% of VAERS reports come from mandated reporters: health care providers, pharmaceutical companies and state reporting agencies


VAERS seeks reports of any clinically significant medical event that occurs after vaccination, even if the reporter cannot be certain that the event was caused by the vaccine. CDC/Immunization Safety Office (ISO) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review adverse reports; VAERS has identified important signals that after further research resulted in changes to vaccine recommendations. The majority of VAERS reports are sent in by vaccine manufacturers (37%) and health care providers (36%). The remaining reports are obtained from state immunization programs (10%), vaccine recipients (or their parent/guardians, 7%) and other sources (10%).

The media is falsely framing data generated from official stories as fully voluntary. There are voluntary reports, of course, and even a few spoof reports. However, most individuals submitting a report to VAERS are doing so to report a personal or family injury from a vaccine. Many of the of the voluntary reports submitted have correlating medical reports in the system submitted by the person's medical provider.

So, let's rate the media's claim VAERS reports are voluntary as 'MOSTLY FALSE' as vast majority of reports are generated by mandated reporters and reporting agencies as documented by the federal government statistics above.

The second obsessive point the media emphasizes is that a report to VAERS does not mean the injury originated from a vaccination, and thereby VAERS data is to be entirely dismissed except through interpretation of data through the CDC & public health 'experts'.

The CDC is given the status of sole credible arbitrator of VAERS interpretation, a criteria that should absolutely NOT be ceded as the agency has been repeatedly documented to present inaccurate information to the public around Covid-19 which goes against public health organization own data (as clearly evidenced around Covid-19 testing problems documented HERE)

Additionally, there are numerous examples where the CDC is refusing to correlate deaths to Covid-19 vaccination even when the evidence overwhelming shows otherwise:

(this is an old headline, in six months, the number of Covid-19 associated vaccine deaths reported to VAERS exceeds number of deaths reported to the VAERS system for all other vaccines combined for a thirty year period)

Reprint from the above blog:

"The media is advocating for a plausible deniability standard that places protection of vaccine image over public health. The hypocrisy of this stance is astounding as it is the EXACT opposite approach the media has taken with Covid-19 policy and case attribution ('if lockdowns save only ONE life it will be worth it)....

This is a striking deviation from the CDC criteria for attribution of a death to Covid-19 infection. Deaths with an average of 4.0 comorbidities, occurring up to 60 days post positive Sars CoV2 test (virus attributed to cause Covid-19 symptoms) are attributed to Covid-19 despite no medical certainty that the Sars CoV2 virus resulted in the death.

And, deaths are attributed to the virus without even the pretense of a positive test, included in the official Covid-19 death count on the basis of symptoms alone.

"Probable cases are defined by the agency as anecdotally matching the symptoms of COVID-19 but lacking an actual test confirming the disease in a patient"

Probable cases are counted in the 'official' Covid-19 death count.

Given that symptoms of Covid-19 mirror many other illness and disease, this is by no way a scientific or objective method of attribution of death. There is no 'medical certainty' these individuals died from complications of Covid-19 infection. Far from it.

And, this, without consideration that the Sars CoV2 testing has been shown to have resulted in majority false positive tests when studies corrected for errors in protocol recommendation and testing methods

In sum, deaths that have a myriad of other plausible potential causes of morbidity are unquestioningly appropriated into Covid-19 death counts, even though there is no way to state with 'medical certainty' that Sars CoV2 was the true cause of death. Deaths attributed to faulty testing methods and settings are included with no caveat or review process for resulting misappropriated Covid-19 deaths.

The standard for inclusion as a Covid-19 death 'case' is extremely liberal and amply allows for inclusion of deaths with no 'medical certainty' of being caused by Sars Cov2/Covid-19 attributed infection into the official death counts. Deaths clearly resulting from other causes (gunshot wounds) are included in the official Covid-19 death counts, as well.

The complete, OPPOSITE, standard is utilized for attributing a death to a Covid-19 vaccine injury.

Deaths occurring with symptoms directly associated with Covid-19 vaccinations with no other associated disease or underlying conditions to instigate illness are excluded from being categorized as a vaccine death. Extensive evidence indicating correlation and diagnosis of a listed FDA Co-vid 19 vaccination side effect post autopsy is NOT enough evidence to attribute a Covid-19 vaccine death, as demonstrated in the case of Dr Gregory Michael.

The media has recited severely compromised case data for over a year and a half with NO caveat despite significant and extensive evidence that the numbers are severely flawed and should NOT be used to inform public health policy decisions around Covid-19. There has been little concern or responsibility from the media for the mass public health harms resulting from Covid-19 policies based on severely compromised data.

Of course, a report is not full proof of a vaccination causation. This is also NOT the point. The data, taken as a whole, in the context of individual report is damning and reveals significant risk with the Covid-19 vaccination program that should immediately halt vaccine administration.

Where is the national reporting on the case of Drene Keyes?

Where is the media investigation into CDC death attribution methods in relation to Covid-19 vaccines? The questions about lack of standardized post mortem review process for post Covid-19 vaccination deaths?

The independent review of thousands of cases included on the VAERS system that document deaths in close proximity to Covid-19 vaccination with symptoms listed as side effects of the vaccines including anaphylactic shock (over 25% in the first 48 hours)?

Many of these reports have substantial correlating medical notes and data.

Where is the call for a investigation into launch of a mass investigative emergency use vaccine program without adequate safety monitoring system?

Why is the media featuring experts who are making claims of vaccination safety on the standards of lACK of evidence and severely flawed Covid-19 vaccination trial designs?

In 1976, 53 deaths associated (not proven to be caused by) the Swine Flu vaccination halted the program.

In 2021, new outlets hawk vaccine lotteries, weed, burgers, and fries to push Covid-19 vaccines documenting over a half MILLION injuries and 12,400 deaths in six months with over a thousand teen and child hospitalizations while parading 'experts' who push Covid-19 vaccine safety with no mid or long term data what so ever. Vaccines based on trials completely corrupted through use of severely flawed testing to diagnosis infection and measure end point outcomes.

How many deaths will it take before a call comes from the media to halt Covid-19 program that started on the premise of a false emergency?

Will 15,000 reports do it?

Why is THIS not enough? Why is EVERY effort made to protect vaccine public image over individual and public health interests? If a FRACTION of this is related to the vaccine, this is MORE than enough data to HALT the program. Remember, THREE deaths stopped the program in 1976, the normalization of severe vaccine harm must END:

For full documentation of figures with source links, please see latest blog update with latest charts and verified case reviews of VAERS data:

This is how the media and reported on the Swine Flu Vaccine in 1976 before new outlets were owned by 15 billionaires and the majority of ad revenue didn't come from pharmaceutical corporations:

A mother pleads with people to investigate Covid-19 side effects after her daughter experiences a severe reaction: Light and love to this woman

A bit of humor for all you. Hang in everyone!

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Google is owned by Alphabet which is in bed with the Galton Istitute & Wellcome group that are decades old UK Eugenicists that are fully invested in getting Astra Zenica shots to all third world countries. Some of their officers are directly involved in the creation of this shot and it has been found to have the most graphene oxide ;causing the most toxic reactions like blood clots! Duck Duck Go search reveals official FDA Pfizer Covid product package insert ; you will find it is 29 pages long and that it is MANDATORY THAT ALL PROVIDERS REPORT ANT ADVERSE REACTIONS TO VAERS. Yet all we hear online and MSM is that it is voluntary, unreliable and that anybody c…


The hospital in NC where my wife works has quickly gone from mandating vaccines to reinstating all covid measures that didn't work the first time around. The nurses can not even remove their masks to have a drink of water. They have been told to go to their cars if they must have water... and if more than one person is caught eating lunch at the same time, (in her department,) the table will be removed. (Some of the chairs already have been so as to keep the remaining ones six feet apart...) My wife is shocked that so many nurses, (who she considered intelligent, believe these are sound and reasonable measures... Sadly, the frightened public are leading all of…

Replying to

Yes, we get that... and although my wife presently has an accepted religious exemption she received notice within a week of it's approval that it can be revoked at any time for the health benefits of the hospital... Clearly it is just a matter of time before this happens, and then, if not sooner, she will walk away from her hard earned, and well established career in nursing.

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