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Ohio Cluster Unexpected Deaths of Student/Teachers Continues Global Pattern During Vaccine Campaign

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Four students have died unexpectedly in Ohio since Thanksgiving (two at same high school), four teachers died unexpectedly in early November...a pattern occurring globally right now

(please note, inclusion in this story does NOT mean individuals died due to a Covid-19 vaccine injury, the purpose is documentation of evidence/safety signals to be taken in context of the full evidence, The large incidence of these deaths and trends bears monitoring)

Companion Blog:

Full reference blog for additional data on myocarditis and new research may be found in HERE. (scroll down to VAERS data review section for EXTENSIVE sourcing and review)

Full reference blog for additional data on myocarditis and new research may be found in HERE. (scroll down to VAERS data review section for EXTENSIVE sourcing and review)

Companion Blog:

Major Safety Flags in Latest Pfizer Court Document Release/Pfizer Headlines HERE:

(Taiwan just halted Pfizer in under 18s, US expanded to a third booster)

Letter follows update to send to media/public health organization/ policy makers - follow up with a phone call. ALL HANDS ON DECK:

Safety Signals Flashing Red:

Four Ohio students have died since Thanksgiving:

Two Ohio students have died in the past week at the same high school, this follows a student dying unexpectedly on Thanksgiving, and a college student dying in the last week of November. Four teachers died in one week earlier in November:


"It’s been an extraordinarily rare and grim stretch of time where teachers in Hamilton, Fairfield, Springboro and a Hamilton resident who teaches in Harrison — near the Indiana border -saw their lives ended".

2nd Anderson High School student dies in a week

"An Anderson High School student has died suddenly, the second student death at the school in one week.

Due is the second student that died within one week. On Tuesday, school officials announced the passing of Brock Vogel, who played football, baseball and wrestled".

"BGSU President Rodney Rogers sent a letter to students and staff at the university to tell them about the passing of senior Katrina Carrico of Galena, who died in her dorm room Friday night.

He says the cause of death is still being determined, but it's believed to be from natural causes".

"Parker Iverson was a junior at Edgewood High School in Trenton, Ohio.

Principal Doug Geygan said Monday that Iverson died suddenly over the holiday break when he collapsed in the shower.

A cause of death has not been determined, and Geygan said he seemed to be a healthy teenager before his death:

Please refer to this blog for compilation of cardiac deaths/collapse of athletes/students/teachers/public health officials/servants HERE:

(inclusion in blog is NOT claim individual died of Covid-19 vaccine complication, it is compiled to flag trends and safety signals which are SCREAMING red right now)

December Update from above blog (see full blog for all cases)

December 2:

December 3, 2021

(new report from Thanksgiving day - another Matawan resident)

Update December 6:

Update December 9:

Brazillian Middle Fielder, 23, died suddenly (lots of heart speculation, will f/u)

Tributes paid as Russian teenage taekwondo athlete dies suddenly

38 year old pro runner, Matt Scherer, died unexpectedly (sudden passing), no cause of death given:

Update December 10, 2021:

(Guadalupe Canchola, also known as Lupita, unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack the night of Saturday, Dec. 4, her heartbroken family said)

Charles Elias Ingalls

Update December 12:

Two New York Public Servants

New York Fire Fighter, Servando Rodriguez, Died Suddenly,

Two Anderson High School Ohio Student Died in Past Week, One in Sleep (unexpectedly)_

Four students have now died since Thanksgiving in Ohio - including BGSU student who died on campus and a 16 year old Edgewood students, Four teachers died in one week as well

18 year old Towson University student found unresponsive dies, Andres “Dre” Carattini

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — An 18-year-old Towson University student was found dead on campus in his dormitory room, the school announced Tuesday night.

It is unclear how Carattini died, but the school said there was “no threat to campus at any time.”

Healthy Dad of Two Dies Suddenly After Night Shift, Daniel Perkins, 36

"Victor Lindelof, Piotr Zielinski and Martin Terrier all suffered from chest pain and difficulty breathing during their weekend games" - video searches of incidents with each player confirm story

"His death follows those this past month of three other Alaska-based soldiers, whose causes of death have not yet been made public by the Army.

*On Nov. 28, Sgt. Miles Jordan Tarron, 30, was discovered dead in his vehicle in Anchorage. Spc. Isaiah Nicholas Oneal, 22, was found dead in his vehicle in Fairbanks on Nov. 26. Sgt. Christian Joseph D’Andrea, 22, was found dead in his off-post home in Fairbanks on Nov. 12".

December 16, 2021

(sudden passing, no other details of death given)

(died suddenly, no details)

Eric Erne (Ireland)

"It is with great sorrow that we are announcing the demise of Clement Leutcheu who passed away this morning,” it said in a post.

According to The Benildean, the school’s news organ, the Cameroonian passed away Saturday because of cardiac arrest.

UPDATE December 17, 2020

Update December 19, 2021:

Two Suny College Employees (Professors & Basketball Coach), Died Unexpectedly over the weekend (SUNY has mandated vaccinations for in person learning)

December 20 Update: Now five college/high school football coaches have been reported to have died unexpectedly since Friday along & three educational staff, others

Marvell Churon Reed, 52, a driving force behind Sacramento's KDEE radio who was remembered as a soft-spoken and purpose-driven leader in Sacramento, died unexpectedly on Dec. 1. His family has requested to keep the cause of death private, but confirmed it was not related to COVID-19.

According to the Kennebec Journal, Pete Bolduc, a longtime employee of Winslow Schools, has died.

"Superintendent of Schools, Peter Thiboutot, announced the Coach's passing in a letter that went out to parents and staff on Tuesday.Reports indicate that Bolduc suffered a medical event at the school and passed away later in the day".

"Campbell Elementary and Middle School Principal Jim Klingensmith died unexpectedly on Friday, no further details given"

The Raymore-Peculiar School District announced the death of a teacher and coach over the weekend.

Lauren Way, 37, died suddenly Dec. 18, according to the district. She taught physical education and was the head softball coach at Raymore-Peculiar High School.

Video Compilation of athletes collapsing/dying at games -

Video Compilation of athletes collapsing/dying at games

(this compilation is not shared to be disrespectful or sensationalistic, it is shared because there is clearly a very serious problem going on and it is imperative the public be apprised of this on-going situation):

This is occurring as Germany just confirmed 12 year old died from vaccine

Nurse Whistleblower: Drugs Should NOT be mandated, given to kids. Health Professionals not reporting to VAERS, many not aware they are mandated reporters to the system, many don't know system exists:


Please share this letter with media/public health officials/policy makers documenting severe vaccine safety issues and testing problems with several countries now pulling Pfizer/Moderna/Johnson & Johnson vaccines due to safety issues - this is one version of a letter which has been going out to media - if you are a health professional, please share and call the station directly to follow up.

This email is part of national outreach campaign to correct SEVERE errors in Covid-19 narratives which are actively contradicted and disproven by a cursory objective review of the public health organization data and vaccine trial evidence. There are SEVERE testing flaws and vaccine safety issues and the media is not objectively reviewing data which exposes the issue. Below is a summary compilation of evidence, it is all sourced and linked, it includes videos as well as extensive referral to CDC, FDA, WHO, & peer review data. Summary (each topic will be addressed below with direct source links to documentation per the government/vaccine trial/pharmaceutical/test manufacturer data in the full letter section - see the full body for sources & LINKS to data/evidence) TESTING (brief summary) -PCR tests - developed without virus isolate, non specific to Covid-19, set at cycle amplification settings above level which detect live material (24), a positive does not equate to symptom presentation or contagion per CDC own emergency use document, 22 expert panel peer review for International Consortium of Science deemed the PCR test 'useless' for detection of Sars CoV2, virus attributed to cause Covid-19 cluster symptoms (this was first nationally reported in the New York Times over a year ago, the core issue never was corrected) -Antigen testing: Antigen tests will produce up to 100% false positive tests when used in low incident populations per FDA statement on November 3, 2020, the entire country was 'low incident' population before mass administration & the 'second wave' last fall. FDA issued a statement on November 3 2020 warning potential for mass false positives when used in low incident populations with formula for calculating expected false positive rate. Up to 100% false positives in low incident (Covid) populations, in my county, utilizing the FDA's own formula - this worked out to projected 86% false positives on this ONE error alone with use of tests. -Antibody testing - non specific to Sars CoV2, pick up material from many other diseases, takes many day to weeks to flag a positive result -majority of all Covid-19 test kits and devices ever issued have been subsequently recalled by the FDA due to bacterial/fungal contamination and faulty trial design, 100s of millions of tests, the same companies are then rewarded with new contracts to produce Covid-19 related devices and products with no liability due to Emergency Use Status of Test. Millions are being recalled every month. This comprises over 270 different kits and hundreds of millions of tests (links to FDA list and full article including extensive information on contamination of US & global testing below)

Attribution Standards Unscientific, designed to capture illness unrelated to Sars CoV2, misattributing existing/other disease to Covid-19 Mass Financial incentives to hospitals to label case Covid-19 per American physician and surgeon expose (below) Vaccine: Vaccinations do NOT stop transmission of disease, were approved for symptom suppression, trials were based on MILD cases and did not monitor for severe outcomes (documented in BMJ article below), vaccinations INDUCE the very symptoms as side effects (and worse) that the drugs were EUA to stop at rates far greater than individuals experience with positive PCR test diagnosis of Covid-19 (this is due to test settings and methods generating false positives, not asymptomatic transmission, see below) - Drugs which do NOT prevent spread of disease are useless as a public health containment measure, yet policy makers and media continue to tell the public individuals should be vaccinated to 'protect others' - Vaccinations are being recalled in countries around the globe due to safety issues, seven European nations have halted or restricted Moderna due to myocarditis risk, Taiwan has suspended Moderna for under 18s due to myocarditis risk, Norway stops Johnson & Johnson due to blood clot risks, other nations are undergoing FAR more thorough post mortem review than US - major anaphylactic events at vaccination clinic in Vietnam (4 out of 700 students went into anaphylatic shock, one dead, 15 Swedish scientists have issued press release in British Medical Journal demanding Sweden cease Pfizer vaccinations due to trial fraud, Pfizer court ordered release of documents shows the company withheld severe side effects documented in trials and withheld over 1200 death reports which occurred in the first weeks of program. Pfizer is currently seeking to withhold further release of documents until 2096 Physician & nurse whistleblowers testifying globally before panels including military physician who testified she had to ground three pilots in one morning due to myocarditis, physicians who report their own injuries to CDC are not being followed up, trial participants whistleblow on lack of f/u and monitoring of their symptoms (links to video below) Severe safety signals with German news reviewing recent occurrence of myocarditis & deaths of athletes - in Europe, the rate has gone from 2 to 8 per year now over 75 in five months with the same pattern occurring globally at the same time warning labels have been added to mRNA vaccinations - some countries are recommending against strenuous activity post Covid-19 mRNA vaccination, and both the American Hearth Association researchers and British trial institutions are duplicating research showing dramatic increased in cardiac inflammation post Covid-19 mRNA vaccination - Moderna could not get past regular safety trials in 2017 -CDC is failing to record deaths occurring post Covid-19 vaccine as related to vaccination even when autopsy, treating physician, and coroner state vaccination correlated to death (even in cases of anaphylaxis occurring within minutes to hours of vaccination -CDC is manipulating the reporting standards to suppress inclusion of vaccine injured in official reports, this includes categorizing individuals as unvaccinated if they are not two weeks post vaccine, utilizing different cycle threshold standards to report cases between vaccinated and unvaccinated

-CDC is MASS backloading VAERS injury reports (83% of VAERS data is submitted by MANDATORY reporters, see below) - Early VAERS reports have increased from 56,000 to over 414,000 for the first 3 1/2 months of vaccine program, the occurrence data of injury is nearly all within this early period, CDC is withholding submission date, ages, and other central information from reports. A group contact has now filed a Freedom of Information act request to demand release of ALL reports submitted. In conjunction with the latest court released Pfizer Covid-19 documentation showing mass withholding of adverse events and early deaths (see below), this very much indicates a deliberate attempt to withhold safety data from the public, Pfizer is currently seeking to withhold Covid-19 vaccine data until 2096)

-Cluster deaths occurring in athletes, students, teachers, public officials post Covid-19 third booster campaign (full blog below)

Full letter with evidence: SOURCE LINKS HERE - PLEASE REVIEW TESTING The central test for Covid-19 diagnosis is the RT PCR test. This test was developed without any Sars CoV2 virus isolate (virus attributed to cause symptoms of Covid-19), it has been set at cycle amplification rates over the limit at which the test will pick up ANY live material (24 cycles), the test is NON specific to Covid-19 a positive does NOT mean individual is ill or contagious due to Sars CoV2 presence (this is stated directly in the CDC emergency use guide lines for the test) Additionally, peer review by the International Consortium of Science 22 expert panel on the science paper on which the testing is based found 10 severe flaws with the testing and deemed it ‘useless’ for detection of the virus: “In light of our re-examination of the test protocol to identify SARS-CoV-2 described in the Corman-Drosten paper we have identified concerning errors and inherent fallacies which render the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test useless’.

( here is PDF, if link is not working)

Several international courts have ruled AGAINST the use of this testing due to severe errors and the testing NOT being substantive evidence of a Covid-19 diagnosis including Austria & German, there are numerous pending trials on the testing issue. Documentation with direct source links to testing issues including WHO, FDA, & CDC data may be found here: Video of Dr Kevin Corbett explaining the testing/virus isolation standard issues: Rapid antigen testing are equally flawed with the FDA issuing a statement on November 3, 2020 stating antigen tests may create up to 100% false positive when used in low incident population per a formula based on test specificity and incidence rate. (the entire US was a low incident population before the government ordered tens of millions of these tests before the ‘second wave’ in the fall of 2020) Documentation HERE: The TESTING is creating a never ending cycle of test/false positive diagnosis/lockdown – the TESTING is driving the cases not infection: Additionally, hundreds of millions of Covid-19 testing kits have been recalled globally since the inception of the program, MILLIONS every month, no effort to issue any correction to the case data or investigate this ongoing scandal is being made by policy makers or media organizations despite mass outreach by health professionals to flag the problem. This testing is Emergency Use Only Approved so there is NO liability for producing faulty testing and the companies producing these worthless tests are immediately rewarded with additional contracts: Here is the direct link to the FDA list (which the site has now archived and buried – and they stopped updating it in October despite new recalls since that date, 2 million more were recalled last week). This should be a front page expose, we have crickets: FDA RECALL LIST/Covid-19 tests and devices Please open the link at the third box for the full list for list: Full article: (article documents millions of tests removed for contamination issues as well as documented by the FDA) The testing is unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2 per above evidence from FDA, WHO, CDC, and serious peer review research Use of testing unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2 invalidates all case data, research studies (including vaccine/drug trials), individual diagnosis made on the basis of testing results. All hospitalization and mortality numbers corrupted. ‘Variants’ are diagnosed with the same testing which is USELESS for detection of Sars CoV2. Omnicron has no more validity than any other Covid-19 diagnosis, the TESTS DO NOT WORK The reason Africa basically has no Covid is simple. They are NOT administering the testing which is driving the cases, and they are NOT seeing hospital increases right now because vaccine injuries are driving the admissions not Covid-19. This is not a 'mystery', the government evidence clearly shows what is driving it! (Covid isn't just magically skipping over it)! ATTRIBUTION STANDARDS The media has allowed public health officials to false attribute existing disease (or no disease at all – asymptomatic infection is not infection, it is based on faulty testing methods and results) on unscientific attribution standards A hospitalization is catalogued as a Covid-19 hospitalization regardless of reason for admission based on faulty testing A mortality is catalogued as a Covid-19 death on the basis of faulty testing OR symptom presentation which mirrors many other diseases The attribution standards are DESIGNED to capture other illness/disease and assign it as a Covid-19 case – please review this post for full documentation with source links from CDC/WHO & other sources: The average age of death is over 80 with four co-existing serious conditions in 96% of cases – the label of Covid-19 is assigned through testing unsuitable for detection of virus or symptom presentation which mirror many other illness. Worse, hospitals are given MASS financial incentives to label hospital admission/mortalities Covid-19 – American Physician and Surgeons report 100,000 incentive: (this blog regrets this is being politicized in this article however the information is accurate – both ‘sides’ have been acting against public health interests in their push for vaccines and unnecessary Covid protoocls) Vaccines/Drug Cures Due to the above evidence, it is clear that there is NO need to mass manufacture vaccinations/drugs to prevent/cure infections generated through faulty testing/attribution standards. And, even if one takes the data ENTIRELY as presented by officials without considering any of the above evidence – the government’s response is irrational and harmful – consider Vaccines do NOT stop transmission of disease, they were approved for suppression of symptoms. This is admitted by Dr Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Walensky, so why is the media pushing the need for vaccination to ‘protect others’ as a drug which doesn’t stop spread of disease is USELESS as.a public health containment measure: Fauci – inoculations approved for symptom suppression CDC Gates now admitted it 86% of Covid-19 attributed case have NO core symptoms –Oxford Study this is falsely represented as evidence of ‘asymptomatic infection, its the PCR testing) Review of breakthrough/asymptomatic presentation evidence: - asymptomatic transmission is scientifically unsupported theory driven by falsely attributing viral load to dead non infectious material picked up by over amplified PCR tests - fully documented HERE - Additionally, the media continually allows ‘experts’ and public health officials to make false claims around vaccine efficacy with claims of ‘Vaccine Saves Lives’ This statement has NO substantive evidence whatsoever to back it. The trials measured MILD attributed cases and the efficacy was based on suppression of MILD symptoms – this is fully documented in a British Medical Journal review of trials by Peter Doshi: VACCINES are completely unnecessary even accepting the Covid-19 story as it stands.

The stories attempting to push vaccines as necessary life savers is completely manipulative as there is ZERO substantive evidence vaccines save lives and extensive evidence the drugs are inflicting serious health consequences. And, many families are entirely unaware that a positive test is NOT a viable method for determination of death yet many individuals are told loved one died of Covid on the premise of NO substantive evidence whatsoever. The behavior of hospitals who are being paid huge sums for Covid-19 admissions is a shame on the entire medical system, and seriously damaging the credibility and trust of the heath professions for at least a generation to come.

The entire program is predicated on symptom suppression for a attributed disease which hardly ever manifests in symptoms anyway with low mortality rates in all age groups except over 65s & even then, the vaccines offer NO improvement whatsoever of what individuals experience with a positive PCR test diagnosis for Covid-19 outcomes, so there is NO benefit to administration of these drugs ONLY risk Vaccines INDUCE the symptoms (as side effects) the drugs are purported to suppress at far greater rates and severity than individuals will experience with a positive PCR test diagnosis for Covid-19 diagnosis as documented HERE: Evidence Vaccines Inflicting serious harm/death Covid-19 vaccines are recording record injury & death reports with over 924,000 injuries and nearly 20,000 deaths recorded since the inception of the program last December. 83% of VAERS data is generated by MANDATED reporters with majority including case data, medical notes and sometimes labs. The media has adopted a campaign to dismiss the data based on the CDC refusing to acknowledge the significance of data (even when treating physician/autopsy directly correlate a vaccine death to a vaccine) Report on how the data is generated with source links (per Harvard study only 1% of vaccine injuries are ever reported to VAERS and NYT article documents last February the FDA admitting this mass emergency use program started without adequate safety monitoring system in place): This rate of injury should have ended the program – in 1976, fifty six associated deaths with the Swine Flu program ended the program (these deaths were NOT proven – links to this data & video in above link) The CDC is failing to properly investigate post vaccine deaths, labeling deaths Covid-19 even when AUTOPSY and TREATING PHYSICIAN testimony show a CLEAR correlation to the vaccine as in the case of Drene Keyes, a black minister who went into anaphylactic shock post Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination) This case is rare in that it was publicized or reported on at all with the local media allowing her daughter to challenge the narrative. The CDC is failing to investigate deaths post Covid-19 vaccine by simply labeling the mortality a Covid death despite the severe testing/attribution standards) There is NO standard investigation protocol for a post vaccination death by the CDC. In a proper trial of new drugs, all deaths would be investigated and reported, this is not happening with Covid-19 vaccines. CDC is manipulating reporting standards: (links to CDC reporting standards) Evidence Indicates CDC Manipulating Covid-19 PCR Testing, Provide False Evidence of Vaccine Efficacy Shockingly, CDC Now Lists Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated (most VAERS reports are submitted within the first two weeks of vaccination) The media has normalized the drugs inducing harmful side effects – often promoting side effects mirroring the very symptoms the drugs are administered to suppressed means the drugs are ‘working’ This has normalized significant side effects which SHOULD be reported to VAERS. This narrative needs to cease, induction of harm by these drugs is NOT a benefit. Major research developments - mRNA/Heart Inflammation: American Heart Association Journal: Journal/Circulation Abstract Steven R Gundry Physician, American Hearth and Lung Institute Abstract of report finding: Abstract 10712: Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning “At the time of this report, these changes persist for at least 2.5 months post second dose of vac.We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.

Results duplicated: Whistleblower on mainstream UK news states major research institution sitting on study Here is the interview from GB news reporting on the issue and UK research institution suppressing data – top British medical research center duplicated the finding in the above medical study and suppressing the information out of fear of losing funding IMPORTANT Other Countries Pulling vaccines due to safety issues including blood clots and myocarditis: Norway has led the way into investigation into post vaccination harm. Last January, when 23 elderly fell ill and died in care homes post Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination, public health officials ordered autopsies and correlated Pfizer side effects to deaths in 13 of the deaths. This prompted the country to change recommendations for administration of the vaccine: The Norweigan Prime Minister stated that administration of the vaccine could speed up the end of life process: Countries all over the globe began seeing rise in care home deaths at the inception of the Pfizer Covid-19 administration – whistleblowers spoke out and were ignored or labeled ‘conspiracy theorist’ despite Norway finding significant correlation when actual and appropriate autopsy investigation was conducted) Taiwan Stops Pfizer after heart issues in under 18: Iceland halts Moderna ALL ages due to myocarditis (our country is approving boosters) Nordic Countries halting Moderna in younger populations: (Pfizer actually documents HIGHER rate of myocarditis induced symptoms post vaccination per vaccine with up to rates of 1 in 3,000 for teens/young adults) – full documentation of child risks and full data on risks/benefits assessment in child populations HERE) Please see blog for additional documentation of Pfizer safety issues, vaccine batch halted in Vietnam after 125 children hospitalized/4 students of 700 go into anaphylactic shock & major Pfizer headlines which the media should feature in Covid-19 coverage - including new court rulings: Lawyers have filed suit against Pfizer for misrepresenting safety data in 5 to 11 in Canada: “According to the unnamed experts, Pfizer allegedly ignored the risks of “anaphylaxis, pericarditis, capillary thrombosis, clotting disorders, strokes and transverse myelitis, to name a few.” The complaint letter said Pfizer has also allegedly “scrubbed” data related to deaths due to transverse myelitis from its initial Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) application to the FDA. The complaint also alleges the application was “fraught with fraudulent misstatements” around the safety profile of the Pfizer vaccine. “To suggest to the parents of Canada that this product is safe and will not kill or injure more Canadian 5-11-year-old children than the notional 0-3 ‘prevented COVID-19 deaths’ alluded to by Pfizer in its FDA EUA application constitutes fraud on the Canadian public and the Canadian Government,” the claim reads. Vaccine Safety Investigations: very partial list Kidney/Skin Disorders Menstrual disorders: Myocarditis (studies ongoing, this is NOT complete data) Transverse Myelitis: Thrombocytopenia Guillain Barre Astrazeneca being dropped globally (same technology as J&J) – Norway expert panel recommends against its use Vaccine Trial Participants, Doctors, Nurses, Whistleblowers Speak Out Despite many whistleblowers coming forward, the media continues to ignore the growing testimony from health professionals, funeral directors, vaccine trial recipients around the globe red flagging SERIOUS issues with the vaccine safety – a small sampling of this testimony for your review HERE VIDEOS (myocarditis and the misrepresentation of serious harm: Dr. Linda Wastila: Why are we Accepting Myocarditis as an Acceptable Side Effect for COVID Vaccines? Military physician testifies under whistle blower protection - ground three pilots in one morning due to post vaccination myocarditis: Physician testifies in front of Senate panel (if MDS have to fight this hard to get heard, imagine what regular people with no medical understanding or connection must face to get stories heard) Mother testifies after 28 daughter dies immediately post vaccine, states cause of death misrepresented: UK coroner notes significant increase in infant/young adult funerals post vaccination Full blog of videos with additional nurse/physician/injured testimony including US nurse & Australian nurse stating vaccine injuries not Covid filling hospital wards: Nurses testimony - policies are destroying hospitals, officials lying about ICUS (video)Government Health Officials Are Creating Health Care Crisis With Vaccine Mandates, Lying About ICUS (media failure to report on how policies not Covid-19 destroying our hospital system, if you actually respect care givers and view us as 'heroes' than spare us the thanks and report the truth) Blog of injured video testimony (extensive) here: Cluster deaths of teachers/athletes/students/physicians/public servants (police/firefighters/paramedics) occurring in significant rates as booster shots roll out for ‘high risk’ public workers (red flag safety signal) Last week three student athletes collapsed at games in US, experts have issued warnings in some countries due to risk from strenuous exercise post vaccine: 4 teachers died in one week period in Ohio (no cause of death related in three, one died in surgery)

Additionally, MANY teachers, athletes, medical professionals are now dying with Covid-19 attributed infection but there is no investigation or autopsy and the standards for attribution/testing render these diagnosis corrupted. Blog following death student/teachers/athletes (please not that inclusion in this blog is NOT a claim each person died of a Covid-19 injury, it is compiled to monitor trends with safety signals flashing red right now - and other nations PULLING the vaccinations due to myocarditis - This letter is only a very partial documentation of the significant ongoing issues with vaccine safety, testing, and policy protocols but it highlights significant evidence of SEVERE problems which indicate: Testing needs to immediately CEASE as it is driving cases and it is unsuitable for detection of virus employed to detect Vaccine administration needs to immediately cease and full disclosure of all injury reports and trial data must be released to the public: CDC massively backloading VAERS injury data: (not new incidents, withholding submission dates of report) 360,000 backloaded for first three and half months, Pfizer attempting to suppress release of trial data until 2076. (latest 2096) Sweden scientists now demand Pfizer be halted due to research fraud:Research fraud at a subcontractor to Pfizer, now 16 doctors and researchers demand that vaccination in Sweden be paused. Nils Littorin , physician; doctor of clinical microbiology Magnus Burling , specialist in general medicine, Sture Blomberg , specialist in anesthesia and intensive care; Associate Professor Ragnar Hultborn , Specialist in Oncology; Professor Emeritus Lilian Weiss , Specialist in General Surgery; Associate Professor Ann-Cathrin Engwall , Immunologist and Virologist; doctor of molecular cell biology with an immunological focus Sebastian Rushworth, AT doctor Maria Papadopoulou , ophthalmologist Carina Ljungfelt , specialist in general medicine Christina Malm , specialist in general medicine, Bo Jonsson , specialist in general psychiatry; with dr Anette Stahel , PhD in biomedicine, Nina Yderberg, specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry Dinu Dusceac , specialist in cardiology; PhD Margareta Andersson , specialist in general medicine Hanna Åsberg , specialist in general medicine

Update on this article with additional major Pfizer headlines your news organization should be aware including problems with 'approval' which appears to involve a bait and switch for Pfizer to retain liability protection for administering EUA drugs while selling the public on a fully approved vaccine (SHORT term trials will not even be finished until next year, and no mid or long term data whatsoever, it is unethical to make claims of safety and efficacy on LACK of data, this is setting a dangerous new precedent where untested drugs are released on a 'trust us' standard and the consequences have been severe)

Policy makers, public health departments, and lead medical organizations have been contacted extensively about the above issues, they are stonewalling or ignoring health professional outreach to course correct. This includes licensing boards and public health departments at local/state/national level. Please act to report on this data. Media is contributing to mass public health harm in allowing misrepresentation of this data by government officials & ‘experts making false claims of safety/efficacy should be in front of a licensing board hearing not featured as ‘experts’ in the media. The politicalization and attacks on individuals coming forward to present credible, evidence based concerns needs to immediately cease. Our children’s health is at risk from these drugs and this is not a partisan issue, it is one of public health. Our group is non-partisan and we have been dismayed to see both political ‘sides’ actively advancing claims and policies against the government health organization and vaccine trial data.

(health professionals, get colleagues to sign on and then forward)

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